How to Draw a German Shepherd Dog With Pen & Ink – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw a German Shepherd. I will use a Tutto3 mechanical pencil,
a Justus 95 and a Falcon fountain pens. We begin by sketching a mood line
or an action line… like this. Then I will make a circle for the head. Like so… And then an oval for the torso. Good! Then I mark where the front
and back legs will go, just with a line but that follows its
actual shape. Then I mark the front and
back quarters very lightly and having this basic structure
in place, then start with the detail. The neck, the muzzle,
then the eye, the ears. All this I´m doing it pretty simplified
and I come back and can do the detail. The front leg will be like this
and the other one behind here the lower part of the body. And the back leg comes like this. With the heel up here,
the foot and the knee over here. And the other one here. The nose and the lower lip
and we start giving some shape to the head. All right! I´ll lighten up the line a little bit
because I will do some corrections, for example the muzzle is a little bit shorter. Like this, and has a shape more
rounded on top. The skin of the lower part of the mouth
is all the way over here. And the eye a little bit higher
and to the left. I´m doing the sketch with graphite
to be able to do corrections. Ok, now I am happy with the drawing! I´ll go over it with a fountain pen. I will start using brown ink. So as I said, the first thing
is to go over the line, that we already have. This pen is flexible, it has a
fine point, if I press lightly
the line is really thin, but if I press harder, it will make a much
wider mark. I do the shading and the texture of the fur,
all at the same time, by making very tinny strokes. Little short lines. I can get really thin lines
where I want them and thicker ones to change value. You can achieve a similar effect
with one of those old dip pens. Links to the exact tools that I am using,
are in the description below the video. Here in this close up, you can see the original lines that I made and now I´m doing an another pass,
crossing lines in other directions wherever I need a darker tone. I will be uploading a long version
of this video, with much more detail to my Patreon account. I hope you can join me there. The upper part of the neck and
especially of the back, is darker and also the snout is practically black. And therefore a little bit later
I´ll go over them with the black ink. Down here on the other side,
the tone is lighter. The German Shepherd is one
of the most popular dogs, and for a good reason.
He is very intelligent and capable. He has a lot of courage
and devotion. And he is versatile, excelling at most
anything that he is trained to do. For example he works in the police
and military service, as a rescue dog, for drug detection, and he is also an excellent
assistant dog. For the handicapped, and of course
he is a great companion. They are loyal and have a great personality. They have a lot of energy too! so they wouldn´t be kept
in a small apartment. They need to run. As you saw I switched pen
for one with black ink to do the back of the dog,
the snout, etcetera. And now I erased the original pencil. German Shepherds have been heros
in a lot of movies and series. Good! We give it the last touches
and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE!
share it to your friends, and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips and to Patreon. You know where to follow me,
the links are below. And I will see you
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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