How to Help Scared Dogs Cope with Fireworks! Calm Down Your Dog During Firework Displays.

Hi guys it’s Nicole and Albert here from Relax
My Dog. We’re here every week answering all of your doggy related questions. This week
with firework night just around the corner, we’re going to be running through some hints
and tips about how to help your dog keep calm during firework night. Now it’s a really stressful
time and around 45% of dogs are really scared of fireworks, and charities like the RSPCA
and the Blue Cross report every year that loads of dogs go missing, they just get freaked
by the sounds and end up running away. So it’s really important to try and make all
of the preventions that you can to stop your dog from being scared of those fireworks!
I’m quite lucky with Albert because he’s not actually that scared of them, he’s more scared
of hoovers! We always think that the only signs of stress in dogs are whimpering or
barking, but this just isn’t true, there is lots of different signs that can show that
your dog is really scared, so these can be things like overly grooming themselves causing
skin irritation, drooling, panting, increased heart rate, their tail between their legs
– there’s so many different that can show that your dog is really stressed so it’s really
important to remember all of these. Even if your dog isn’t whimpering he could still be
really scared. So we’re just going to go through some tips of what you can do as a dog owner
to help them before the display and during the display. So firstly before the display
it’s so important to make sure that your dog has had loads of exercise, so that they’re
really tired during the evening, so obviously take your dog for a walk when it is still
light before ny of the displays start. Now as far as feeding your dog is concerned it
is important to feed them before any displays are going to start so they have a full belly
and they have had all of their exercise, so they can just go to sleep hopefully through
all the fireworks. Also, sometimes the stress of the fireworks will put your dog off their
food, so it’s important that they have had their food before any of the fireworks start.
I can’t stress the important of the next one, it’s really important that your dog has somewhere
safe where they feel completely secure when the fireworks are going to start. Albert luckily
is crate trained, if you have crate trained your dog then that’s perfect because their
crate is their safe place anyway so they will generally go straight towards their crate.
If you don’t have somewhere like this then it can be really good to just make them a
den, a lot of dogs will like to hide underneath furniture when they’re scared so maybe somewhere
underneath a table, you can even put a blanket over the table so that they feel even more
secure, all of their favourite toys in that place too so they can just make their way
straight to there if they are feeling scared. A lot of dogs that do get stressed during
fireworks night they just want to hide away from everything so don’t be offended if your
dog doesn’t want any of the attention, it is just a case of they want to be on their
own in a hidden place and hide away from any of the noises that are scaring them. If your
dog has reacted badly to fireworks in the past then you can ask your vet about certain
different products that are available to help calm your dog down. One of these is called
the Adaptil collar, and there’s also a lot of dog appeasing pheromones as well which
are plug in fresheners that pump out a certain smell which makes your dog feel more comforted.
These are really good if you know that your dog is going to be scared on Bonfire Night,
and this is a really good way to prepare for that night, so you can start plugging these
in or using the collar a couple of weeks before Bonfire Night, or even just a few days before
Bonfire Night, just to bring down their stress levels and so they find it easier to relax.
There’s also something called the Thundershirt, which I have mentioned on a few videos before,
this is just a tight coat that goes over your dog. The tightness of it makes it almost like
swaddling a baby, so they are going to feel more comforted if they have got this tight
clothing on them, they will feel a lot less anxious. There’s also things that you can
do to prepare before Bonfire Night like playing different soundtracks, you can get these for
free on YouTube, and they will have the sound of fireworks and thunder in them, and this
gets your dog used to the sounds of it, so if you can try and desensitise your dog to
the sounds then they are going to be less likely to get stressed on the actual night.
So now moving on to during the evening on Bonfire Night, lots of people are going to
be letting off fireworks in their back gardens or the bigger displays in parks. You need
to make sure that you are completely relaxed, your dog will bounce off your emotions, so
if you act like there is absolutely nothing wrong you’re just relaxing, chilling, then
they will tend to bounce off on these emotions. Now it’s also really important to remember
not to overly compensate for the noises going on outside by giving your dog loads of attention,
the more attention you are giving your dog the more reason they have to think that there
is something to be stressed about. If they want attention and they come to you and want
cuddles then give it to them but do not approach your dog and give it more attention than normal
to compensate for what’s going on outside, this will actually just make them even more
stressed. Having said that – never leave your dog alone in the house on Bonfire Night, obviously
I would never imagine that any of you would do this anyway – but just incase it’s really
important to remember not to leave your dog on their own. They need you there, as I say
don’t give them too much attention but if they need you there, then they need you there!
Okay so here’s the nice one thought – they’ll need loads of playtime! This is going to take
their minds off whatever is scaring them that is going on outside. So just make sure that
you’re playing, it’s really good to have interactive play sessions with them so fetch, tug of war,
anything like this because it’s going to take their mind completely off what’s going on
outside because they’re going to be so focused on your playtime with them. There’s also some
really good treat puzzle toys, I always talk about the Kong but is the best one that I
have found so far, if you can just fill this with peanut butter, freeze it, fill it up
with treats – anything, this is going to keep your dog’s mind occupied on getting that treat
out so that’s going to be a really good way of taking his mind off it as well. If your
dog does approach you and wants some attention, the best place that you can possibly stroke
him is between his ears. This is just going to completely calm him down. It always works
with Albie! Just between there, this is going to be really comforting for him. Now as much
as you can then please do try and stay indoors with your dog, obviously if they need a toilet
break then you need to make sure that they are on a leash so they can’t run away if any
of the sounds spook them, so take them into the garden on a leash. The last thing you
want is to lose your dog on a day like this because they could just run into roads or
anything because they are so scared of the noises they aren’t actually thinking about
anything else. So if you do have to take them outside please do keep your dog on a leash!
Obviously the last thing you can do during the display is to try and wash out the noises
that are coming from outside by keeping your television on loud, having music on, having
the radio on – or obviously playing Relax My Dog music which is going to be the most
calming thing for your dog on Bonfire Night. By playing music or playing the TV you are
going to stop the noises from outside getting to your pooch. We really hope you enjoyed
today’s video, if you did please do remember to give us a big thumbs up! If you haven’t
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we would love to include them in our videos and on our Instagram page. But that’s it from
us for this week, we’ll see you again next week! Bye!

