How to Make a Colorado Bulldog | Colorado Bulldog Cocktail

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel
today we’re making one of my favorite mixed drinks and that is a Colorado
Bulldog these things are a little sweet and a little tasty so let’s check it out
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notifications when we post new videos so let’s get right to making this drink
alright to make a Colorado Bulldog few things you’re gonna need vodka your
favorite brand coffee liqueur also your favorite brand you can use kimura which
is the generic version of Kahlua or Kahlua I use my homemade version this is
far better than either of those you’re gonna need some milk and you’re gonna
need a little bit of Pepsi now if you want to learn how to make your own
coffee liqueur I’ll post a link to the video on how to do that so let’s get
started making this you’re gonna first take the vodka about just under an ounce
I say about a half a shot then you’re gonna take your coffee liqueur I use
about a shot in half to two shots of that and then you’re gonna take your
milk or your heavy cream you’re gonna pour in a little and right here the dude
abides this is basically your white Russian so you could stop there and
drink a White Russian or you could take your little Pepsi this is a Colorado
Bulldog so let’s give this thing a try okay so here we are with our Colorado
Bulldog let’s give this a try one thing I want to tell you that tastes a lot
like a root beer float so if you use a little more milk kind of tastes like a
milkshake if you put just a little more Pepsi in there tastes like a root beer
float either way they’re delicious you make it the way you like it the
and Cheers thanks for stopping and we’ll see you next time Wow

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  1. John Kern says:

    White Russian and Colorado Bulldog. Two of my favorite mixed drinks!

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  5. The Bald Chef says:

    I am from Colorado, never heard of this concoction the Colorado bulldog. Kind of a white Russian on steroids!

  6. 999 Things To Cook says:

    That looks awesome! Never made that before but I will need to soon!!

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