How to Get Skunk Smell off a Dog

How to Get Skunk Smell off a Dog. Has your dog been skunked? Eliminate the odors by using these three techniques. You will need Undiluted tomato juice Specially-formulated
skunk shampoo Hose White vinegar Liquid soap Baking soda 3% hydrogen peroxide Bucket Gloves
Old clothes and sponge (optional). Step 1. Wash your dog outside to prevent the odors
from getting in your house. You don’t want bigger problems than you already
have. Step 2. Douse your dog with undiluted tomato juice
to neutralize the smell; then give the dog a bath using a specially formulated skunk
shampoo. Use a sponge to get around the dog’s face,
ears, and eyes. Step 3. Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon liquid
soap, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Step 4. Bathe your dog in this solution. Rinse it with water. Make sure to work the solution deep into its
coat. Step 5. Bathe your dog in a solution made with equal
parts vinegar and water. Bathe it again using 1 part vinegar and 2
parts water, followed by a rinse. Step 6. Wear gloves and old clothing when you bathe
your dog. Soak your clothes overnight in undiluted vinegar
to remove the smell. Good luck! Did you know A striped skunk can spray up
to 10 feet and the smell may linger for 1 1/2 miles.

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16 Responses

  1. maor malka says:

    Lol shaytards irony.

  2. videogamenostalgia says:

    That's all very well and good, but how do you get dog smell off a skunk?

  3. shubi86 says:

    @maor1993 LOL I was thinking the same thing.

  4. JohnnieBoy4949 says:

    @maor1993 that's why i watched it . lol

  5. Vera says:

    @maor1993 that's what I thought:) yay for the shaytards

  6. thesuperfilms says:

    i guess its too late to send this video to the shaytards lol

  7. Lemonsrsweet5789 says:

    @thesuperfilms thts wat i was thinking

  8. Aquamarine560 says:

    i did that and my dog turned pink!

  9. JD M says:

    shaytards need to see this video

  10. 97adf says:

    pause at 1:16

  11. Joseph Lim says:

    did you know:your dog smells like vinegar after following this?

  12. Nicksolo85 says:

    Somebody told me that whole coffee beans will absorb the lingering odor of skunks.

    The whole house reeked of skunk this morning because, my dog got skunked (obviously) & when I 1st woke up, I thought something electrical in my bedroom or right outside it was burning.

  13. sevenirises says:

    My dog brought me a live skunk! Ugh! I used this solution but the peroxide made his fur still and fall out…and he still smelled really bad. Then I read another random solution which was using mouthwash followed by shampoo. That worked great!

  14. Andrea Patane says:

    ?s and skunks don’t mix. ??s up if the episode of Stanley, “P.U. Pup” brought you here.

  15. Terry Yesford says:

    I don't use tomato juice as it does not work. The rest yes. However, you should put solution on a DRY dog, let it sit about 5 minutes, rinse, and wash dog in a dog shampoo and conditioner.

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