How to clean a dog’s ears to remove wax and help prevent ear infections

We’re going to show you how to clean your dog’s ears. Now if you’re doing this for the first time it’s really important that you take it slowly and patiently and use lots of treats because your dog might be scared of this and if you go in too fast and too hard you could hurt them or scare them and they will… You’ll have more trouble and more trouble as time goes by whereas if you’re careful and slow and use treats your dog should enjoy this. If you take it carefully it also means in the future your dog will look forward to this being done. They won’t run away when you lift the bottle up. They look forward to their treat and if your dog does get an ear infection not only will you see it quickly because you’ve been cleaning these ears weekly but when you come to us to have that ear infection treated your dog won’t have a problem with the ointment being put in. So what we’re doing here is we’re cleaning Coco’s ears. She’s a Labrador and Labradors often get quite significant wax accumulation in their ears and if we don’t tackle this, as many dogs the same, they’ll get yeast infections in the ears. Now in her case we’re going to use this product called Epi Otic which is without question the best for these dogs. It is anti fungal and cleaning at the same time and we do this typically weekly at the beginning, so very important this is not done in a dog that has an ear infection, but only when it’s dirty before the infection starts, and I think we’ve got this dog in time. So let’s go. You use volume, you put lots in (can I get you to hold her chin up while we do this yeah that’s it it’ll just shake about) and we’re going to fill that ear right it up. And it’s just like water It doesn’t sting unless there’s an infection. And massage below, see where I’m massaging my finger and thumb? I’m pushing in below the opening. The ear canal runs down here, and we’ve got that noise, a bit of groaning. They often do that when it’s… you see it’s red here. So it’s a bit itchy and she’s quite enjoying that and you can see that muck coming up there. Now I’m going to swing around. I’m not going to let her shake, come around here and do the other side. I’m leaving that in there to soak. And again Probably better if it was bit warm. She’s probably thinking “that’s a bit cold” and here we go again. Give it a good old massage and again you can see what I’m doing is I’m agitating around and trying to let it sit for bit. Now typically what I will do is do one more time. Don’t move the camera. I’ll just come around here, and do it again. Fill and massage (uh-oh- not yet!) Fill and massage again, beautiful. Beautiful, now that’s stayed in there for a few minutes. It’s loosening up all the discharge. Step back (and if you could just get out of the way she’s about to shake her head) and we’re going to let her shake And then she’s going to literally expel it all. There we go. Good girl. Well done!

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  1. Walkerville Vet says:

    Does your dog get waxy or dirty ears? Before they get infected, cleaning often helps if done weekly. Here we show you how.
    #dogs #earinfection #earcleaning

  2. Chi-Chi Monroe says:

    where can I purchase this because my dog goes through the same thing. only thing is he won't let me treat him out of fear. its quite annoying cause he won't let me help him so he's just suffwrong. I dont want him to get another hemotoma

  3. JoJoZep ofthejungle says:

    dogs say Thankyou

  4. meowismeify says:

    My dog tries to bite me when I do this.

  5. B Hughes says:

    Idk if anyone will even see this, but we got ear medicine from our vet, & I was curious, how much is too much & can u fill it to "hard/quick"? I ask because our dog was squirming around as well & it was hard & alot squirted in, not like really hard, but a little bit of pressure behind it accidently. He seems ok, just curious still.

  6. jinhi9005 says:

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  7. sahil chauhan says:

    Use gloves u stupid doctor.

  8. Jason says:

    My dog won't allow me to clean his ear he shakes his head a lot and tries to bite when he sees the bottle .. So i dip a piece of cotton in the liquid and then slowly squeeze it in his ear..

  9. Rynn21 says:

    I have a golden retriever that gets an excessive amount of wax buildup every day to two days. If not cleaned after the 2nd day, it becomes an infection with yellow discharge and wounds. What is causing this? Once a week isn’t an option and we use the same method to clean as the video, plus cotton balls to wipe off the wax.

  10. Gio A. says:

    What a thorough video…

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