How Many Rats Can These Mink and Dogs Catch?

The mink’s so amped! Go get another one minky girl. Okay she’s pouring back in! There it is! sik sik sik sik sik sik Oh!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Here’s one! Right there!!!! Oh oh oh oh!!! YEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! My name is Joseph Carter, and I am the mink man! I’ve been an animal lover my entire life I grew up training cattle dogs and cow horses with my grandfather And I was an avid falconer in my teens and early 20s. When I was a senior in high school I started learning about the American mink. I was told that mink were HORRIBLE VICIOUS little animals who were IMPOSSIBLE to tame! Challenge accepted!!! I’ve been in love with mink ever since, and have devoted the last 14 years of my life to learning about this marvelous little predator. I get mink from fur farms, and give them a new life. In this new life my mink live as naturally as possible. Even hunting for their dinner the way a wild mink would! So come join me on my adventures as we learn more about this intense little predator! The amazing American mink! Today we’re doing a pest control job at this feedlot. Because they feed grain to their cattle here, there’s a large population of brown rats infesting this farm. Ok let’s see if we’ve got some rats here. Oh you can here them! She’s got one. Ok listen, watch. It’s going to pop out. Yeah, the mink’s got one right now. Shhhhhh Yep, she’s got it! She’s killing it right now! sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik YEEEEAAAHHH!!! COME ON!!!!! Good girl! Good girl Good dog! Bring it here! Hurry up bring it here! Bring it here! Good dog. Oh, there’s another she she’s killing one right now. Bring it here! Bring it here! Out! Good girl! Go watch! Go watch! Watch! Watch! Another one might come out. Cuz she’s got one right now. sik sik sik sik sik OHHH!!!! Go watch! Good girl! Ok watch! Good dog! Ahhh GOOD BOY!!!! Good boy Carl! Good boy! Old man power! Good girl! Watch here! Onsa watch! Good dog. Good dog. sik sik Good girl! Op, she missed it. Watch good girl! Good dog! Good dog! Good dog! Watch! Watch! There’s a rat. I could see movement. Just just wait just let it let the dog wait. Good girl! Good dog! Good dog! Good dog! Good dog! Good dog! The shaking is the best ever! Good dog! Okay bring it here. Bring it here! Bring it here! Onsa! Bring it here! Bring it here! Bring it here. Good girl! Out! Okay, go watch! Go watch! Good dog! This is awesome! This is what she’s needed! She’s doing so good! I told you this was a good spot. Yeah, this is, this is awesome! So I’m wondering nothing’s come out of here and wonder, if these are not connected She might go down and have some new stuff come out Because the dog’s pretty interested and stuffs only popped out of these holes. This is intense! Oh yeah, look at that blood on the mink’s tail! Look at all that blood! She’s soaked in rat blood! She probably murdered half a dozen under there. She might have killed a few, like she’s, she’s soaked in blood! Well there she goes she’s got it! See that’s what that mink was doing when I was telling you its tail was flippin It was just like that, flipping around She lost it oh She grabbed it and then lost it. Oh! Oh! There’s a rat right here, it just moved! She’s got one right now she’s killing. Listen. Yeah, she’s killing one now There’s one! sik sik sik sik sik sik sik YEAH!!!! Good dog! Good dog Ok bring here! Good girl out! Out! Good girl. Get back to work. Watch! Go watch! Good girl! Good girl! Rat! sik sik sik Oh you totally missed it pup! She’s got another one now. That’s a fresh one that was a fresh squeak. She’s killing a new one. Yep yep, right there she’s killing it. She’s got it wrapped up. Did you see her poke out? Oh? Yep! She’s kill another one. Watch she’ll kind of poke out while she’s killing it. She’s killed a minimum of two in there. Look at all the blood on her nose. She’s like, “What?” “I killed them all.” Look at that bloody nose, she’s like, “I’m done guys.” When she comes out like that is she telling you that there may not be more? Or that she killed what she had? We do our best to retrieve all the rats we can, so that we can bring them home to feed the mink. Now these mink are new and they haven’t yet been trained to bring the rats out of the holes themselves. So unfortunately we do lose a few rats down the holes, but we do our best to avoid that. Now you may wonder, why didn’t we just lift the cement up to begin with, and let the dogs catch the rats as they scatter? Well, there’s a couple different reasons for that. Number one is, obviously that’s pretty dangerous for the dogs! If that cement slipped off