How to Register a Dog with the CKC

How to Register a Dog with the CKC. Recognizing 175 breeds and containing over
25,000 members, the Canadian Kennel Club sponsors competitions and offers many benefits to owners
who register their purebred pups. You will need Information from breeder CKC
registration form Registration fee and internet access. Step 1. Research the different dog breeds the CKC
recognizes, and find responsible breeders who can prove that their puppies’ parents
are CKC-registered. Step 2. Get a puppy registration form from your dog’s
breeder, who should have registered the litter with the CKC and gotten puppy registration
forms for each dog. The CKC requires sellers to provide buyers
with registration paperwork free of charge within six months from the date of sale. Step 3. Fill out the form given to you by the breeder. Provide information about your dog’s color
and markings, as well as your contact information. Step 4. Submit the form and pay the required registration
fee to the CKC. Register your dog within 120 days of their
birth for the least expensive registration fee. Step 5. Wait seven to 10 days for the CKC to process
your application and send your dog’s official registration certificate by mail. Become an individual member of the CKC to
receive expedited service on your registration application with a turnaround time of only
48 hours. Step 6. Check your certificate for any errors and
contact the CKC if any changes are needed. Read the CKC web site and learn about all
of the benefits available to you and your new puppy. Did you know The Canadian Kennel Club was
founded in 1887 in Delaware, Ontario. The first dog registered was an English setter
named Forest Fern.

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  1. BallawdeQuincewold says:


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  3. asdoaigjr says:

    howcast is so lol

  4. xiLL says:

    @Chr1ssan i think it gets suckier ever time.

  5. SgtMaj0r says:

    life is full of such sad sad people..

  6. Francesco Tambellini says:

    How Cast = EPIC FAIL!

  7. michiel1551 says:

    keyword there is "pure-bred", so every dog that isn't pure get's discriminated or what?

  8. Arfstrom says:

    So cute dog

  9. rickcheyne says:

    Save a life and rescue a dog from the spca instead.

  10. Magnus Sjöstrand says:

    I thought it said KFC first and I was like "WTF?"

  11. Bobby Hassell says:

    I was sure it said "How to use the register at KFC".

  12. eign says:

    Dog named, "Forest Fern"?, he even have a last name.

  13. electrogeek77 says:

    @irwin770 That's nothing compared to modern registered dog names. Watch a dog show to see the lunacy.

  14. Karvirako says:

    lol this is sooo random

  15. Karvirako says:

    @stewie711 I think it's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, you can tell by the stub legs and the photo of the adult CWC.
    But it does look like a BC, it's adorable!

  16. electrogeek77 says:

    @theeyeoftheday They came out with an AKC version first.

  17. MiFFiL says:

    She says Ontario weird..

  18. NikkiKeiferBach says:

    People have there own options.

  19. NikkiKeiferBach says:


  20. Gaylen J Boutet says:

    Actually, it is the responsibility of the CKC breeder to register the dogs before they leave their birth home!

  21. Rebecca Hart says:

    I know this video is really old and such but it's the only one I can find. I got my dog 4 years ago and do not know the breeder or if the parents are registered with the ckc.  If I have to I am willing to try and find the breeders but the dogs were not show dogs, and bred by accident. I'm not sure if I can still register my dog. I want to know if you can still enter dog shows without being registered? 

  22. ILoveTech says:

    Why does my dog information say CKC and I live in California .

  23. Boss Hogg says:

    O.k. cool well I have a female pitbull 6 months old she was giving to me free when she was 2mos old how can I register her??

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  26. TRAY NICE says:

    My Male dog is from a pet store and have some paper9that came with it, but me female dont have any cant I still do there puppies

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