How to: Install a Sliding Door Hardware System with Soft Stop – Husky Soft Stop by P C Henderson

Husky Soft Stop caters for wooden and
metal sliding doors weighing up to 100 kilograms. This superior product comes
with the added benefits of a built-in dual soft close and open mechanism which gently decelerates the door and pulls it into its final position. The result is an extremely sophisticated and quiet system which boasts anti
slamming properties and enhanced product longevity. The dual soft stop is
pre assembled and concealed within the track to provide ease of installation
and a minimalistic finish. The track can be soffit fixed or face fixed to
suit your individual requirements. The The kit dual soft-close unit, apron plates,
triggers, strap bolts, floor guide, track, face fixed brackets Note: Track and face fixed brackets if required must be specified in addition to the soft close kit The Tools Screwdriver, drill, tape measure,
tri square, pencil, allen key, spirit level, 13 millimeter spanner Prepare the door Prepare the door by routing out a guide channel in the bottom of the door as
well as any additional routing required for handles and flush pulls. Fitting the hangers Take the top edge of the door and mark the centre point with a pencil. From this centre point measure 231 millimetres outwards and mark with a
pencil. Use the tri square to draw a vertical line and mark the center point. Repeat this step for the other side. Place the middle of the apron plate over
the centre point and mark out the four fixing holes with a pencil. Create pilot
holes if necessary before drilling the holes and fixing both apron plates to
the top of the door. Fixing the track: Face fixed method Note: if installing this system in a soffit fixed application the following steps
will differ slightly. Measure the door height plus 83 millimeters
from the floor up across three separate points. Mark with a pencil. Use the track
and spirit level to draw a straight line through all three markings – this marks the fixing height for your face fixed brackets. Use a tri square to
make a mark on your fixing height line which is in line with the edge of the
opening – this marks where the center of the track should be. Make sure you do
this on the side of the opening you want the door to slide across insert an end
bracket into the top of the track and tighten into place with an allen key.
Lift the track into the correct position making sure the center of the track is
lined up with the mark you made earlier. Mark the fixing points for your first
bracket with a pencil. Drill the first bracket into position. Insert the remaining face fixed
brackets and evenly spaced across the track before drilling into position. You may require the help of someone else to hold
the track at this point. Fitting the floor guide Place the floor guide on the edge of the opening and screw into position, drilling pilot holes
if necessary Hanging the door Tension the springs on the soft closed unit by pulling the triggers into the holding bay Attach the bolts to the strap bolts and
fixed to the hangers at either end of the soft-close unit. Insert the soft-close unit into the
track. Lift the door and hang into position. Fitting the triggers Slide the door into the desired closed position over the opening. Measure 193 millimeters in from the closing side hanger and make a mark on the track. Next, move the door into the desired open position. Measure 193 millimeters in from the
opening side hanger and make a mark on the track. These marks are your trigger
positioning points. Centralise the door and insert both triggers into the track
at either side. Move the triggers along into the required positions and secure
into place with an allen key. The marks you created should line up exactly with
the protruding part of the trigger. Adjust the height of the door by
adjusting the strap bolts to suit. Once happy, check that the door is level
using a spirit level and secure the lock nuts into place with a spanner. Visit our website for details.

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