How to stop Dog Aggression quickly And easily – In a few steps!

hi and thanks for tuning in today we are taking a look at dog aggression now of course dog aggression is a huge topic and there’s a whole range of things that can cause them to overreact so what I’ve done today is I’ve put together some simple techniques and exercises that you’ll find useful regardless of whether your dog is aggressive to bikes cats cars or other dogs but the main thing that I really want to portray in this video is a concept and it can be summed up in this famous saying it’s not what you do but it’s the way that you do it so see if you can get what I mean and enjoy the video so in this consultation I’m working with Tarna he’s an eighteen month old Steffi Cross Mastiff and his owners asked me to come and assess him around other dogs because when he was about eight months old something like that it’d be started becoming a little bit dominant and aggressive his owner kept him away from other dogs because he didn’t want any trouble and it’s just sort of that period of time that he’s been away from other dogs has got bigger and bigger and now he really hasn’t been around dogs for a long long time so I’m not taking any chances with him we’ve got a muzzle on him we’ve got him on our harness there and I’m going to ask his owner to walk out onto the grass and then I’ll bring one or more of my dogs out of it and I want to show you how I work this sort of situation so the first thing we need to do is really keep control of the situation so you can see I’ve got two of my dogs they’re on leashes that’s the two boys they’re very good but the last thing I want is them jogging over to say hello so I’ll keep control of them with a short leash you could use a long line inka they’re in the foreground she’s not going anywhere so she’s free to wander around and of course taarna is on elite so you need that control to start with the next thing to look at is the energy of the dog so clearly my dogs are very calm and relaxed which is brilliant on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d probably put a moaner down at a two or three but Tarna here you can see his energy level is much more what I’d say is a seven almost an eight eight out of ten his tail is upright he’s stiff and strong and he’s pulling towards my dogs not really what you’re looking for so when a dog’s feeling like this confident strong and almost looking for a bit of trouble and sort of wanting to man up the best thing to do is give them some time just move them away they’re not ready yet and times on your side you’ll see taarna will calm down but you don’t want to bring them over to meet the dogs in question when he’s in that sort of state now what I’m going to do here is a very simple technique but it’s very powerful it’s something I call stop start change direction you basically put lead on your dog you walk them round and round doing anything except for focusing on the other dog in other words I’m going to focus my dogs on the grass to the right and the grass to the left come on guys it’s going to smell the flowers tar nasone is doing the same and you’re going to see that just a few minutes of this is going to calm his dog right down it’s actually truly amazing I’ll show you a shot of before and after but is it what he’s doing now as well is he’s going to get in front of his dog and I’m saying to a calm free something of AI is a lot you crouch down put your hand under his collar and if we have a look at his dog now you’ll actually see this is just a few minutes later his dog’s Energy’s gone right down if you look at that tail we’ll zoom in and have a look but the body language of this dog is so completely different to the body language and energy of the dog that we saw just before here is just ten minutes earlier confident dominant tail erect challenging you know is not that in this state you don’t want to be taking him over and introducing him to other dogs it’s only going to go pear-shaped so you want to do a little bit of work with them and you know ten minutes later here is tails in completely the other opposite direction hanging down he’s relaxed he’s very inquisitive he’s a he’s interested he’s calmed right down totally different dog he’ll have form far more success with them in this sort of a state so now that Tana has calmed down somewhat I’m going to apply a technique that I call the parallel walk and it’s quite fascinating I’ll just let all of this roll and talk you through it the parallel walk is exactly as it sounds it’s where you walk parallel to the other dogs and as you can see we’ve started off quite far apart from each other walking parallel but we’re going to move closer and closer together now the idea behind this is it’s the exact opposite of sort of a predatory attack from the front if you think about it all animals are used to the sort of predatory locking on and running straight at another animal to attack them so if you’re coming straight at an anima dog they can feel very threatened it’s why when you meet a dog on the pathway who’s coming towards you it can be quite threatening however dogs when they walk parallel like this it’s far more like they’re part of a pack if you think of a pack of wolves they all walk in the same direction and here we’ve moved much much closer together and tar neighs you know he’s throwing his head around he’s actually wanting to get towards my dog Jack so we just move away apart a little bit there but he’s doing really well and these techniques are really what Tana is owner and I put in place for maybe 10 20 minutes until tonight come right down and then we’re able to put him on a line and they able to meet my dogs now the purpose of this video is really just to give you a couple of ideas of how you can do that how to calm a dog down but I do want to show you a couple of clips of this video where Tony has a line on him so so here’s just a couple of snippets of that stage and you can see I’m actually playing with my dogs so the first stage really is putting along the line on Tarn a so we can sort of let him go free but we still got that sort of control this is actually a horse lunge line he’s such a big boy and then the next stage is actually letting my dog go so I’ve decided jack is calm enough he’s just going to run off I can just tell he’s not going to go over to this dog he’s going to wander off and play which is great so here I used the long line to keep control of Tana and just gauge what he’s like around all the dogs and it just gives you the ability to keep control of the situation if it starts to go pear-shaped and interestingly enough its little inca who’s generally a very fearful little female dog who goes over and says I understand you look at those little tails waggling so they’re communicating communicating really beautifully there she runs off there she’s not too sure and this is when I know we’ve done it that Jack comes over he’s the dominant dog here Tana is just letting him sniff first so Jack’s in charge like a jacks tails right up Tana is just a little bit more submissive and I’ll let you hear the noise because Tana is going to check Jack out here he’s sort of gaining confidence and it could go pear-shaped here but I get the feeling it won’t I think you sort of playing there thank you thank you wanna play a little bit now saying things what applies and what you witnessed there was too confident male dogs deciding who’s in charge to want to play and say yeah it’s time to drop the long line on the floor and just let him have a good run I’m very confident that they’re going to get on really well the next stage was to take the long line off him and then when we were completely confident that he was gonna be fine and it had a good play we took the muzzle off and he just had a great old time here he is playing around with inka who’s telling him to go away at this point and he had a great fun play with the jack as well you can see here they got on like a house on fire so there you have it in my opinion Tana is a good dog he’s a lovely boy he’s sociable but he is he has got a tendency to be a little bit dominant so you do want to understand how to be the pack leader at home that’ll keep his dominance right down and he’ll be far more tolerant around other dogs and some of the key stages in getting them off leash first of all we kept control of them at the very beginning using those leashes and the long line secondly we were constantly reading the energy the situation every situation was different and if it wasn’t right then we just moved them away so just walk away focus on something else and just remember there’s no rush take your time because time is on your side so there you go as you can see we turned a potentially volatile situation into a really successful day and we gave tonight some much-deserved freedom and socializing off leash and we gave his owner some hope back at today’s home I also went through with his owner the importance of leadership because this will actually be the foundation on which the relationship is built now let me clarify the key concept I referred to at the start that it’s not what you do but it’s the way that you do it a concept which flows through all of that training in the video and all that I do basically you’ve got to keep control of the situation you’ve got to stay calm and take your time that’s all for today see you tomorrow and until then have an awesome day

