How to beat Heliosus – Two pet strategy – WoW 7.3 pet battle

Welcome back this is a pet guide for
Heliosus part of the Dalaran pet tournament, it’s a two pet strategy using
the unborn Valkyr and Ikky so this is a standard classic doom bird scenario
we’re going to use curse of doom, unholy ascension and then just literally bring
Ikky in to do black claw and flock and that’ll be the end. How to beat Heliosus Sending Ikky in you know what to do with
him by now, black claw and flock Curse of doom is gonna pop just at the right time
when Ikky’s got his damage ramped right up and that’s what’s gonna finish
heliosus off. There we go, simple as that crack the egg
complete. Hope you found it useful Cheers. How to beat Heliosus

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2 Responses

  1. Outlaw Rider says:

    well done!

  2. Madaleine says:

    Thank you!! Was driving me crazy that my previous pet strat didn't work. I didn't have Icky, so I used the Unborn Val'kyr and a Zandalari Anklerender (P/P breed) and it worked like a charm.

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