How to groom a double coated dog – Dog Grooming demonstration

This is Rio, a ten year old Siberian Husky
and a typical example of a double coated breed. He’s about to have a grooming makeover in
the hands of a real expert. Jitka Krizova is one of Europe’s top dog groomers. Sasha is enjoying herself. Originally from Slovakia, she now lives and
works in Britain. She’s been showing and grooming dogs for 20 years and has won an impressive
array of awards. British Groomer of the Year Award 2006, Eurogroom winner three times in
a row and in 2011 she clipped and snipped her way to the World Championships as a member
of Groom Team England. Jitka’s sharing her champion tips and techniques to help you keep
your dog in pristine condition. With double coated dogs it’s important to
stick to a regular grooming schedule. Other breeds with coats like Rio’s include
German Shepherd, Akita, Alaskan Malamute and Shiba Inu. So the grooming techniques are
similar. Double coated breeds have harsh top coat and
very soft, dense undercoat. Some of the double coated dogs can produce body oil which can
smell, and this is why they should be bathed on a regular basis. Double coated dogs need to be bathed between
once a week and once every three months depending on the dog. Today Jitka is using a waterless
spray which helps prevent shedding while moisturising the coat at the same time. This is a shampoo
that sprays directly onto the coat and works by removing any excess dirt or dead fur. The
best thing is you don’t need to wash it off – as the name suggests it’s waterless and
leaves your dog’s coat smelling nice and fresh. Waterless spray is a nice and easy option
to bathing, especially with a bigger and lively dog, like we have here. She’s never been groomed
by a professional groomer, but I think she is doing really well. The outer coat is harsh to touch, while the
undercoat is thick and dense to protect the dog in extreme weather conditions. Compared to other breeds, double coated breeds
are quite easy to look after. They don’t need to a see a professional groomer on a regular
basis, and they can be brushed at home. Jitka is using a Les Pooches brush which has
a flexible head and is especially for removing the undercoat. A good alternative to the Les
Pooches brush is a harsh slicker brush which you can buy in most pet shops. Both work in
the same way by loosening and removing the dead hair which otherwise will end up all
over your furniture. When brushing double coated breeds, we have
to pay special attention to collar area and back end of the dog. The reason for that is
the undercoat is much thicker around the neck and back end of the dog. When you bath your dog use a good quality
shampoo and conditioner or detangling solution to make it easier to brush and comb through
the dense coat. Never leave your dog wet after bathing. In
humid weather, mildew can build up causing odour and skin infections. And in the summer when it’s hot don’t shave
your dog – especially when he’s shed his undercoat. The top coat helps to keep him cool and if
you shave it off he’ll be at risk of heat stroke. Now Rio is finished. The whole brushing took
about 10-15 minutes. If you want your dog’s coat to keep beautiful like Rio’s here, you
have to brush your dog about once a week. Huskies completely shed their undercoat twice
a year so you’ll need to brush your dog more often when he’s going through a shedding phase. As well as regular brushing, it’s important
to trim your dog’s nails every four to six weeks and to check his ears for infection
weekly. This coupled with a good diet and plenty of exercise should ensure you have
a happy, healthy dog.

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75 Responses

  1. Nico Antonescu says:

    Shampoo? What a load of bollocks.

  2. May04bwu says:

    They should have a bath on regular basis because they naturally smell? Are you kidding?

  3. Krissy 33 says:

    Dogs do not need baths every week. Dogs have natural oils for their coats and skin and if you constantly bath them and get rid of the oils it can cause skin problems and can irritate the dog. You don't have to be a pro to know that.

  4. Kasonas says:

    Northern breeds do not have an odor like other dogs.  I use that spray between baths, but I wipe off with a paper towel to remove any dirt.

  5. Lynda Freeman says:

    Well she's talking a load of rubbish! No way should you bath them that much, i have two long haired gsd's and only bath once a year. A good grooming routine and decent brushes (not just a slicker brush) is all that's needed! Dog's are dog's for gods sake..that's why they smell like one!!!! A species appropriate diet also helps as a lot of kibble makes a dog stink, raw all the way for my boys! Ignore this woman, she doesn't have a clue!!!!!!

  6. eafinannie says:

    Just fyi Huskies don't need to be bathed as much as most dogs because they are what are referred to as "clean dogs." They are very tidy animals other than their crazy shedding and groom themselves a lot. Also, you should NEVER shave a husky. Not just in summer.

