How to create a DASHBOARD

Welcome to Fanpage Karma. In this video we will show you how to create a dashboard in Analytics in which you can compare the performance of different social media profiles. The first thing you’ll see when you open Analytics is this overview. All your created dashboards of the different networks will appear here. To create a new dashboard click on “New Dashboard” .. and choose a network. Let’s for example compare the Facebook Pages of different automobile companies. So choose “Facebook”, pick a name for the dashboard and click “Create”. Now add the profiles you want to have in the dashboard. To find a Facebook Page you have to type in the ID into the search. It can be found in the backpart of the URL. So type it in .. And add the profile. You can add as many profiles as you want in this way. For example “Volkswagen” and “Mercedes”. To add your own pages, that means the pages you are the admin of .. and therefore can get more than just the public values, click “My Pages”, grant the insights permissions and choose your pages. You can also change the colors of the profiles. Then you click “Safe” and you’ll see your dashboard. On the left side you have the profiles and at the top you see a bunch of preset metrics. Your own pages would be marked with a yellow star on the profile picture. Under “Select Performance Indicators” you can adjust the values that are shown in the dashboard. On the right you see the KPIs that are in the dashboard already. On the left you find all KPIs you can still add. This includes public KPIs, like for example fan numbers or “Growth” .. as well as KPIs that are only available with insights permissions, like reach or click numbers. If you want to know, for example, how many posts were published by a page .. you go to “Posts”, select “Number of Posts” and it’ll appear on the right side. You can remove all the KPIs you don’t need by clicking on them. And you can put them in the right order by dragging and dropping. Then you click “Save”. You can now see the number of posts in the table. You can define by which KPI the table gets sorted. It is sorted alphabeticaly by default. On the top righ you see the time period of the analysis. The default time period is set for the last 28 days. By clicking on it you can alter it. Now that you have a nice overview of all the KPIs that are interesting to you .. you can start evaluating them. If you look at the posts, for example, you can see that Mercedes posted 3.0 posts per day .. on average and had a total number of posts of 84, which is way more than the other two. BMW, however, reached a higher post interaction. To share your dashboard with team members or external persons you go to “Settings” and “Share”. Also, you can export the data as an excel document here. It is that easy to get an overview of the most interesting KPIs of Facebook Pages. Enjoy creating your dashboards!

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