How I Trained My Cats

Give me your paw The other one. One more time. The other one. Good boy. Hey guys. So I get a lot of questions about
how I train my cats for my videos. Actually, the secret is I only taught them a paw trick and the rest are just something I made them get used to so I didn’t really train them. But I will explain those too
if you want to try some of these with your cats. So, here’s how I taught them a paw trick. It’s nothing complicated. I just did this every time I fed them. First, grab their paw
and let them get used to me doing that. Then, once they get used to it,
they will lift up their paw at some point. Grab it and feed them immediately. If you have more than two cats, having one watch the other one do it
seems to help him understand what’s going on. Poki, can I have this paw? Thank you. Can I have the other one, too? Thank you. Poki! Give me your paw. Thank you. Can I have the other one? Yes! Give paw Thank you Can I have the other one? Yes Good boy. Cats are really curious, and especially living inside the house they don’t have much entertainment aside from
what you give them. So anything new in the house is exciting and
interesting for them and they just want to smell it and engage with it. So if you engage your kitties with your cooking
by letting them smell the ingredients then it’s entertaining for them to watch what’s going on. Once they memorize the ingredient, they either lose interest… …or go crazy for it. Since my cats like watching outside, we got them a cage so they could go outside safely. Over time they got comfortable and started
trying to explore outside their cage, so then I started taking them out for walks. They were kind of nervous first,
but they eventually got used to it. There’s a doggie. There’s a doggie coming! You okay? You’re not scared? Bye bye “Excuse me.”
Not a problem. I guess you’re not really scared of doggies, huh? Haku, what are you doing? Aghhh, come on! Who do you think is gonna clean your body?! *sigh* What’s up? Is that cat nip or something? *cat sneezes* Of course you have to sneeze! *more cat sneezes* You okay buddy? When Kohaku got used to that,
I put him in the basket of my bike. He’s pretty laid back for a cat so he didn’t mind and now he enjoys being in the basket
and going for bike rides with me. Of course all cats have different personalities and some may not ever be comfortable going outside. Our cat Poki gets really stressed out by car rides
so I don’t take him with me. Some cats also startle easily and may run off
if they suddenly get scared. It’s important to pay attention to how your cat is acting and not push him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Even if your cat doesn’t like going for walks
or watching you cook, he probably has personality quirks
that make him unique in other ways. Nagi likes to play fetch with plastic wrappers. *whistle*
Bring it back! Poki… is just Poki. Try playing with your cat in different ways and you might find something unique
that he or she enjoys! Thank you for watching! Poki, give me your paw. Okay, okay. You really want food! All right.

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