How To Easily Potty Train Your New Labrador Retriever Puppy | Avoiding Housetraining Accidents

How To Easily Potty Train Your New Labrador Retriever Puppy hello lab owner in this how to easily
potty train your new Labrador Retriever puppy video my goal is to help you house train your labrador puppy without tears house training your labrador puppy
requires a lot of effort in the first few weeks but this effort definitely pays off in
the long run it isn’t so very long ago that people
recommended techniques for house training a puppy like rubbing a puppy’s nose in his mess or smacking him with a rolled-up newspaper to get him to learn potty
training thankfully we now know better than this modern positive training methods bring
fast and permanent improvements in Labrador behavior so you won’t need to use any harsh
methods to potty train your labrador puppy the key to successfully house training
your puppy the key to successful and rapid house training is avoiding
mistakes the way to avoid mistakes is to take your labrador puppy
outside to pee frequently throughout the day initially this should be about every
half hour when your pup is awake every time he wakes from a nap get him
outside quickly every time he she has finished eating or drinking
water put your adorable pup on a regular
feeding schedule to house train her quicker and base your outside time around that
but make sure the water bowl is full and available at all times plus every time he is done playing
whether with you or by himself oh my god it’s time to go again this means many many trips outside but
it works just make a fuss of him when he goes in
the right place by giving him his her favorite treat immediately after
they go potty so make sure you have them with you this won’t work if you wait till you get
inside your lab want to associate the treat with potttying in the right place as the days go by you can begin to
stretch out the gaps between trips outside but slow and sure wins the race any
attempt to hurry this process is likely to result in accidents and accidents in Courage more accidents what about at night what you need to accept is that this is
not something you can control the puppy has the bladder he has and you
cannot influence that what you can do is make it easy for him
to not have accidents in the house by taking him outside 10 minutes or so
before bed to his toilet area very early in the morning and even in the middle of the night if
that is what he needs house training a puppy is one of those
areas where the more effort you put in earlier on the greater your chances of having an
easy journey in the long run you will get there soon so take the time
to enjoy your puppy during this potty training journey and try not to worry too much about house
training you will get there before you know it if you enjoy this video you will love the
Labrador Retriever free online seminars and free training course on Labrador
Retriever puppies that I want to give you today you can go
grab your free lab training course at the link below the video remember that unlike other generic dog
training related web sites our website will help you learn training
techniques and how to properly care for your lab that are specific to Labrador retrievers that’s a wrap for my somewhat long video
about how to easily potty train your new Labrador Retriever puppy avoiding house training accidents Happy
House training best wishes and make it an awesome day How To Easily Potty Train Your New Labrador Retriever Puppy | Avoiding Housetraining Accidents

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  1. Far Cry says:

    thank you friend ……….

  2. Shan Shane says:

    My lab pup is two months old. She cant control her pee for long time. Its like every 5-10mins… 😞

  3. Ivan Grujic says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover puppy training tricks try Debuncar Perfect Dog Aid (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

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