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  1. Caity Heasly says:

    This video is great. My dog has been bitten by another dog and man handled by the owner now has lost all trust in dogs and humans. Is excitment level goes to the 10 when seeing another dog or hearing a dog. Doing your technique I got him to an 8. How much longer

  2. Bdelliumharts says:

    Good thing his tip wasn't: "Just release the dogs and hope for the best"

  3. Arvi Singh says:

    This is actually better –
    Don't click on the Description!!

  4. drew york says:

    Thank you . I’m subscribing

  5. cap'n sean says:

    Tarnay says "now's not the time for fear doctor, that comes later"

  6. Megan Berube says:

    Its hard when you try to move away and the other person tends to follow you instead of seeing what's going on. I have a neighbor who will stay behind me while walking

  7. Michael Angelos says:

    My dog hates cats.

  8. Daniel Honey says:

    I’ve noticed it’s better to get an intimidating looking dog more than a powerful aggresive dog as a guard dog

  9. Karen says:

    Chihuahua has joined the chat

  10. Estefania cabrera says:

    I just wanna know why my dog doesn’t like my puppy I got him so she wouldn’t be lonely but she seems to hate him 😞

  11. Anthony Moon says:

    The British dog whisperer! Awesome

  12. BlueBeens says:

    No matter what issues you currently have with your dog. this program will be able to help you to understand your dog and the reasons for their behavior. And once you understand it, fixing it becomes relatively straightforward.

    Here is the video link :
    Here is the perfect training for your dog to turn into a Genius. It really helps to Develop my Dog's Hidden Intelligence.

