HOW TO DEAL WITH THE DEATH OF A CAT: 5 Tips That Helped Me Get Past The Loss Of My Kitten Mikki

>>KAYLA: [Music] If you’ve ever owned a pet
then you’ll most likely agree that they quickly
become a member of your family. You wake
up with them and you go to sleep with them. They see you at your best and quite
honestly they see you at your worst. They
are like your child, your companion, your life completely changes for the better…
and although having a pet is a huge responsibility, I believe these
responsibilities give us purpose in life and allow us to grow. [Music] Intro.>>KAYLA: Hi my name is Kayla. Welcome to Kitty Cat
Soul Food: a place to understand and strengthen your connection with cats and
kittens. In today’s video I’m going to be
sharing with you five tips that I use to help me deal with the death the cat or
the grieving or loss of a pet and I really hope you find this video helpful. On December 28 2019 I lost what was
probably one of the best kittens that I feel like I’ve ever raised Mikki he was
four months old and I’ll insert some pictures and video clips here, but
honestly he was just like the greatest cat that I feel like I’ve ever seen he
was so emotional and affectionate and just like loving and I felt like he was
just like my true companion he was that one cat that you just look forward to
seeing every day when you wake up and so I completely relate and understand
anybody who is going through the grieving process of a pet because I
cried in bed for many days and believe me it was super hard for me to get past
this part of my life. So the first thing that helped me to get past
Mikki’s death is to grieve and reflect on the
good times. So everybody handles grief in
a different way and I personally believe this is directly correlated to your
prior experience with loss and grief. It’s really just such a shock when it
happens whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, it’s still like a shock
to you so how you handle these emotions it’s really just personal to each person
and I feel like you shouldn’t judge somebody for how long they’re taking to
get over or to get past the death of a pet. You know death is just one of life’s
most painful experiences especially when you consider the circumstances
surrounding the loss such as an accident which you might have perceived as
preventable. So in these situations I
just feel like the healing process is a lot more painful there’s this stigma
that being sad or depressed because of the passing of a pet is just
unacceptable and I feel like you have to find people
that can really relate to your situation because anybody who hasn’t experienced
this before is not really going to understand your point of view and why
you’re experiencing these emotions because at the end of the day
you realize the connection that you had with that animal if you have to take as
much time as you need call him sick take a week off however long it’s going to
take you to get past these emotions and be able to function normal on a daily
basis is completely okay. I feel like the
grieving process doesn’t always have to be about the bad thing that just
happened. I feel like you can turn it
into a positive thing by really just reflecting on the good times that you
shared with your pet. In my opinion you
might want to stay away from any triggers such as old photos or videos
especially when the death is like very fresh you might not be able to handle
the emotions that will come from looking at those like I made this mistake
personally you know all I wanted to do is pretend like it didn’t happen and I
just have this little cutiepie right now bothering me while I’m making video. Maybe she just wants to be a part of the
video but anyways just think about the good times that you shared with that pet
and your mind and don’t necessarily look at your phone to make yourself believe
that this this didn’t just happen because it can actually make you a lot
more emotional and can take a lot longer by doing that. I feel like one of the
worst things you can do when a pet passes is to go out and buy another pet
to replace that pet I’m not saying that you can get another pet in the future
you definitely should because pets bring so much love and joy to our lives but
let yourself have that time where you can really grieve and get your life back
to its fully functional form before you take the step to adopt or bring another
pet into your family. So the second thing
that helped me with the grieving process is self-care. I know the first few days
after the passing of a pet may be extremely painful and you’re not ready
to do anything yet but once you do get past those emotions you really need to
start doing things that make you happy again something therapeutic such as
knitting or art class or perhaps going to the gym which releases endorphins and
will ultimately make you feel a lot better. Go and do that thing that you’ve
always been wanting to do like for example I’ve wanted to start this
YouTube channel for well over a year now but I procrastinated because I felt like
I didn’t have enough to teach or I wasn’t confident enough but this
experience I dealt with in December really just elevated me and pushed me to
do those things that I’ve always wanted to do because at the end of the day
we’re only here for such a short amount of time and I feel like these things
really happen to remind us how precious life is. So the next thing that you
should do once you’ve gone through the grieving process and you feel like
you’ve got your emotions back on track is to create a ritual or it keepsake. So
after your pet passes you may want to hold a funeral or create a ceremony
where you reflect on the good times that you had with your pet by inviting all of
your family and friends that also shared such amazing memories with you and your
pet. You can also take things like
photographic memories or toys or items that your pet used to wear and create a
keepsake like you could put them inside a glass frame and hang them on your wall
or just make a photo album anything that you feel like positively honours their
life. The next thing that really helped
me to really deal with the loss of my pet was understanding that time will
heal all things. I know it sounds super
obvious and cliche but time really does heal only trying to learn from this
experience I feel like death really gives us a sensitivity to time we all
know that at the end of the day life is just short-lived and sometimes these
things happen as a way from the universe to remind us that we should go after
that one thing that we’ve always been wanting to do or we should talk to that
person that we haven’t talked to in years. Lastly if you really can’t get
through the grieving process and you feel like it’s just completely turned
your world upside down to the point where you can’t even function anymore
then you should probably get professional help. I know this may come
as a shock to some people but grief from animals can actually cause a lot of
chronic depression and should really be taken seriously. If you feel like this
grief is persistently bothering you and really just interfering with your daily
life I would really advise you to seek professional help
as soon as possible. And that pretty much
sums up all of the things that helped me to get past the loss of Mikki you liked
this video don’t forget to Like and also don’t forget to share in the comments
your experience with the passing of a pet I would love to hear how you dealt
with greet and maybe you have some tips for people as to how they can deal with
reading that I didn’t mention in this video. Also don’t forget to subscribe for
more weekly cat videos until next time and thank you so much for watching and
stay positive bye! [Music]

