How to hat your cat – Life of Artyom

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100 Responses

  1. h says:

    Anuu Cheeki Breeki I V Damke

  2. Teemu Honkapuro says:

    is there anything boris cant do ?

  3. ThatRandomGachaTuber says:

    "𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙"

  4. Jaz Feng says:

    Aaaaaaaw I love ❤️ your kat 😝

  5. Shara Dreemurr says:

    Por fin podre proteger a mis gatos del frio

  6. Spectra says:

    Is a Chef, Is a Shashlik King, Is a Gamer, Is a Vodka Drinker, Is a Tourist, Is a True Slav King, Now is a Tailor, IIIIIIIS Boris.

  7. pappu 32 says:

    The More u think about it the More the song on the background sounds like something from a italian pizzaria

  8. Иван Сычев says:

    Taki mogu skazat’ , chto ti nehilo porabotal, dazhe ochen’ ofigenno!

  9. Union Pacific Challenger #3977 says:

    Yay This was uploaded on my Birthday.

  10. MMT-Games says:

    I Didn't Understand Anything.

  11. Zapcat Gaming says:

    Im danish and im a fan so thanks for the shout out i also love those cookies also vadim blyat
    Edit: trying to learn russian

  12. HamsterBoy says:

    Thanks to the slav King for the shoutout!

  13. Gutherr The Pirate says:

    Next dog

  14. Alice TheAlien says:

    Try a Siberian catwalk camp if your cat doesn't do what she should do!

  15. Jerzy Radzewicz says:

    Thanks God for subtitles, I can watch your videos at night and I don't need to worry about understanding what's the video about.

  16. Natasa Aksentijevic says:

    Is there anything this man can't do? He can also do me so… ♡♡♡

  17. Promarker says:

    Одно из самых милых видео Бориса

  18. Heavenly Hitsujikai says:

    he is so talented

  19. oyun kovası HD says:

    I love you boris

  20. Arlina Yuna Lana says:

    wow your cat in thumbnail looks like beethoven!

  21. Agzam says:

    Slav ur cat

  22. Tarihin Tozlu sayfaları says:

    İdk why but when i watch this i remember S. S. Forces who kill a soviet general's Cat :c

  23. Arizon Zero says:

    Попробую провернуть это с мэйнкуном, да… Удачи мне.

  24. That Canuck says:

    Why the fuck am I watching a grown man making a ushanka for a cat

  25. Rithrius says:

    I just bought a ushanka from Weslav, and it is blyatiful!

  26. Илья Корепанов says:

    Пусть все думают что я написал что то умное

    Все кто русский, лайк и оставайтесь чики брики

  27. Yeung Jaco says:

    Can you start a business of hats?I feel like it is gonna be famous

  28. Darrin Gatewood says:

    Real men love cats. Facts.

  29. Mr.Atlics 0 says:


  30. Margherita Paracini says:

    He looks like the smallest lio

  31. catastrophe 123 says:

    9:41 killed me

  32. MetallixX974 says:

    How to slav your cat.

  33. Hoopthorn Seaweed says:

    White afro.

  34. •Çåmêrön-Płáŷś • says:

    The cat:
    0% drugs
    100% vodka
    0% sexuallity
    0% cat
    999% slav

  35. Alex Sousa says:

    the cat look like a tiger

  36. TrackPackternator 9 says:

    It's so blyatiful

  37. Nina Shatalova says:

    Трудно иметь дома кота?

  38. NIKI Gaming says:

    Я хотел бы, чтобы кто-то сделал меня одним

  39. mentally ill child says:

    My polish brain: Cat?
    My polish brain: No!
    My polish brain: Slavic Cat?
    My polish brain: YES! KURWA YES

  40. Munkhtushig Maidar says:

    Какой милый

  41. Munkhtushig Maidar says:

    I'm not Russian

  42. Ethan Zarsky says:

    cossack cat

  43. M. Alptuğ Demir says:

    İt's not Boris's cat

    İt's Boris's kat HAH:)

  44. Isadora keren batista falcao says:


  45. Paperbag Ghost says:


  46. Trolleroskar says:

    Make artyom Adidas suit to keep warm and keep slav and of course, not let artyom close through the power of slav

  47. P Pexx clément says:

    Artyom look like kabib when he win a fight 🤟

  48. BlackShadow46 AKA NoLoLoL says:

    How to slav your cat

  49. Hawt Danger says:

    Boris:" Artyom, Vadim is stealing the sausage!"
    Artyom: " Omae wa mou shindeiru"
    Vadim:" NANI!?"

