How to Identify If Your Dog Is Having a False Pregnancy

Symptoms of false pregnancy Nesting Affected dogs may be found pacing around the home looking for blankets and paper to shred in order to create a comfortable area to give birth and raised puppies Bothering Often a dog suffering from false Pregnancy will be found adopting up stuffed animal or any other inanimate Object and treating it as a puppy often the dog may even guard it against the owners and stranger Physical changes The most stunning symptoms are those Affecting the dog’s body dogs affected by false pregnancy may exhibit enlarged nipples, and eventually they may even Secrete milk or fluids dogs may also exhibit weight gain Abdominal swelling and even vaginal discharges some may even mimic labor Diagnosis Your vet will palpate the dog’s Abdomen to insure the dog is not pregnant However, this method is not very accurate X-rays or an ultrasound are much more accurate and reliable Treatment Luckily the condition resolves on its own within two to three weeks dogs that tend to lick their mammary glands should be prevented in doing so because this may prolong the production of milk and the discomfort Often an Elizabethan collar may be helpful in such cases

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  1. Erik Murray says:

    Horrible video pregnant dogs exhibit the same behaviors stated here. So there's no way to tell except by xray

  2. theupside says:

    This voice is so annoying. Shut it off after 10 seconds.

  3. Julia Powell says:

    Oh my gosh, no help at all

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