How to Care for Newborn Puppies : How to Feed Newborn Puppies

We are ready to feed the puppy. What I’ve
done is I’ve I have a nursing kit here. You want to use a bottle from the pet food store.
These are specifically made for puppies and their size of mouth, and they come with about
usually several different styles of nipples. I personally find for a puppy this size; I
like the large one that looks like this. And you can take a razor blade, which I’ve done.
I’ve taken, actually a scalpel here, and cut a “X” on it. I’ve cut an “X” on the nipple
okay, so that we have an opening for the milk to come through. These do not come with an
opening, so you do have to make an opening. But you do not want to make too large of an
opening, because you don’t want that milk just pouring into the puppy’s mouth. They
need to nurse, and pull it out themselves, okay? So again, I’ve been keeping this in
nice warm water, to keep it nice and warm, and I’m going to test the milk, just like
we would with a baby, okay? And it’s nice and warm, okay? And it’s nice and warm, but
just I didn’t feel it to the touch of my hand of my wrist there. It was just pretty much
the temperature of my own body temperature. All right, now the puppy is really ready to
eat. What I’m going to do is I’m going to hold the puppy just like it would on its mom’s
stomach. I usually like to prop them up, okay, so their mouth is up high. She smells that
milk, all right, so we’re going to, there we go, and this puppy looks like she’s going
to be a really good eater. And I’m going to give her a few seconds so that she’s not just
eating too quickly. And you want to prevent them from eating too fast, so that she doesn’t
get air in her stomach, and milk goes in; she you don’t want it to aspirate, which means
it to goes into the lungs or to the nose. Okay, now once we’ve finished feeding her,
and I’m going to feed her a little bit more later, but you want to make sure that you
also stimulate her to go to the bathroom, and this helps them digest, okay. So you’re
going to rub her stomach with a cloth, and get her to go to the bathroom again, okay.
And I often do this throughout the feeding, because I just don’t I want them to make sure
that they’re digesting well. And I can see that she’s still pretty hungry, so I’m going
to feed her a little bit more. She’s, you can see she is just chowing down, and that’s
a really good eating puppy.

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  1. Andrea Patane says:

    That puppy is so cute. I saw 1 just like that last year in the window of Downtown San Francisco Macy's. The store at Union Square.

  2. yeni benavides says:

    She is killing it

  3. Karyn Priestley says:

    Thank u so much I just purchased a four week old puppy that I was told was six weeks but is not and this helped me a lot!

  4. destruir says:

    stop shaking that puupy you whuldint wount what to be sacked do yo you

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