How to Minimize Dog Shedding with Andy the Labrador

– Almost all dogs shed and some, like my Labrador right
here, shed all year long. There is no way how to
completely stop the shedding, but you can do some
steps to minimize them. We will talk about them in this video. (dog barking) (upbeat music) Shedding is probably the
most frustrating thing about owning a dog, especially if the dog lives with you in your apartment indoors. But it’s natural and normal process. It’s process of losing
all the damaged hair. The amount of shedding will vary a lot and it depends on a lot factors like dog’s age, dog health
and especially dog breed. Some breeds like Labrador or, for example, Pug sheds a lot. Some breeds, like Poodle,
are almost non-shedding. You should know how much a
typical dog of your breed sheds. For example, I know how much
a typical Labrador sheds so I can compare it with my Andy because if he sheds much
more than he should, it might be sign of an illness. Before Andy, we had a different Labrador who had cancer and when he had the cancer, he sheds like crazy. To keep your dog shedding on minimum, it’s important to keep him
healthy and well-groomed. And now let’s check out our tips, How to Minimize the Dog’s Shedding. Tip number one, brushing. Well, this is the most
obvious thing, right? By brushing, you will help
your dog to lose excessive fur. I suggest you daily
brushing during your walk so your dog will lose its hair outside and you can keep your home clean. Brushing will also keep your
dog’s coat cleaner and softer. Tip number two, nutrition. Excessive shedding might be
a result of poor nutrition. Start giving your dog healthy diet. This means no-grain food
with a lot of meat in it. Brushing and nutrition are
the most important factors if you want to minimize
the dog’s shedding. But there are some other
tips you might try as well. Tip number three, stress. If your dog sheds more than he should, it might be a result of a lot of stress. Your dog should have enough of
mental and physical exercise and he should not be left
alone for long periods of time. If you eliminate a stress, you might be over the shedding as well. Tip number four, medical problem. If your dog’s coat does not look healthy and he sheds really a lot,
much more than he should do, it’s probably time to go and see a vet. Excessive hair loss can be a result of these medical problems: fleas, parasites, fungal infections, bacterial infections,
kidney and liver diseases, cancer, immune disease or allergy. But only your veterinarian can tell what is the right diagnosis. Tip number five, fresh water. Your dog should have access
to fresh water all day long. How does this connect to shedding? Well, a dehydrated dog will have dry skin which will cause the dog sheds more. Tip number six, supplements. Add some nutrition supplements
to your dog’s diet. I can recommend you to
fish oil or flax seeds oil. It should lower the shedding
and it will definitely make your dog’s coat look much better. It will be more shiny. You can also buy some
omega-3 fatty acids product. If you hate vacuuming and
you don’t want to deal with a lot of fur in your home, honestly, don’t get Labrador. They’re amazing dogs overall, but the shedding is their
biggest disadvantage. They sheds like crazy. But luckily, there are some dog breeds that are almost non-shedding. For example: Bichon
Frise, Italian Greyhound, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Poodle,
Welsh Terrier or a Whippet. Tell me in comments what are your tips to minimize the dog’s shedding? And if you are new on this channel, consider subscribing,
turn the notifications on so you won’t miss any new video and check our Instagram and Facebook links are in description. Thank you for watching and
see you in the next video.

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