  50. Adrien Bougrel says:

    mdr AY Blyad 3:22

  51. Paul_VN says:

    Make an Alton helmet for your cat

  52. Даниил К says:

    Блять русские есть?

  53. дениз says:

    what kind of depression led to this blyat

  54. black hole says:

    How is boris

  55. Psykoh da1 says:

    Me- 🙁
    Me- 🙂

  56. JD Adams says:

    Make artyom artyom from metro

  57. Frederik Xd says:

    Im danish ha i laughed so hard🤠🇩🇰🇳🇱

  58. Chaos89P says:

    Artyom must've been thinking "Если это подходит, я сижу."

  59. MegaJohn Play says:

    Make ushanka for dogs pls

  60. Apple Jack says:

    Что за музыка на заднем плане, на протяжении всего ролика?

  61. tmemeteam 2019 says:

    these should be sold on weslav

  62. M.D.P. I.U.N says:

    Listo! Ya hacer una para gato, ahora me aré una a mi :v
    Con ese "ay blyad" mori xD
    Ese es el super set de costura!! :0
    Q pedo con la canción……mama mia!! XD

  63. {Depressed Wolf} Одинокий says:

    aaaaayyyyyyyyy one weird dane here!!!!!!

  64. James N says:

    Background song name plz

  65. Mariver C. Intal says:

    We are filipinos we use danish cans as sewing kit

  66. Zulu boi says:

    Anyone know the song in the background? Its pretty

    S L A V I C

  67. Воуружоный Кактус says:

    Yopta my matyshka have nitki in takoizhe box

  68. Bevhilk N says:

    На х тебе кот? Это жь бесполезное животное.

  69. Nick Gray says:

    Suggestion: how to Slav your Kat, not of artyom of course but for non Slav Kat

  70. SeagullGames says:

    The glamour shots of Artyom at the end were just perfect.

  71. SellTheFrog says:

    At the start intro was Is boris not Is artyom xD

  72. Mannik Dhadwal says:

    570 people are going to Gulag.

  73. Mizab says:

    The cat looks like old babushka

  74. Sami Kall says:

    Who said you cant make a cat into a slav

  75. Le Journal d'un Rebelle says:

    Artyom is the most glamorous cat… COMRAD ! I've ever seen.

    Oï ! Boris !

    More Artyom videos please :p

  76. Dominique Geliga says:

    1:21 HAH ig artyom made friends

  77. Murderstudios says:

    sob he could have made little ear holes TwT

  78. docofhell _ says:

    The one comment to rule them all, but really artyom is cute and all that but can you please play escape from Tarkov

  79. Froggy YT says:

    I’d like one ☝️

  80. TheDark Orb says:

    How about a kitten

  81. A Lost Soul says:

    Me: I’m about to go to sleep
    pops up in youtube recommendations
    Me: I don’t need sleep I need answers!

  82. Umut Topçak says:

    Nice slav cat Boris

  83. Antonio Cardinal says:

    did u just swear boris cause u said blyat

  84. Sh4rpShooteR says:

    instructions unclear. ate my cat

  85. Merriellen Roselette says:

    Sewing so beautifully done!

  86. СУРОВІ БУДНІ says:

    My cat ryzjik don't need a ushanka about he is true slav cat and he not feel a cold

  87. Golden Gopnik says:

    Its not you’re cat

    its OUR cat

  88. Sung Lee says:

    is that Vladim cat?

  89. R Canterb7 says:

    I find the lack of hammer and sickle disturbing on this hat.

  90. Dewa Putra says:

    So blyatiful

  91. ROELOF DEN OTTER says:

    This is the Best Boris! 😹🤣👍🎶🏴‍☠️🇱🇺😾😹

  92. ROELOF DEN OTTER says:

    Miauw miauw Boris

  93. Zhang Andrew says:

    boris can cook and game

    but when i saw this
    i started wondering if there were limits to the amount of skills the slav king has

  94. RUZZEX :v says:

    Boris เป็นทาสแมว–//โดนตบ

  95. Aiko Chan says:

    American cat: Meow
    Russian cat: Meow
    Japan cat: Nyan
    Gangasta cat: Nom nom niggas
    Boris Slav Kat: Suka BlyCat

  96. Samurai Potao says:

    How to slav ur cat

  97. Legendary Lords 12 says:

    Cute slavic cat Boris

  98. Daniel Middleton says:

    How to make Slav bandana for Artyom

  99. Dinoco Pixar says:

    whats the song while making the cat ushanka?

  100. ClinterZade says:

    Boris: Artyom, come help make this hat.
    Artyom: Nah
    Boris: Artyom, Vadim is stealing blins again.

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