hello everybody welcome back to their episode of Paddington pantry we’re my puppy Paddington at 9 make some dog family treats so today we are making a dog’s birthday cake and that is because on Friday its Paddington the one year burst that was like a do worse way of wording it I think so on Friday she is Paddington first birthday so I thought I hope to make him a birthday cake this is a turkey bacon birthday cake and it actually smells good when I was faking it I don’t know what that says about me but you certainly enjoyed it so I hope that your puppies will too so let’s get started again before we get started make sure to check with your vet before you make this for you probably just to make sure that everything is safe and appropriate for your own puppy’s diet everything Simas headington but again every puppy’s different so want to make sure that your puppy is safe and healthy and happy so first one to place the turkey bacon in a food processor and pulse until finally ground and I had no idea food processes were like so efficient I’m never going to be hand mincing anything ever again they put the flour and baking powder into a large bowl and mix to combine add the bacon some coconut milk oil and eggs and mix until well combined for the mixture into a greased baking sheet and smooth the surface they can’t format your degrees Fahrenheit for 25 to 30 minutes or until it’s golden brown then cool completely on the baking sheet but you want to slice the cake into rounds with a round cookie cutter and you can create a bigger cake as you like with as many layers as you like so this is why using the baking sheet is super super handy and then any leftovers can just be chopped into small pieces and use as treats we want to slice a layer of the cake on top of each other spreading about half a tablespoon or one tablespoon of cream cheese between each layer then you want to coat the entire cake in a thin layer of cream cheese slice a mini carrots into thin sticks and you can use these as candles to mark how tall your dog is turning to decorate the cake with the candle and then I use some sliced strawberries and some blueberries and then just light your dog a small slice or less your dog go crazy like Paddington did and you are done that he didn’t need the whole thing he had like a couple bites and then I took it away and he cried like the whole rest of the day but it looked at my camera when he’s just like munching on the entire thing so thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you liked this recipe if you’d like to see more Paddington pantry recipes click here for the playlist everything that we made including Tuesday’s recipe which was pasta for dogs so cute that is included in there so make sure to check that out and ll see you guys on Monday for an only recipe and go check out Paddington Instagram at Paddington underscore Tom at to see how he celebrates and birthday how are we going to celebrate your birthday you want all the toys and all the tree and all the cookies Oh cookie oh you know that word cookie mmm

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39 Responses

  1. lolita sky says:

    It is 2 AM!!!!!!

  2. X Schulz says:

    happy birthday to Paddington, he is so cute. I love your recipes.

  3. Lavish Brown says:

    😂I couldn't stop laughing at the chef's hat. So cute.

  4. ぼこかま says:

    happy birthday Paddington🎂

  5. Jayne Nicoletti says:

    I am so making this for my dog and her doggie friends. I can't believe you got a thumbs down:(. Happy Birthday Paddington!

  6. CynB says:

    Happy birthday Paddington! 💖💖

  7. Mustardest says:

    Happy birthday paddington (:

  8. Laura Hunter says:

    Happy Birthday Paddington!

  9. Mary De Ville says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Paddington! I love your cake and it looks like you do too.

  10. Just Saying says:

    happy birthday Paddington c: 😄🎉🎊🎂

  11. Ariana Salazar says:

    Can u put the measurement because my dogs brithday is turning 1 and his birthday is on August 8 so i wanted to make a cake

  12. AppleBloom21 says:

    if ypu dont mind me asking where did you get paddington or are there ant breeders or adoption centera for pomeranians you would recommend?

  13. Angel Nei says:

    He's such a cutie! Definitely deserves a yummy cake just for being so handsome 😀

  14. matthewcarl tarrosa says:

    we have the same pomeranian dog

  15. 。Amaishi//アマイシ says:


  16. Laura Johnson says:

    Aw his so cute

  17. Cat Owens says:

    Nice job, thanks for sharing that yummy looking recipe and Paddington is very luck to have that cake mmm

  18. Yvette Jones says:

    Your dog is sooo cute.

  19. idkwth s says:

    Can dogs eat berries?!😮

  20. Cherry ann says:

    Paddington is so cute!! My baby dog Herky is turning one and I would love to try this cake recipe. Oh btw where did you purchase the cake stand?

  21. Ratna Winata says:

    is okay if i don't put sardines? thx

  22. DIY Donuts says:

    Dogs can’t have strawberries but I like it

  23. Alice Angel says:


  24. Kitten 27 says:

    Heads up blueberries are poisonous to dogs

  25. Kitten 27 says:

    Not dog safe

  26. Aaliyah Sendagire says:

    happy birthday pup

  27. Joe Gol says:

    Awwwwwww that is so cute! I cannot stop laughing !! I cannot believe that you could actually make a doggy birthday cake. My dogs birthdays coming up next month ! Do we have to look up the dog food recipe to make sure that the cake is edible for dogs or do we have to take the recipe on the kibble for the dogs ?? I love the little chef hat

  28. t ds says:

    Does anyone think she looks like niko from hollyoaks

  29. Madilyn H. says:

    Wow only 16 dislikes that’s good

  30. Zi Gaviola says:

    Hi!! Where did you get the mini cake stand??

  31. SlideTackleKing says:

    did u die ur dogs hair??

  32. Ellys Craig says:

    Could I use this recipe to make cupcakes? 🤨

  33. notyour darling says:

    Just baked this for my girl who just turned 1 year old and I think she liked it! I used carrots and peas as decoration (:

  34. Sven Nezzer says:

    Wow!! Too cute.Thank you i will try that recipe for my baby.Love it

  35. Olivia Borlovan says:

    The hat on your dog–SO CUTE!

  36. Kornelius says:

    now that's one good doggo

  37. Grant Gladych says:

    I gave it to my dog for her 5th birthday and she loved it

  38. Aria says:

    Finally found a dog cake recipe without peanut butter! Can't wait to try this for Bailey.
    Also the dog is super cute, oml

  39. Brenda Asbury says:

    That's gross why would you feed them it

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