How to recognise your dog is dehydrated or in shock

If you’re worried that your dog might be dehydrated, one of the tests you can
do is to pull up the skin on their back and it should
ping back straight away. If it doesn’t, that could be
a sign that they’re in shock or that they have become dehydrated. If you do that on the back of the neck, it won’t ping back
immediately because dogs have excess skin on the back of the neck, so it’s on their back
that you would do that. But again there are
obviously additional signs to a dog being in shock to just that.

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3 Responses

  1. Tiny Pastel Mia says:

    My doggy dehydrated

  2. A Hutton says:

    Thank you. I was getting worried because i was doing the test on my dogs neck. Did it in the right place and doggy is well hydrated.

  3. Miss S says:

    Vets always tell you to make a tent in the area between the neck and shoulder blades to check for dehydration. Are you saying that the vets are wrong?

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