the tractor, boom, they’re dead! You know. The other thing is, those rats scattering like that, you’re gonna lose the vast majority of them. The dogs will catch two maybe three and the rest will escape down the holes. So by putting the mink under and letting the mink kill a couple herself, and and flush a couple here, a couple there for the dogs, that allows the dogs time to catch them one at a time and the rats don’t escape. Come here and watch pup. Does anyone know where the mink is? Oh good girl get it get it sik sik sik! Awe, she just barely lost it! Hey stay here and watch. Stay here and watch. It’s insane! Stay here and watch. Onsa watch. Watch. Oh Yeah! Sik sik sik good girl! It’s coming out! Oh, it went right back in! Out! Good girl! Ok, get back in there. I don’t think I filmed any of it, but the camera’s rolling. One came here, and it went right back in she’s got to go back in here! There’s one big huge huge one that went right back in! She’s so excited, look at her! She’s like “ah ha”. I wonder if she’s killed any since that one. She’s so amped! Yeah, the mink’s so amped! Go get another one minky girl Yeah, so this one went right here! Okay, she’s pouring back in! Stay right here, good girl. Good girl! I love…. Good girl! Brown rats have spent thousands of years stealing food from humans, and the modern rat has evolved to the point where trapping and poisoning are often ineffective control methods. Though it doesn’t always work, poisoning rats is more likely to reduce rat populations than trapping or shooting will. Unfortunately poisoning causes extremely slow deaths and will often kill other unintended animals. This farm has actually tried all of these methods, and none of them have worked. So that’s why they called us! Oh, Oh, she’s got something! She’s got something! She’s flipping all around, her tails flopping everywhere! I think she’s got one! She’s flipping all over like she’s got something. Oh yeah! She’s got rat hair all over her face, she’s just killed one! Yeah, she’s got blood and hair on her face, so she killed one down there. Here’s one! Here’s one! He just poked his head out, he went back in. Watch Watch! Onsa watch! Good girl! Joe is your mink still working then? Haven’t seen her for a while. My dog’s staring and we heard a little squeak, and we think the mink got a rat. There’s her tail! The mink is right here. I think she’s killing something, she wouldn’t be just sitting there. I’ll bet she’s got one right there wrapped up. Yeah, she’s got one. Look at the hair all over a back of her. That’s not her hair. It’s all grey. Um, I’m trying to remember this kids Oh, that is Oh, yeah look at all that blood. Her face is covered in it! sik sik sik Onsa! sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik sik It ran right over! Carl! Come here! sik sik sik I saw it just go under here. It was under this. It is under this now. Oh it is? Yeah. Ready? Got it! Good boy Carl. Good boy! Yeah, good boy! Bring it here! Right here! Sik sik sik oh ah hey! Ohhh!!!!! My gosh! She almost had that one! sik sik sik sik Fast little guy! Here’s one! Right there! sik sik sik sik sik sik Oh oh oh ohhhh Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!! Good girl! Good girl! Good girl! Is that a rat or a mouse? I don’t know, I think it’s just a little rat. Good girl! There it is! sik sik sik sik, sik sik sik sik oh! Aaahhh! Sik sik sik sik Yeah! Get it!!!!! Did you see that?!?!? I think you turned it from getting in that hole. I was freaking out! Good job Whitney! Good job Whitney! Way to go Whitney! I was scared the dog was going to eat me! Way to take one for the team! Ha ha ha So we’ve got, I think we’ve got 15 rats here. Is that right? You guys remember? Yep So we’ve got 15 rats here that we retrieved and we lost, a bare minimum of half a dozen down in the holes. So we got at least 20 something rats. And a pretty good little day. Catch good number of rats and uh, Farmer will be happy to have a lot less rats eating his cattle feed so Yep! It was a good productive day Hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to subscribe to see more videos like this. Now if you’re really wanting you to dive into mink and learn the nitty-gritty details. I would strongly recommend you read my book. “The New Sport of Minkenry” It has 242 pages of valuable information, for anyone who’s considering getting a mink themselves, or really just want to learn about this incredible little animal.

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    Chipotle-Just YUCK! When I saw that sticker on the door. You made your food taste disgusting. See how that worked for Baja Fresh?
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