How to Find Drugs With a K9 | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

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30 Responses

  1. A&E says:

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  2. Brady McCarter says:


  3. FLxRR0W says:

    Hi love this show (everyone like this comment)

  4. Xavier Cochenour says:


  5. Ethan Hamid says:

    Oh wow

  6. Mama Sophia Tarot Card Readings says:


  7. Music Kid says:

    No me. First.

  8. MusicPlays says:


  9. Jose Rivera says:

    It's all fake seen ,k9 miss even the handers tell me it all bs

  10. s8n says:

    i wanna become a k9 officer

  11. Nick Hall says:

    Awesome! Now I just need to acquire a bunch of different illicit drugs to train my dog at home!!! Thanks A&E!

  12. Jake Dennis says:

    Teach your dog to also be a tyrant

  13. Balkan Warrior says:

    The title should've been "How to find drugs with the best bork bork nom nom in America"

  14. AlesKee says:

    lotta angry stoners in the comments section lmao

  15. Trebor Ironwolfe says:

    This is so simple it is genius.

  16. Julie Mitchell says:

    Love these dogs & their owners/trainers. God bless 🙏

  17. Irwing Flores says:

    These K9 dogs 🐕 should have a salary 👍🏽

  18. Krayzie Corvette says:

    A few months ago, a skinny K9 alerted to my vehicle.
    The dog did not fail, but the agents did. Nice try, Border Patrol.
    I can share this now as a wealthy retired drug dealer.

  19. Ryan Stanley says:

    Trained K9's are way more accurate than people think. Especially when used properly and the handler is trained properly.

  20. John Billings says:

    So many drugs out there…
    Like you need a dog.

  21. Conan Edogawa says:

    From dog with a blog to dog with a glock

  22. Jeffrey Davis says:

    Cool dog course idea

  23. Southern Sass says:

    I love Vader! 💙 Thx for sharing him with us guys. I could watch stuff like this all day.

  24. Rough collies says:

    Dogs are amazing! I want to see bloodhounds track down sent. I think police use them too

  25. cats united says:

    High school teachers: interesting!

  26. 3rKo says:

    And dogs who can't learn this properly are instead trained to alert any time they are brought near a car 😀

  27. SimpliciusTeutsch says:

    Today the US Americans have better German Shepherds than the Germans themselves do.

  28. AcidAnd Adderal says:

    Imagine being part of that audience

  29. DM Andy says:

    The amount of false positives these dogs give is TERRIFYING….like multiple per room sometimes.

    These animals are great at their jobs but they make an incredible amount of mistakes. These false positives are used every day by law enforcement to violate rights and force otherwise completely illegal searches.

  30. Mona Marie says:

    Nicely done demo! Huge fan of America’s Top Dog. Wishing A&E many more successes with this great show! 🐕

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