How to Hunt with Bird Dogs : How to Command a Labrador Retriever to Fetch in the Water

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village; we’re here to show you how to hunt with bird dogs. This is Toby, he’s
a lab, about a 6-7 year old lab and he’s a great house pet with kids and a good guard
around your house. He loves to retrieve, he is born to retrieve. I use him for duck hunting
and also as a companion. I take him horseback riding; he rides along with us. This time
I’m going to show what he does; he’s a water dog. At this I’m going to show you how he
sits and a couple of commands. “Toby, stay.” “Sit.” In order to reinforce; I have a palm
behind me and I’m going to throw this dummy (duck) and he’s going to retrieve it. “Stay”,
“Stay”, “Stay” and I will give him the command “Go”, “Fetch” and he goes into the water.
Oh, chilly. And that’s how (“Here, Come over Here”) he’ll bring the duck over to me again
(“good boy”). Good fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, little shake and he likes to bring that dummy
back to me. (Good boy, Good boy) Ok, bring it down, “Sit” he’ll shake again “Sit”. And
that’s how we’ll do it one more time for you; and I’ll tell him to “Sit”, “Stay”, “Fetch”
and he dives into the water and he loves to swim. He’s a water dog and that’s the reason
that we have this pond; to train our dog and give him a good exercise; one way to get your
dog in shape during hunting season. I don’t mind him dropping the bird and shaking, he’s
trying to grab it; it?s a big duck. “Here”, “Come”, “Hup”, “Hup”, “Whoa”, “Sit” (shake
one more time) “Sit”. That’s how we train our dog.

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16 Responses

  1. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    This may be a good family dog and a backyard hunter. How does he do at multiple retreives? You should not have to tell him to stay constantly. And why are you telling him to sit when he was already sitting? Maybe you were just nervous cause of the camera. I tend to train my dogs to a higher standard. I have a ten month old who can do multiple retrieves and is whistle trained and can be cast. As long as he suits your needs and your happy with him, then I guess he's alright. Keep working on him.

  2. Kade Purser says:

    Nice dog

  3. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    Dogs are like kids, the more you put into them the more you get out of them. My dog just turned 1 year old and is in his forced fetch training phase. He currently does the following:
    Comes, sits on vocal and whistle.
    Heals on and off lease.
    Can be handled to go left, right and back using hand and whistle commands.
    Marks his bumpers and can do multiple retrieves not more then 75 yards.
    Will stop and sit on whistle and wait for commands.
    Not rock solid, but that comes with age and experience

  4. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    If you are interested, check out pat nolan or mike lardy videos. If you can invest the time, you will have a great dog!

  5. Evan Garrett says:

    i train dogs to hunt and that dog is not ready to hunt, he does not sit on command unless he is told 3 times and he does not take the same route that he took out back in which a dog should do when hunting.

  6. bayawolf1 says:

    u r the greatest person ever

  7. can3621 says:

    no drive , no delivery to hand….repeat commands multiple times…bwahahaha.

    your the master …..NOT

  8. Jaatinen1982 says:

    Dog doesn't need any training but handler would really need to get some real quiding from real bird dog trainers. That performance at hunting competition = failed

  9. Julian27 Garcia says:

    my dog is better trained i only have to tell him things once…..

  10. Left Coast Spey says:

    This is some poor handeling teaching this dog some bad habits. If you want your dog to pass hunt test the dog needs to retrieve to hand, line his mark, enter and return on the same line, and not shake until retrieve to hand. No wonder the dog is confused and wears the pants in this relationship, the handler keeps repeating commands rather than make corrections. Not a bad dog, just a bad handler.

  11. Rikardo Lz says:


  12. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    This guy is a backyard trainer at best. I laugh how he says "I don't mind him dropping the bird and shake" Does this guy even hunt birds, if you have a viable crippled bird and the dog drops it, it could take off or get back into the water, prolonging the retrieve or even losing the bird if it can get to water and start diving. There are so many things wrong with this. You need to view Pat Nolan or Evan Grahams videos to see what a real trainer and a good dog are supposed to be, not this guy!

  13. polimilas says:

    My dog does the same. I dont use gesture. Just say "hold" he holds until I say go !

  14. wrestle140 says:

    fetch fetch fetch SHUT UP DUDE. "come over here" your KIDDING ME!

  15. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    @jellotree99 You're so right, sounds like your on the right track. My dogs will stay next to me, or even if I place them 5 to 10 yards from me, like if I am in a raised blind, they will be on the outside just watching the action. This allows them to mark better and to also wait until the shooting is done, as you said if there are is a group of birds flying & you knock down one, they may circle around thinking the other duck landed, and I can then take another shot. A running dog may flare them.

  16. zer0dahero says:

    Whats wrong with all this vid saying "how to" but don't actually show the how to part. Instead they show an already trained dog doing it. you can tell an untrained dog "go fetch" all day and he will just ignore you. I wish they actually show the how do teach it to them part, as the title implies, instead of showing off their already trained dogs doing it.

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