How To Choose Best Dog Breeds For Kids? Make Your Kid Happy

Hi, Mirko here from Healthy Pet Systems. Today I will tell you how to choose the best
dog breeds for kids which will make your kid happy. So let’s dive in. The dog is good for kids and will make your
child grow happier. Also, possessing of a dog requires responsibility,
and your child will be more responsible in life. Before we proceed to the most important characteristics
for choosing the best dogs for kids and families, I want to show you which are the best dog
breeds for kids. List of top 5 best dog breeds for kids and
families: First, golden retriever – best large sized dog
breed for kids. Second, labrador retriever – best medium to large
sized dog breed for kids. Third, poodle – best medium sized dog breed for
kids. Fourth is beagle – best small to medium sized dog
breed for kids. And the fifth, pug – best small sized dog breed for kids. So these are the top 5 best dog breeds for
kids and families depending on the breed size. Ok, now let’s see why are these breeds best
for kids. I create the list by studying the breed characteristics. How to choose the best dog breeds for kids
depending on the breed characteristics: First characteristic, temperament. Temperament refers to how the dog responds
to external and internal stimulants. For the dog which will be with your kid, you
want a dog with good temperament. These means that dog should be friendly towards
children, strangers, and other dogs. A good-tempered dog or puppy will become the
best friend of your child. Second characteristic, caring for pets. Before getting a dog it is necessary to determine
who will care for the pet. Certain breeds of dogs require a lot of care
and attention. Note that children at lower age are unable
to have so much responsibility. Choose a dog that requires less care and attention,
and determine in advance who will take care of the dog. Third, life you can provide to the dog. There are breeds that want to run, bark, rest,
etc. If you are asking yourself how to choose the
best dog, then take into consideration this characteristic too. Determine where you live and which breed could
adapt well to the conditions. Fourth, difference between a puppy and an adult dog
for kid. Know that a puppy will not stay a puppy forever. To be more precise soon a little puppy will
grow up into the big adult dog. There are breeds that are bigger and smaller
so you should consider this characteristic too. Chihuahua and Pomeranian are cute dog breeds
that are always ready for playing, and adult dogs will still be small. And fifth, budget The budget does not only apply to the purchasing
of a dog but it also applies to caring for a pet. The dog is a living being that needs food,
medicines (mostly pills for parasite), vaccinations, chip, etc. Each breed is unique and most of them will
be a good choice. Dogs are the best pets and if you care for
them then they will be good dogs for kids, family and your friends. Your kid and dog will soon become the best
friends and they will make each other live better and happier. To find out more, I created a great guide
with the top 15 characteristics of dog breeds you need to consider. Also, in it, you will find how to choose a
dog breed, top 5 most popular dog breeds, how to choose a puppy for your kids, should
you adopt or buy a dog, and a lot more. A link is down below in the description. If you like this video, hit the subscribe
button to receive more like it in the future. And remember let’s keep our pets healthy! Bye!

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