How to Groom the Poodle, Poodle Grooming instructions at onlinegroomingschool com

hello folks my name is George I will be
your host for today our topic for today is how to groom the poodle in a Kennel
clip so let’s begin here is some at a glance you see need to clean the ears
brush the teeth use the template to clip the hair from growing to the navel you
stem blade around the rectal gonna do a sani we’re also gonna cut the nails let
me show you how I got here this this goes into what tools you need first step
second step it goes all the way down step-by-step instructions
there’s many here to the final fifteenth and then the final so this is how to
groom the poodle dog let me show you how I got this visit online grooming school
.com my name is George if you ever have any questions call me right now we have
a weekly special and if you joined up you also get a free petit paw over 62
percent ah you can become a certified pet tight Jennison a certified pet
groomer here but anyway here’s a little video you should watch and the other one
is if you fill this out so if i go ahead and fill this out put in my email
address i’m going to put my password that’s george here you can get a free
test drive and your free e-book is five hundred pages long then you click Submit
once you get here we’re glad you decided to take your feet that’s right receive
your free five hundred page ebook learn and make money here’s the book click
here and you can download it and while this is downloading read up more here if
you’d like you know it can watch a poodle grooming in the kennel clip here
for free 44 minutes hello and welcome to online Grameen
school comm my name is Yvonne and my assistant for today is Johanna and what
we’re going to teach you today is how to do a kennel clip clip on a poodle now
the example we’re using today is a standard poodle so you can log in and
watch it follow what I showed you then if you joined up you get all these
videos to watch you groom five dogs you take a final test open book and you
become a certified pet groomer and that I Janice back to the poodle kennel clip
folks you know what I can read this to you but why should I do that
just go ahead and visit online grooming school comm and download your own book
there will be the best thank you for watching

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