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  1. Azra the dog says:


  2. Azra the dog says:

    i'm first ??

  3. Lynne M says:

    I have 2! One is fine the other is terrified! The music on this channel has helped so much! thank you x

  4. MissTimeLord97 says:

    It's not even fire work night yet ! And one just went of 12pm middle of the day and a huge one went of my dog jumped of 4feet literally of all her feet and made a noise like screaming ? and we are in the house! She's shaking poor we thing but I will try these methods tomorrow night!

  5. Wolfy The tamed wolf says:

    My dog Daisy is scard of fire works she almost got lost

  6. Leyla LBBH says:

    Can u make a video on how to keep dogs calm without someone they love snd they left it at home with us.

  7. Sunti Ter Haar says:

    i'm from germany … around new year some idiots fire Fireworks over a week before and after … my dog Hildegard is so scared she is just panting all the time .. drool in rivers .. doesn't eat , play ,go outside or sleeps … just straight up panic …

  8. R-Monty 123 says:

    I kinda think my dog doesn't really like to give me cuddles but last night she almost fell off of a table somehow and made a big loud bang noise and she ran to me so I could save her lol it was so adorable

  9. Surbhi Rajaramani says:

    please suggest something because my dog gets so scared of fireworks that it literally trembles the whole night and even it don't sleeps……

  10. Samanta Rizzi says:

    My dog hates fireworks too! She gets so scared and she just barks on them ALL NIGHT if she has to. She doesn't eat or drink, she's just nervous and is even shaking from time to time. I feel so sorry for her! I've been thinking about getting that Kong dog toy, it would be great when she's home alone sometimes too, so I really need to get one. It's quite expensive but I'm sure worth it! I'm watching from Slovenia btw… your channel is lovely, I subbed! Ps. your dog is adorable <3

  11. Daniel Hillegus says:

    Playing firework sounds are useless. Dogs have a grester hearing range and no piece of human audio equipment will be able to recreate a sound for their ears. To dogs our speakers sound muffled becayse to them it is muffled. The best way to fully understand is to play a song and apply a lowpass/ hi cut filter and just cut out most of the high end frequency leaving mostly mids and lows. This is the closest way to represent what dogs hear from our speakers.

    We tried with Amy (a basset hound) when she was a puppy and it didn't work because she can easily tell that the stuff on the speakers aren't real because they don't sound the same as what she actually hears.

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