  13. Andrea Wimer says:

    Hard to control when you got 2 shepherd mixes barking at you in the fed up.i can't take my dogs 10 miles to the park just for a walk as I've done thus far this year.a call to the police is in store for this owner.jokingly they threatened to call police when I expressed my anger at this.

  14. Jedi Talez says:

    We want to get one of my dads puppies and our current dog hates other dogs

  15. Ridha96 Kouki says:

    i wanna buy a new aged dog but i don't know how to start to make him get used to me can anyone help me

  16. Beat the Bop says:

    NOOO way, your dog looks JUST like mine!! 🤣 👍🏾

  17. Yeller :0 says:

    My mom’s friend has this aggressive chihuahua and i saw how aggressive he could be but it really made me sad when i heard his owners was leaving him at a shelter, the reason she’s letting him go is because he violently attacked her daughter and she ended up needing to get stitches. I don’t really like the dog but I’m kinda scared about what the shelter is going to do about him.

    Any advice?

  18. Aswin Krishna says:

    One of my friend had an German Shepard dog.. Female one…. He and his mother was alone in his home… Now he gone to a city for the job.. So his mother was alone in the home… So she can't manage the dog.. Dog was so aggressive to her too… I decided to bring the dog to my house.. Will the dog set to me… Dog was2 years can I take the dog… The owners mother can't manage.. She is affraiding the dog.. Now the dog is always in the cage….. The dogs true owner was not here in this time. Plz help…

  19. Tiffany R. Gonzalez says:

    í főúńd thé béśt ẃáӳ tő tŕáíń ӳőúŕ 🅳🅾🅶 át > áĺĺ ӳőú ǵúӳś śhőúĺd tŕӳ ít. Hőṕé thíś ẃíĺĺ héĺṕ

    असं नाही, तुझे कुत्रा माझ्यासारखे दिसते

  20. Shavonne Lafauci says:

    Thank you very much for this information!

  21. raven spalding says:

    My dog has been attacked and is now showing aggression tords all dogs. Females not as much but as soon as one of them start playing with him he snaps. I'm honestly worried because I might have to rehome him and idk what to do

  22. Alex Railton says:

    Excellent to see the transition of that dog, well done! Mine is very friendly off lead but as soon as he's on a lead faced with another dog he appears very aggressive, wish I knew more dog owners to try this out with.

  23. Riveting World says:

    This was great. Thanks dude!

  24. IODINE_6 gaming says:

    The man is ugly

  25. 5harp3y says:

    Thanks for the great video.we also have a staff mastiff cross who is a big dominant boy and this video has given me loads of ideas to practice

  26. Cinderheart meow says:

    sorry if this video is kinda old but…

    My neighbors have two dogs that aren’t socialized at all. These two dogs are extremely aggressive towards people and animals especially children and men. I am their sixteen year old neighbor, the dogs constantly come onto our property to steal my dog’s food because their owners don’t feed them / starve them. The man next door is actually a registered sex offender and i’m not even sure it’s legal for him to live so close to my house. I’m not sure if I should call animal control, because we have children that often play on our property and any interaction with those dogs could be potentially dangerous or even deadly, or if I should call / contact the police and to make sure that he is not living here illegally. My parents just refuse to take action and I can’t tell if their just to lazy or if they just don’t care. I’m not sure what to do about it but I feel like I have to do something about it or the dog’s lives or children’s lives could be in danger. If anyone has good suggestions i’m all ears.

    I’ll be leaving this comment on multiple videos so I can try and get some responses.

  27. Francisco Jose Molina says:

    My German Shepard (11 months old) is aggressive to any person who isn’t part of my family. What should I do?
    Also will a muzzle help him correct his aggressive behavior?

  28. MeesterVegas says:

    I like to grab my dog and make him stand up and move his arms like he is a bear, or Frankenstein walking towards the other dog. This seems to work really well.

  29. sky wall says:

    i wonder it can be done so well… these dogs are unpredictable!

  30. kevin p says:

    I'm usually attacked by dogs and I was hoping to find answer here!

