How to beat Blottis- Solo pet strategy – 20 second kill – WoW 7.3 pet battle

Welcome back this is a quick guide for
Blottis which is a pet battle world quest in Aszuna, we’re gonna use one pet
the Zandalari knee biter solo pet. Black claw hunting party job done. Now you’re
only gonna be able to solo it if you have a PP knee biter just gonna leave
you on 19 health every single time. I’ve tried this many times it’s always the same
leaves you on 19 health. Blood Fang and he’s down. have you found it useful! Cheers! How to beat Blottis

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3 Responses

  1. Cody says:

    Another awesome video my friend, can't wait to see what your videos are like when you start adding more of yourself within it

  2. Umair Zaman says:

    Zandalari kneebiter must be PP

  3. Dustin Stewart says:

    1 million stars for concise ness

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