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Hi! I’m Kerry. Moving house can be
stressful for both you and your cat, so we’re here to offer our top three tips
on how to make it as painless as possible. ♪ Tip one, think safety. First, make sure
your cat is microchipped and wearing a collar and ID. This is so that if anything happens
during the move and your cat goes missing, you can be reunited
with them easier. Tip two, prepare. You’ll usually
know that you’re moving at least a few weeks before
the actual day, so it’s a good idea to have some
things prepared. Up first; Familiarising your cat with
their carrier. This needs to happen as soon as possible
so that your cat is comfortable being in their carrier. You’ll want to
make their carrier a safe space by leaving it out,
with the top off, and popping some treats in there
to encourage them to use it. Think about space. You’ll have lots of
boxes to transport from your house to your new home and a
lot of movement can scare cats. So you’ll need to think ahead about a safe
space that your cat can be in while you’re emptying your house. ideally an empty room with their
carrier and water bowl in. Be sure that all windows and doors are
closed you don’t want them escaping
in the process! Feed your cat in the morning, a few hours
before the move, to reduce the chance of them being
sick on the journey. Tip three, plan ahead. When you arrive at your new
home with your cat, you’ll need to place them in a room
that will be quiet. Pop their bed, scratching post, litter
tray, food and water bowl in there so that it smells like
them and they have everything they need in their safe space. An item of clothing that smells like your
old home can offer extra reassurance too. When you feel
more settled, and your cat looks relaxed
within this room, you can slowly begin introducing them
to more of the house. Though remember not to let your
cat outside for the first two to four weeks, so they can get used to their
new environment. And that’s it, our three tips to
make your move with your cat as smooth as possible. For more pet advice videos, don’t forget
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