  31. boynoon says:

    keep in mind this is something you do with every new dog you meet

  32. C says:

    My dog has had a brother since a year old he’s three now they have a good relationship and he’s friendly with our neighbors smaller dogs but when it comes to bigger dogs or random dogs he growls and snaps if the dog gets close so I tend to keep him away unless I see his body behavior change and the other owner says it’s okay to try to introduce them, but we often don’t get to do that, I’m gonna see if I can try this with other dogs or bigger dogs but I might need a muzzle I’m scared he could get hurt he’s small cause he launches but doesn’t bite just to warn the other dog to not get near but Theo their dog might take it wrong and launch him

  33. Uspatriot219 Gainz says:

    I cant do this with every damn other dog my dog comes into contact with what am I supposed to do

  34. Roger Lowford says:

    Awesome video! It assisted me a lot!

    Imposing Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!

  35. Vanessa Saadé says:

    My dog is 17 months old. When he was still a puppy I used to take him eveywhere to interact with dogs (off-leash dog parks, beaches, hikes minimum 2 times a week) … coz i would afraid he would grow agressive ( since he is a pitbull mix). He used to love to play with other dogs until he reached 10 mnths and he started to fight with only big male dogs.. and now he is even attacking small male dogs. However he adores females.

  36. Dean Ryan says:

    Most chill dude ever haha I knew my problem straight away after the first 2 secs

  37. Arrow In The Knee says:

    My dog got attacked when she was young… She nearly died clever since my dog while bark and growl at any dogs showing interest in her … No I don't mean that way you dirty people anyway my dad also got bite by that dog that attacked her and I think she is also protecting my dad from the dogs too.

  38. total360AMC says:

    My poor dog hates everything. Prey drive is so high. I hope I can get control of him for our sakes.
    I've tried a few similar meetings with other dogs. My dog still wants to fight. I wish I never rescued him in the first place sometimes.

  39. Stony forever says:

    Aw what a good boy

  40. Lidya Quill says:

    How about my corgi, his tail already gone 😭😭😭

  41. Roger Lowford says:

    Awesome video! It assisted me a lot!

    Critical Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!

  42. Patrick Bradley says:

    What do you do if it does go south start over? Agressive Catahoula. .

  43. TwitchClips _ says:

    Today my dog stopped me from getting this girls number cus he just randomly started fighting with her dog

  44. sevenrats says:

    I have a 20 lb terrier mix and he is dog aggressive to large dogs. When he goes off, he goes off like nothing you have ever seen. He'll bite anything within reach. I have made great progress with him using these same techniques and some others. I take him walking in a very crowded area with lots of dogs and over the last year we have gotten to the point where we can walk within mere feet of large dogs. HOWEVER!!! It requires continuous attention to what is going on and I have to read the cues of my dog and all the other dogs. He still can't be trusted. If he gets confronted by a large dog he'll still go after them.

  45. Cookie dough says:

    My Chihuahua somehow managed to break its muzzle and proceed to kill my neighbor's German Shepherd

  46. Samuel Villarroel says:

    So I have a year old Bullmastiff and we got her from the pound, she’s a super sweet dog, but one thing that she can’t stand is other dogs, she becomes extremely aggressive and now we separate our other dog because she has attacked him, any advice?

  47. Alyx-jane Smith says:

    We did this my my cattle dog and friends staffy who had a fight last time we were together. Tension was very high at first but after following the instructions in the video they were playing off the lead for hours by the end! My dog looked so relaxed and happy 😌 thank you so much for this video! I’m so grateful my dog feels happy with in his self when around other dogs now 🌞🌞

  48. Destiny Huff says:

    That was awesome to see how he transformed

  49. Rebecca Hodgson says:

    I relly need your help 😭😭 i have a pit bull i need your help plz i beg of u to help him. i have a pit and he don't like



    Pepol that he does not live with

    He dose not like enything. he his so close to being removed from my home PLZ HELP MY FAMILY. I have had him sens i was 8 or 9 i cant get rid of him plz plz plz help

  50. Lilly Sherar says:

    I have a dog who is VERY aggressive. When he sees another dog he immediately goes into this state of mind where he has nothing to pay attention to except the other dog. When he sees the other dog he also does this weird little prawl like he’s a lion about to pounce on something. I trust him and I know he could be trained but I don’t have the resources or knowledge. If you know anything about my situation please help

  51. 14104 x1 says:

    My dog wasn't socialized around other dogs besides our own for a year after I adopted her as a puppy because I thought she had to have all her shots first to prevent parvo. Biggest regret.