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6 Responses

  1. Shahid Khan says:

    I also got the news from my dad's cousin
    The kitties that i have now, their mother passed away
    She was the best like best just like Kai, i really miss her,
    I lost Kai, i lost her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Shahid Khan says:

    Oh my baby Kai i miss him so much i still have all his videos and pics
    Also he is still my wallpaper coz i love him

  3. sreyan pattanayak says:

    I lost my cat on December 23 , 2019 because of prolonged illness, he was just 3 months old I adopted him because he had lost his mother I took proper care of him but he died , I Am not able to move on out of his thoughts . And now I have another cat who is pregnant and she
    will give birth to kittens next week. I am very worried and scarred for her because i have fear that I might loose her like the other one. All these thoughts keeps me depressed.

  4. Niko Drawings says:

    I had a kitten and she died from a virus called "Parvovirus"

  5. Aubrey Daileg says:

    Hi, I lost my cat a while ago. and I noticed that I had never seen her since, I found her in my dad's bed, my dad covered her that why she cannot breath. we forced her to live, I almost prayed for her just to give life .. we give her a air and we tap Her chest to wake her up. It hurts me so much she is the reason why I'm happy, she also my pain reliever. She's just waking me up in the morning just to feed her milk. And then back to sleep. I always do that for her just to make her life long. And it didn't make it. She's already lying besides me covered by a cloth. Tomorrow I wake up without her. It hurts so much…… Everyday I feed her milk and playing each other. I always kiss her just to feel that I love her .. but now… Those are my last kiss. I cried so much in the comfort room… I cannot sleep till now, because of her. I wish that this is just a dream. I have so many cats that I adopted but 1 of them is alive. I save her also. ..I called my cat that died was hary . (Because I love harry styles that's why I named her hary)… Cannot explain what my feeling is. Tomorrow we will bury her side of my house.. before she bury her tomorrow I caught some feathers of herself in head, near breast, left hand and foot , back and tail and put it in a plastic I will put those on my necklace just to be sure that she is by my side … Your explanation was a good help for me, actually I can't forget those memorable things. But I always pray for her . And we will meet again as soon as possible. :')
    Thank you for listening to my emotional story..

  6. Aliyah P says:

    I felt every word. I lost my cat 23rd July 2018. He had tumor. I live in a small town and we only had one veterinarian who does surgery but unfortunately he was out of town that day. I clearly remember how I was banging the Vet's closed door while holding my unconscious cat and had to call everybody so I could get help. They said the Dr was on his way but 30 minutes before I got a call back my cat passed. It was a nightmare. Oct 9 2019 I got a cat as a gift and was told he was born July 23 2019. It got me to tears 🙁
    Fast forward to now, I was searching on how to identify if a cat is pregnant (My cat's hopefully gonna be a father) Bumped into your video and next thing I knew I'm on this video. Thank you for your channel. 😻

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