How to Mix QUIKRETE® Concrete: Machine Mixing

Machine Mixing Concrete. QUIKRETE concrete mixes can be successfully mixed by hand or machine mixed. For larger projects,
machine mixing is often the best method. When working with cement-based mixes, always wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. During concrete mixing and placing
procedures, machine mixed concrete should be mixed in a barrel mixer mixing. Blades
in a barrel mixer are attached to the inside of the rotating barrel machine
mixing the concrete. Measure the recommended water amount for the number of bags to
be added to the mixer and pour half the water into the mixer, before adding any of the concrete mix. Each 80-pound bag will require about
three quarts of water. Typical mixers can hold up to three bags
of 80 pound concrete mix. Add the dry mix into the mixer. Then, allow the concrete
to mix with the water, for about a minute. Add the remaining water, as necessary. The concrete should be mixed for about
three to five minutes until a uniform, workable consistency is achieved. If
additional water is needed, small amounts of water may be added, sparingly. When mixing concrete, it is important to
know that the more water that is added to the mix, the weaker it becomes. Adding one extra quart of water per bag can reduce the strength of the concrete by
up to forty percent. Properly mixed concrete should look like thick oatmeal
and should hold its shape when it is squeezed in a gloved hand. Keep the mixer running and dump the concrete into a wheelbarrow for transporting to your
work area. Adding liquid cement color to standard
gray concrete mix can turn it into a decorative concrete with professional
results. One 10 ounce bottle of QUIKRETE liquid cement color will color up to two
bags of 60 or 80 pound concrete mix. To achieve a consistent color, mix the
liquid cement color directly into the mixing water, before adding it to the dry mix.
QUIKRETE liquid cement color will last the life of the concrete.

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