How to decorate Cat and Dog cupcakes!

Hello everyone it’s Suzy Lizz and today I’m going to be showing you how
to make cat and dog cupcakes My niece requested that I make these for her
birthday So I decided to record it, so I could show
you guys how I made them Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, lets go
ahead and get started For these cupcakes you will need A large and small circle cookie cutter toothpicks, a black edible food marker A pizza cutter or knife Black jelly beans and heart sprinkles Also some marshmallow fondant in white and any other color you would like I made a dark and light brown as well as a dark and light gray and orange and also a batch of cupcakes and some icing Starting with the cat cupcakes Roll out what color you want the cats to be take your large circle cookie cutter, and
cut out circles Using the same color, cut out some triangles These will be for the cat ears Now roll out your white fondant and use your small circle cutter to cut out
circles These are for the dogs and the cats Now roll out some white fondant again and
cut out some more triangles make these a little bit smaller then the last
ones And now go ahead and ice your cupcake put on the large circle of fondant and smooth
it out Then wet your finger with water and touch
the cupcake near the buttom Attach the white circle and also wet the top sides of the cupcake,
and attach the larger triangles then wet the triangles again and add on the
smaller white triangles and that completes the cat ears Now take some of your heart sprinkles, I just
used the pink ones Wet the place you would like the nose to be,
and attach it With your edible black marker, draw an upside
down W shape for the mouth Poke some holes beside that with your toothpick Roll out some grey fondant really thin, cut
it and attach it to where the whiskers would be Make sure you wet the fondant before you do
this, so that the whiskers stick And then draw on the eyes And there is the completed cat cupcake For the dog cupcake, roll out what color you
would like them to be Cut out circles using the large circle cookie
cutter Roll out more of the same colour, and cut
out some oval shapes using your pizza cutter or knife If you have a cookie cutter shaped this way
that would be good I just cut them out, and it worked out These are our dogs ears Now go ahead and ice your cupcake Take your oval pieces and put them in the
centre of the cupcake, coming out of the top Put your large circle on top, and fold the
oval fondant peices over and you have created floppy dog ears Wet the bottom of the cupcake again, just
like the cat cupcakes Attach the small white circle of fondant Wet the circle and add the black jelly bean
for the nose Take your edible black marker, and draw the
same upside down M shape for the cat Poke holes again using the toothpick And then draw on the eyes Wet the fondant where his tongue would be
and add a heart sprinkle upside down And the dog cupcake is done Here are the two of them together If you would like some stripes When you roll out your fondant, attach on
a different color of fondant Im using greys, one dark and one light So wet the fondant, and attach the other color I did mine in a wonky pattern Dust it with icing sugar when you roll it
out so it doesn’t stick to your rolling pin Roll it out, and cut out large circles Now you can use these to decorate a cat cupcake I’m showing you here how to decorate it using
the same technique, but with the striped fondant and that ones done If you want to make spotted fondant Wet your finger and dot water randomly on
the rolled out fondant Add little pieces of a darker or lighter color,
attach them where the wet part it Dust it with powdered sugar, and roll it out With this one I decided to add even more spots I added a lighter color, you can overlap them So I just wet the fondant again with my finger,
and attached some white fondant Dust it with powdered sugar again and roll
it out You can take this fondant and cut it out again
using your large circle cookie cutter Now you can make spotted dogs or cats Here is me making the dog in the same way,
but using the spotted fondant I just wanted to show how the dog cupcake
looked like with spots There he is Here are the completed cat and dog cupcakes Alright thats my video everyone, thanks for
watching If you guys liked these cupcakes be sure to
give the video a thumbs up Also make sure to subscribe if you want to
see more of my videos I’ll see you guys next time Bye

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