How to introduce the new cat to the resident cat?

If you are introducing a new cat to your
resident cat, this does needs to be done gradually keep your new cat restricted to one room
in home and spot scents between the cats. Either by their bedding by you stroking one cat after another without washing her hands in between or rubbing material on their cheeks that you then place with the other cat. This will allow them time to get used to
each other scent before actually meeting Once this has been done you can introduce them physically ensuring this is supervised and each cat has somewhere to escape to. Using Feliway during the times advised and it will encourage their feelings of safety and security and help reduce the chance of viewing
one or another as a potential threat. Again it is advised to leave it plugged in
for at least one month but it may require number time for
resident cats to get used to the newcomer in such a case use refills for as long
as needed. For example until you start seeing them
facial rubbing or hopefully sleep close to each other.

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