How To Calm A Dog That’s Afraid of Thunder – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Thunderstorms, fireworks,
construction noise in your environment, if you’ve got a dog that’s sensitive, these
things can be a nightmare, the noise and the
atmospheric pressure can be really tough on your dogs. We’re going to talk about some solutions for that problem here today. I’m Shannon and welcome
back to McCann Dogs. (dog barks) Hi everybody, welcome back to McCann Dogs where we are here to help
enrich your dog’s life like they enrich your life
and we publish new videos every single Thursday. Now today we’re talking
a little bit about things in the environment that you
don’t have control over, things like thunderstorms and fireworks, things that we know a lot of
dogs will have trouble with. There’s a lot of good
solutions that you can use just in your own house
to help your dogs be more comfortable. The first one is crating and if you don’t already crate your dog, we highly suggest if you have a dog that is worried or concerned when there is loud noise in the environment, we highly suggest that you do look into crate training them. A crate is like a den to most dogs. They really really feel secure with that. There’s nothing behind
them and they can see a clear opening. So if you have a dog that’s
concerned about noises in the environment,
creating a nice little cave or den for them can be
really really helpful. You can even take a plastic crate as it is and cover it up with a blanket so there’s really only one opening and there’s no concern on your dog’s part about things coming at them from the sides or from behind. They’ll feel much more secure
being inside of that crate. Our next suggestion to
help dogs is dampening the noise that’s created. And you can do that very
simply by setting up a radio close to them. Again we highly recommend
that they’re in a crate or something that makes them feel like they’re in a den. Put on a radio, put on a
TV for some ambient noise. Things like that could
drown out the outside noise and could certainly help
some of those dogs out there. So a couple of good suggestions. Our third suggestion is swaddling and swaddling is basically
putting on either a tight t-shirt or there’s
commercial products available too, the
thundershirt comes to mind, that they actually give
the dog a nice big hug. It’s sort of like the concept of swaddling with a baby, it’s very comforting to them. The same thing can be said of dogs. So that’s another tactic
that you can certainly try for a dog that’s worried about noises in the atmosphere. For extreme cases, sometimes you can get good results using essential oils. There are things on the
market that you can use that have a calming effect
as far as their scent for the dogs. Do do your research and make
sure it’s meant for dogs and it’s not going to be harmful for them. In very extreme cases,
you might actually consult your veterinarian and talk to them about some prescription options. If you have a dog that
is really really panicked during thunderstorms or fireworks, just to have something on
hand that you can give them to take the edge off can
be a lifesaver for them. If you have come across
ideas that have worked for your dogs in the past, we would love to hear about it and I’m
sure it would be helpful for other people as well. Please take a moment to make notes for us and comments if there’s something that’s really worked for your dogs. If this is your first time with us, make sure you take a moment to hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every Thursday. We want to make sure
that you don’t miss out. Until then, happy training.

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