  52. humans aren't real says:

    My dog is the friendliest dog on the planet he loves playing with his brother and everything… but today he just all of a sudden he became aggressive….is he sick

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    My dog ate my other puppy

  54. Clorox Bleach says:

    Will you have to do this with every new dog that your dog meets or is it just a one time thing?

  55. Alice Ovens says:

    My shi-tzu lunges and barks at every dog he sees, I hope this works

  56. Richard Allsager says:

    Just come across your video I have a 8 month old German shepherd who is really aggressive round other dogs and people I always try and avoid situations round other dogs and yesterday he was at the beach and my worst fear he went to attack another dog so hopefully I can gain some tips from your channel

  57. Alexia King says:

    For those that want to do this, but cannot find anyone willing to use their dog: I’ve found that dog parks are purrrrrfect! You can stand a distance away from the park, the dogs are contained. Therefore you don’t need to worry about anything. You can come and go as you please. Just a suggestion🙃🙃

  58. hgadug kjhah says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! Thank you mate! Learned a lot…. <3

  59. Floridafanatic28 says:

    Totally unrealistic advice dude! Nobody is going to let an aggressive dog walk with their passive one. Shake your head!

  60. Pocho 45 says:

    Thanks so much, it has worked really well with Charlie.

  61. Truthseeker Enthusiast says:

    This is a sham. That’s not a dog aggressive dog, and dancing with your dog isn’t going to solve the aggression.

  62. Sir Fraxey says:

    Excellent bro!

  63. Jose Vega says:

    Saw a full grown chocolate lab almost attack a puppy.

  64. BlackWolf 4000 says:

    My dog lunges and barks, what should I do?

  65. Renesmee Rose Centeno says:

    Very beautiful dogs

  66. Boris says:

    Now how can i implement this when i rarely see other dog owners that arent scared of my dog?

  67. Counter Russianstrike says:

    Awesome can't wait to sort my dog out, he is amazing with children and stuff but i walked past a house once and a German shepherd scared him half to death (and me) and since then he lunges at dogs. He escaped twice and caught up to two neighbouring dogs, We feared the worst but he didn't even leave a single mark on either dog and he's a big american bulldog.

  68. SSSoccer Dog says:

    I can't get near my dads dog it bites anybody costantly even him

  69. Ross Dixon says:

    Thanks for sharing this has given me hope. I have a lot I can change.

  70. Amber Nelson says:

    How would you handle other dogs attacking mine ? I'm nervous of taking him to dog parks because of a past situation

  71. Cristhel Fabiana says:

    wow this is amazing. I'm going to try this out with my dog… do you have any advice for training my dog to be around other people, when i take him out for walks people like to come up and ask if they can pet my dog and he just goes crazy and starts growling and trying to attack the other person

  72. V S says:

    My dog's energy level is 100 😔 tried everything but my dog will attack dogs and humans

  73. Lucius says:

    This is good.. but not keen on trying this with a Caucasian shepherd. Remember once 2 big dogs start fighting you need a plan to break them up without risking serious injury. I prefer several sessions over a long period if necessary especially with mastiffs. There are also laws here with dangerous dogs needing to be muzzled and on a leash in a public park…

  74. Trusten Baker says:

    At eight months that exactly the time that I had to stop taking my dog to the dog park. He just started to dominate everything in there and was pissing people off. So anyways, good video. I think my dog is just like looking for a damn fight ya know, it's crazy.

  75. Jumpboy5100 says:

    My GF's dog is the sweetest entity in the world with other people but she had a really bad upbringing. Whenever she is in 5 meters of another dog she goes into full offence. It's so sad that she trusts the species that nearly killed her but cant trust her own.

  76. Alex Timson says:

    You don't necessarily need another dog to stop the aggression. I say this because many people have dogs that are too aggressive to be around other dogs. It can be too risky if you don't know what you're doing. The guy in the video (Doggy Dan) has other really effective methods you can do at home. I'm unable to post a link on here, but you can find a brilliant guide if you GoogIe: '123 Recall Method' – Hopefully helps others on here.

