How To Keep Your Cat Safe At Christmas | Blue Cross Pet Advice

[light, upbeat instrumental music] Hi, I’m Kerry. Cats love so many of the
things that make Christmas great. The tree, the sparkly decorations, tinsel and
fairy lights. But unfortunately, festive fun can pose a
real risk to them. Keep your cat safe this Christmas by avoiding these dangers. Cats love to climb, so bringing a tree inside your home might be seen as fair
game. Investing in a heavy base for your Christmas tree should prevent it from
falling if your cat jumps on it. You might even want to tether your tree to
the walls or the ceiling. Pine needles are sharp and can cause internal damage
if swallowed, so if your heart’s set on a real Christmas tree, a non-drop type is
the way to go. Likewise, tinsel and hanging decorations
will tend to cats curiosity, but can be extremely dangerous and potentially
fatal if eaten. And remember to place snow globes well out of paws reach. Snow
globes contain antifreeze, which is toxic to pets and a real risk if the globe
breaks. Whilst most cats ignore plants, young cats or especially indoor cats,
might try to chew festive house plants through curiosity. Poinsettia can cause
an upset stomach, but Holly and Mistletoe berries are dangerous. Lily leaf and
pollen are toxic to cats and are a medical emergency, so we recommend that owners ban lilies from their homes. Raisins, grapes, chocolate and alcohol are yummy for us, but dangerous for our cats. So you can enjoy these all to yourself. From everyone at Blue Cross, we wish you and your pets a very happy Christmas and New Year! [light music fades out]

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