  7. janey B says:

    I have 2 huskies. DO NOT bath them that much at all!! They need to build up the natural oils etc. They need to bathed less often due to double coat and extra time for their oils etc to get through. You will make their skin really bad also. Yes groom constant. But when they blow their coat (approx twice a year with mine) then it's daily grooming or they look scruffy. Mine don't smell and people entering my house ask if I bath then regular because they never smell!!! I don't like using products on them. If they get muddy, I just use warm water and a towel. One more Thing. With mine. The most important part to focus brushing on is from their mid back and down to their tail and back legs. They don't tend to shed as much by the collar area up to the head. This lady has give such conflicting info. Only you know your dog when it comes to grooming. Just DONT bath it as much as she's saying!!!!

  8. Reeebekah23 says:

    HELP!!! I have a siberian husky, she looks really raggedy. Lol I brush her but the fur like never ends and she runs away from me. The back of her legs are really long hairs and don't look flattering. I don't know if im supposed to trim that or not. People always tell me to shave her skin not bald but shorter. I don't know tho. I bath her only every like 6 months.

  9. Allison M.J Brooks says:

    I would so Hate to be All of Your Dogs ! I Bathe and Shower my German Shepherds AT LEAST ONCE Every 2 Weeks !! Every Other Sunday, On a Regular Basis unless They appear to want 1 Sooner. Any Good Veterinarian or Reliable Groomer would Absolutely Advise Y ou to Do The Same as what I just Wrote Here and what This Groomer Spoke of. You can Give Your Animals Clear Baths Every Single Day. They would Love it !!! Imagine what it would Feel like to Only be Showered ONCE A YEAR !!! Or Even Once Every 6 Months ! How Disgustingly Gross for Your Poor Dogs. Even Outdoor Stray Dogs are Showered Way More Often Than Yours ! Think About It.

  10. animebabe says:

    nothing wrong with bathing your dog this often as long as you use a ph balancing shampoo and a good amount of conditioner. it won't lose oils that way. personal preference, they definitely don't need to though!

  11. N1sse21 says:


  12. Katerina says:

    Ooookayyy, let's set things straight.
    You DO NOT shave your husky, but you can clip some of it's coat on it's belly when it gets REALLY hot. I'm talking 90 degrees plus with a hell of a lot of humidity.
    Huskies blow (shed) their undercoats around twice a year. At that time it means groom like there's no tomorrow.
    You DO NOT bathe it once a fucking week It loses all its natural oils!!! If you bathe your dog with diy shampoo then 1-2 a month is the maximum!!!
    NEVER overload your husky with chemicals. Just don't.

    If your husky smells bad then consider making you pet food. I'm talking raw meat, cuz that's the way to get rid of the stink (also works on cats).

    Have a nice day 🙂 ♥

  13. Marsha Spears says:

    Thanks for the informative video. I have 3 Aussies that have the double coats and it's crazy how much they shed! I have the furminator but they hate it, it pulls their hair too much. Think I'll get the brush you're using. It looks more efficient.

  14. James j says:

    wow what a lot to do. I have a husky and the only thing I do is feed her, give her water, and take her for walks. She walks around with a smile on her face all the time

  15. rubi J says:

    I had a Collie she just passed from a brain tumor she was 12. sweet dog but wao so much fur ?. I groomed everyday and everyday there was mountains of fur. you think the tumor made her she so much? I miss her ?.

  16. Nicoya_Beauty says:

    what kind of brush is she using, I need one of those.

  17. wowantonlavey says:

    short hair dogs get oily coats not long hair.

  18. Robbie Warner says:

    once a week with huskies!?  LMFAO what are you smoking???

  19. Aweta Noah says:

    What are the ingredients in that spray? Is it organic natural ingredients? And why would you spray a shedding dog something to keep it from shedding anyways? There is a reason it needs to shed.

  20. Coconutwater Tatyana says:

    what if you live in the Caribbean??

  21. Dublin Dog Grooming says:

    Love your videos keep up the good work

  22. themonochrome reaper says:

    My dog doesn't stay still when I groom her,

  23. Amanda Sellin says:

    Malamute fur very rarely ever smells (one really good thing about these dogs) and do not require baths often unless they are diggers and love to roll in the dirt where it is nice and cool for them. Grooming yes, baths not so much. Once a week is a joke! I can bath my dogs and they will still smell fresh and clean weeks down the track and their fur is still soft. I assume Huskies and dogs alike are the same.