  77. Slavic Gopnik says:

    Wearing a wig


  78. beachpups umina says:

    I really like what you are doing but I have the same problem that many others do – nobody to do the exercises with . Thanks for the info and I hope that I can put this into practice ❣🙏

  79. Erica Rose says:

    My brother brought in two dogs, part silky terrier part maltese, the previous owner didn't socialize them but intended to use them to breed and sell from his apartment. We already have 4 dogs. The two are usually ok, until triggered when I play ball, and then they start to bite the other dogs or me, to seize the ball or a treat, sometimes one of them attacks the target, sometimes both gang up on the individual dog with the bone or ball. Or since I'm holding the ball, go after me. Once I give up and stop the play, they calm down and go docile. What do I do???

  80. DarkObelisk says:

    Mine doesn't go through the calming down stage at all. I can have him at the park for 20 minutes on a leash and he is still just as highly strung as when he walked in. I don't know what's wrong with him he was socialised as a puppy and isn't an aggressive breed (golden retriever).

  81. onegaisti says:

    What did you say that dog’s name is?

  82. Lya says:

    Hard to find a volunteer, I tried. Even with a mussel on. My concern is that this trainer's dogs are very well behaved and they already know what's expected of them. Won't be the same with just any other dog at the park, especially a dog park where any dog can come to yours without waiting for the good time.

  83. Raychel Hill says:

    Dominance has no bearing on dog behaviour. Corrections been used. His body language is not showing he is comfortable. He is highly aroused, it is not possible to ‘fix’ true dog to dog aggression in one day.

  84. Alina Nechiporenko says:

    My pup jumps barks and bites me. He even growls? How do I stop this?

  85. Green Light says:


  86. Barry Manilowa says:

    He is good with dogs because he looks like them.

  87. Cal Deezy says:

    Really like the parallel walking technique makes a lot of sense!

  88. HabitualLover says:

    If the aggressive dog gets comfortable with 1 (set of) dog(s), will that transfer over to all other dogs from there?

  89. Cheshire Cat says:

    i'd love to work with this man

  90. kickn-aDead-cat says:

    I have a four month old treeing walker coonhound, similar to the one on the video.. not aggressive at all but loves to charge other dogs on the leash. I do the 180 all the time and he still watching the other dogs as we’re turning. No matter what I say he won’t change his gaze. Leash pops appear like flies on her face. Just disregards them. I’m hoping with patients that will change.

  91. Abhishek Jee says:

    Growing up, I had a Doberman who turned out to be aggressive because of being chained up all the time. I was scared of taking him out to walks because if he sees other dogs or animals, he used to get very aggressive and would even bite me if I hold his leash. He would even bark savagely at us when my sisters and I would be playing in the lawn and he would be tied up on the porch. It was a nightmare.

    Once he died, my parents got a Dalmatian, and my sisters and I used to spend time training him on our own when I would be back home from college for my holidays. Although we used to chain him up at first, he was too sweet and had very little aggression in him that we decided to let him be free around the house. Pretty soon, I even skipped the leash when taking him out for walks at night. He understood "heel" very well, and he would come when called.

    I have seen well-behaved Dobermanns and very vicious ones too. Behaviour control, when implemented early, greatly decides how the pooch will turn out eventually. And in a neighborhood where are the are too many natural distractions, early training and socializing helps.

  92. Abhishek Jee says:

    I have a question: is it possible to train dogs to be gentle, calm and sociable around other people, kids and pets, yet be ferocious and excellent at guarding the family and property?

  93. Iniyah Valentine says:

    My dog keeps biting my other dogs kneck

  94. Noob Guest says:

    dogs sure like chasing me, i try to stay still but i cant do that

  95. Sam Squarek says:

    What breed of dog do you have???

  96. Martha Garnica says:

    My problem is my neighbors dog Im a teen attending highs school and I ride bus, however he’s dog are always roaming around the streets or in front of their house with the gate wide open and I try to pass that house but each time they end up running close to me and barking aggressively

  97. T T says:

    Greg Brady is aging well

  98. Dio says:

    Thanks. Dogs are scary.

  99. Marsha Matters says:

    Omg amazing !!!! I am trying to socialize my rescue Lucy Grace. Shes 120 lbs black beauty. Shes scared, and if she goes nose to nose and hears the other dog grumble, she gets aggressive, growling and stomping. Ugh. I need a trainer so I can learn. U r amazing

  100. Marsha Matters says:

    Everybody's going to bat for Tanay, saying hes got a bad rap for no reason. Yall are lawyering up for this dog. Hell yah. Well done

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