How to select a German Shepherd by Wayne Curry at Kraftwerk K9

What we’re showing here is a seven month old dog that every dog should be like this. Every dog that comes from here does this time and time again, you’ll see her transition from being calm to active Which, means it can, be protective on command but, also Go into passive behavior on command which is in this case I asked her to lay down. So, what i’m going to do is bring her back into active behavior and then Back to passive because this is an important thing that dogs have to do, is these two things They have to be active on command and They have to be passive on command, and it has to be balanced you don’t want a dog that’s overactive and you can’t control her Neither do you, want a dog, that just lays there and doesn’t do anything you want a german shepherd! And that, means the dog, goes from active to passive On command okay? Just by my body language i was active so she was active this is how you can actually determine a dog’s ability To, control her emotion i was active She, was active i stopped being active she became just like Me she became passive this is absolutely kind of dog you can, live with, because they read you Faster than you read, you should be able to see that when i’m active she’s active When I’m calm she’s calm and thats what i need the dog to do!

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