How to Flush Coolant : Flushing Engine Coolant

In this we’re going to talk about the proper
way to flush your cooling system. In this clip we’re going to talk about the actual
flushing procedure of your engines cooling system. I have a garden hose here. This is
what we’re going to use to back flush the system. The hose is hooked up to my household
water. You can see a gasket here going to hold the hose on the gasket bring my back
flow preventer valve connector up to the hose and screw it down tight. Right there. Once we have it screwed down
tight we’re going to step inside and fire the engine and turn the heater on high. You?re
going to let it idle and your going to turn your hose on. What that’s going to do, for
approximately five minutes, is it’s going to force water in through here and force it
all the way through the very far to the cooling system out through the bottom, up through
the bottom of the radiator, and out into our bucket. I’m going to step back and fire the
engine up now. Alright once you have the engine running and your heater turned on high I’m
going to have my assistant step out and turn on the garden hose. Alright now that it’s
on we have is water coming in through the garden hose, through the rest of the cooling
system, and out through the bottom of the radiator into my drain bucket. Your going
to let the system flush for approximately five minutes and that is the proper way to
perform the flush procedure on your vehicle.

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