How to fit and use the Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness

Hi, I’m Hope and this is Teddy and today we’re
going to demonstrate how to fit and use the Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness. The first thing that you need is an accurate
measurement. (Good boy, Ted.) All the way around, just behind the dog’s front legs.
Teddy measures 21 and a half inches, so he’s going to wear a Size 22 Shoulder Collar Harness. It’s going to come to you like this, flat
and there’s probably going to be a tag in the slit here, so just take that out and it’s
the easiest harness in the world to use. What you want to do is have the inside facing
the dog, put through one leg. Bring it up. Put the other leg in the other
side. Bring it up. And you take the flap with the D ring on it
and the velcro and put it down on the dog’s shoulder blades. That one goes first. Make sure the D ring is facing up. And then
the other side comes right over and you put the D ring through the slot. Make sure the
velcro is firmly attached. And while it’s secure now – it’s doubly secure
when you attach the leash, cause remember the D ring is on the underside. And there you have the Choke-Free Shoulder
Collar Harness. You see – it doesn’t go anywhere near his
throat so there’s no choking.

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