    Source: Owner of 4 malamutes over the past 16 years with experience in washing and grooming them, and lots and lots of research on this wonderful dog.

  24. Samantha Pattinson says:

    Every week???
    wich dog u bath every week?

  25. Rosita Rose says:

    what will happen when their human dead.

  26. Marinda Calloway says:

    Appreciate the info

  27. Ghleehanna Leslie says:

    I am giving you a thumbs down because of that shit brush that you're using… that brush is made out of wires on the end and it's sharp… have you ever taken one of those brushes and put it on your own skin and then scraped it… dog's skin is thinner than human skin and that will actually put small tares in their skin… those brushes are shit!!!

  28. Portland bfc says:

    DO NOT OVER BATH DOUBLE COATED DOGS! I have a Wooly Mal and they need the oil to keep their skin from drying out and it helps keep them cool in warm weather. I have never noticed any foul smells from the oil. I have only bathed my Mal twice over the last four years! Their coat is very efficient in keeping itself clean most of the time. Shaving or over bathing is harmful to these breeds. On the other hand I bath my lab once a month to prevent a smelly dog.

  29. Nadine Rich says:

    The Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake does an amazing job on huskies, shepherds, labs and other double coated breeds that come into our grooming spa. We like that it doesn't pull at the coat, it only removes the loose fur, it also has rounded blades so the skin doesn't get irritated. Also, don't shave a husky unless it is a rescue that is completely matted and that is the only option and you bathing them that much will certainly dry out their skin causing EVEN MORE shedding and dander!

  30. Rae-Anne Elson says:

    I have an American Akita which has a very similar coat to a Husky. Last time she had a bath/professional groom was about 11 months ago. She does not smell, I brush her myself a few times a week. The only reason I would consider washing her would be if she rolled in something nasty or to help loosen her undercoat so that her malt will be faster. Am quite shocked at the suggested number of times these kinds of dogs need "bathing"

  31. Robin Deng says:

    How to groom and demat show afghan

  32. mopar28m says:

    I have a husky that is somewhere betwee 8 & 10 years old, he absolutely HATES to be brushed. I might get a few strokes in before the teeth come out or the teeth might come out instantly. Any recommendations?

    BTW – he was like this before I got him. I rescued him from another owner.

  33. Omidion says:

    Video starts at 1:05

  34. Emma Walker says:

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about
    german shepherd dog diet
    try Saankramer National Program System (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got great success with it.

  35. ibrahim boxer says:

    1:48 scared me

  36. bob tony says:

    wut a load of bs, they want your dog to die early apparently, so you buy more………..

  37. Lynne [mumofyarnhungryrabbit] says:

    what was the grooming tool called with the flexable head?

  38. Lance Flanagan says:

    My husky HATES being groomed but will put up with it for 5 mins here and there. If i tried to put her in the bath, i think she'd actually kill me.

  39. Zr M says:

    Double coated dogs are outside dogs otherwise you'll seem in dog hair

  40. Zr M says:

    Bulldogs shed the most from all breeds

  41. JAGUAR says:

    She's nuts, and needs a groomer for herself.

  42. UnMask3d says:

    I love seeing beauty spread across earthly creatures.

  43. Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski says:

    I had a long haired Shepherd. Brushing him filled two large grocery bags with top and undercoat. He was worth it. Most intelligent dog I've had.

  44. Amy Nicholson says:

    Never shave collies or double coated animals it makes them hotter not cool

  45. Wolf says:

    Every 2 months Husky bath or it loses its essential oils needed for winter and summer and please don't EVER shave it's fur off.

  46. Laila Barden says:

    As an honest groomer ANY dog with long hair should not be shaved because they are HOT. Dogs don't sweat they relieve the heat by panting. It is natural. I understand if your pet is matted or something like that but I wouldn't recommend it for overheating.

  47. Noel Kurian says:

    i dont know where this lady got her information from but huskies don't need to be bathed, they shouldn't be bathed once a week. Their skins are very sensitive and can get damaged from overuse of shampoo, and if water gets trapped under their double coat can also damage their skin. Using that shitty brush is also bad as it hurts the dog, the best brush to use is a curry brush, it gets the undercoat, and the dog loves the feeling. The best experience is owning one yourself.

