How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog now today we’re going to talking about our top tips on how to keep your
dog cool during summer obviously a lot of summers
it can be really hard especially in other countries I mean here in the UK we
don’t really have to worry about it we have a few hot days which you can take
these into account but if you live in other countries which are really really
hot and quite a bit imagine how you make it work for you but today what I’m
talking about our top tips so definitely do it stay tuned if that sounds like
something you guys might want to watch actually before we get started as well
definitely do go down below to the comments and let me know we’re about so
you guys watching us from and what is your weather like in summer is it really
hot is it not so hot I mean here in the UK if we’re lucky we get like 20 degrees
plus sometimes even in the 30s but that is really really rare we’re definitely
do learn so down below what sort of weather isn’t liking your country during
summer but let’s just get started winter days at video so we actually have 8
different top steps we’re going to go through with you guys that the first one
is to create an ice pack or get a cool towel for your dog to lay on this can
just be really easy and cheap method to keep them cool just pop a cool towel on
the floor or on top of their bed or put a ice pack because in their bedroom on
top of their bed and just let them lie on it and I’ll just help them to stay
cool now the second top tip is to just add bits of ice into there Walter
obviously we do this a lot for ourselves to summer so why not do it for our dogs
as well also a lot of dogs will enjoy having the ice cubes in the water they
might try and take them out to play with them for a bit and that will also keep
them cool now if that’s what is available definitely do get them a
paddling pool or a some sort of open water that we can go into obviously if
it’s safe and we live it on this for Milo but this is quite a good idea
especially if you have multiple dogs if you get like a lot of paddling Paul pop
it in your garden and then they can come and go as they please
that might be a good way to keep them cool as well now if you’re going to be
out for a long amount of time definitely do make sure you’re providing your dog
as well as your children it’s shade as well make sure you are either providing
them shade in from buildings it’s changed from the trees or even give them
an umbrella to lie underneath so that they stay
call that if you do tend to take your dog on longer walks might be a good idea
to take a classic collapsible water ball with you I can never stay in that word
this can be really great because you have your own words bottle if you just
get a collapsible bottle it almost goes to you like a plate and then you could
just have to push it in pop your water in there and give it to your dog you can
also actually get water bottles that have like a case and you sort of pull
the water bottle up but it creates like a a bowl for your dog you can just throw
away the rest of the water just up and then you’ve also got more water to use
for your drug it just depends whatever which one works for you the next one is
you can also by cooling toys or accessories we actually have a little
ice cream polyfill matter which mylar plays with all of the time not just in
somewhere and all we do is you sort of squeeze it down pop it into some water
and as it opens up it sort of collect all the water that you are pulling in
and then it just sort of becomes filled with water give it to a dog a mallow
shakes and it just helps to keep cool plus it just is quite a fun game as well
especially if you give it to Milo around your family members and my love shakes
and water goes all over them just quite for now an obvious Evan is its you put
on the sprinkler in your garden if you do have one this can be great for you
grass but also great for your dog as well and then number eight is our final
one and that is to just keep on top of the dog’s coat to make sure you are
pushing them obviously less hair it means they will say cooler it’s less of
a fat for your dog in they’ll get less hot in their coat as well and obviously
it’s that cause if we have loads and loads of hair on our body we might get
too hot etc especially for a dog who is covered
in hair but yes that is it to follow this week’s video thank you also stood
up to watching like I said don’t forget to let me know down below in the
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