  48. Weston Brown says:


  49. deniszetka22 says:

    I am from slovakia too

  50. Love is all we need says:

    I have a Aus Cattle Dog and she smells like a dead persons shoe. How do I stop her from smelling so bad? I was thinking cos she has a lot of Dingo in her but could be wrong.

  51. Panther says:

    I have a husky named Jade and he’s really clean actually, they only need bathing if they REALLY smell and really dirty

  52. Nga Võ says:

    i think it is alaskan, not husky

  53. Rio Pineda says:

    Thats my name . Bio name .

  54. Akuma Nightthorn says:

    You really don't need to bathe once a week unless it's a service dog or therapy dog that will be around a lot of people.

  55. bug one says:

    I just bathed my husky not fun and don't get me started on his tantrum while being groomed lol but when it's muddy it needs to be done.

  56. D K. says:

    This is an Alaskan malamute not a Siberian Husky

  57. Brittany Frana says:

    My friend’s landlord has a husky. They keep her in a cage outside and she hardly gets any attention or exercise. I’ve decided to take up some of the responsibility of caring for her, which includes brushing her for the Summer. I’m even thinking about buying her some new toys and a harness (she pulls like crazy on walks). She is a very sweet girl. She lights up every time I come around. Thanks for the grooming advice!

    I’m wondering if I should even bother with bathing her, since she rolls around in dirt all day anyway?

  58. Agusta Sister says:


  59. sky ft86 says:

    Once a week if you feed em top of the line food. Most dogs tend to shed less with a proper and high grade food/diet.

  60. Beth Gracco says:

    Your awesome thanks for sharing!!?❤️

  61. Grace Hampton says:

    1:49 R.I.P. head phone users

  62. You do not need bathe shiba inu's once a week how the lady said in the video.I had a shiba inu(she passed away)her breed are very clean dogs and I bathed her 3 times a year(more if she rolled on mud,dead bird,or shedding)

  63. THE MECHANIC says:

    Even a Chihuahua will take 30 minutes to groom them

  64. Thunder Cat says:

    My husky can't stand being clean soon as I brush and clean her up boom on she goes getting dirty again.

  65. Chris Dawson says:

    I just got a 2 year old rescue husky. Super sweet but if I try to groom her more than a few minutes she starts nipping or atleast moves her head like she doesnt like it. Tried to get her pro groomed the said she super sweet but couldnt get anything done because she starts nipping. They actually recommended sedation at vet as the only method. Worse part she is shedding like crazy. One run across clothes you are covered in her tons of hair. Wish someone could give me advice.

  66. Moemoe Tessy says:

    I'm guessing this could also be applied to a GP. And bathing once a week!? XD good luck

  67. Leticia Ledezma says:

    New husky owner in need of advice any help is greatly appreciated. How does everyone keep the husky from smelling and lossing so mush fur TIA .

  68. Crystal Pasillas says:

    I need those brushes asap

  69. mostly cats 222 says:

    Don't bathe your dog too frequently as removing natural oils damages skin.
    Those 'smelly' body oils are natural.
    Use lukewarm water a bit on the warm side.
    Be sure to rinse completely, and DRY COMPLETELY, esp. Feet, under body including under forelegs & tail.
    Warm dampness grows fungal diseases.
    Bathing and grooming should be calm & enjoyable never be impatient or cross with your dog.

  70. Lokesh Kumar says:


  71. Kathleen Maloney says:

    Hello, I have a two yr old border collie who hates being brushed, consequently he has matting under his ears and back of the legs. How can I remove his matting without an electric shaver?

  72. Samantha Cerasoli says:

    Real husky owners are laughing lol try doing that daily for 2 months all while still having a house full of hair lol until it finally all came out lol ?

  73. KillerKlown690 says:

    Omg my dog just watched this with me ?

  74. Sk'2500 says:

    Don't know about huskies, but ive got a samoyed and she doesn't smell at all, we only bathe her twice per year. Double coated dogs shouldn't be bathed that often due to their natural oils. Also, one good thing about samoyeds is that if they get muddy, just leave them be, the next morning they'll be white as cotton and all the mud will be on the ground. Do huskies have that aswell? Planning on getting one

  75. Adelina Webb says:

    I have a silver Labrador and like literally he sheds daily in the winter spring summer you name it he sheds he has a lot of fuzz I brush him every day which has reduced the shedding but it can be hard to make time to brush him it takes like an hour to an hour and a half to groom him lol ?

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