How To Stop My Dog Eating Cats Poop? Or His?

How to stop dogs from eating Poop? Their poop
or a cats poop. The answer for that coming up. Welcome Back This is Hassan and you are watching
the Animalia TV — Last time we spoke about why do dogs eat poop “Coprophagia”? And
we explained the most common theories behind it. You can watch here. This time we will speak about how to stop
it & the theories behind the different ways for doing that. We are going to speak about two ideas:
One idea is adding an ingredient to your dogs food so it help him or her to properly and
completely digest their food or make the poop smile offensive to the dog ( I explained more
about that in my previous video You can watch here.) So you can add:
Broccoli, Cabbage & Brussels Sprouts, help digestion and contain a high sulphur content
when digested smell very offensive to dogs. You can add pineapple or papaya juice which
helps digestion by break down the protein in your dogs food. Meat tenderizers contain natural vegetable
enzymes which break down protein fibres, using meat tenderizers comes with some negative
feedback as it contains MSG And off course there is the “Coprophagia”
supplements they are products which produce the same effect as natural products I just
mentioned. So before we go into the second idea … if
you ask me what would I use out of these options I would definitely stick with the natural
option like the broccoli and the cabbage or the papaya and pineapple juice because they
are natural choices with no side effects. I might even try the meat tenderizers & be
sure they don’t contain MSG but I will definitely keep the supplements as my last choice. so what if your dog eats other dogs poop or
cats poop then the first idea wouldn’t work at all unless you can control the other dog
or cat diet as well so what would you do then? This is where the second idea come in handy
and that is training. It is not a lot of work all you need to do is putting them on a leash
and once he or she is done run fast away from it and reward him/her with a yummy treat and
a bit of extra love. I received a lot of good feedback on this scenario.
So here you go you have the two ideas Ingredients to add and training. let me know which one
you prefer in the comments below and off course if you have a different choice share it with
us and I will join the discussion. If you want to know why we do this Show and
why this channel exist you can watch this video here. We have at least three Shows a week so subscribe
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11 Responses

  1. lee watty says:

    Don’t think you telling people to run away from there dog poop is a good idea we need to clean the poop up

  2. George George says:

    I have 2 cats and a dog… all in which have the back yard as their playground, roam free… obviously poop and pee out there… so for me best option is the diet… Im not sure how my cats are going to go eating cabbage, so I was thinking if I juice the cabbage and pour a small amount over the cats food would this work?… I am over my dog eating cat candy, its so gross… he looks for it every where, digs it up and chews away, sometimes he finds it while it is still warm, has it all in his teeth… arrrrghhh…. looking for the best fix ASAP..cheers…

  3. ranzige puszuiger says:

    Eat it yourself before the dog can

  4. Arlene Sicat says:

    My dog never eats poop or even her own poop infact she hates the smell of her poop she feel disgusted

  5. Cyrus Mohan says:

    Can I give him some sulphur directly?

  6. Jon Bell says:

    I’m sitting here thinking “what’s a more offensive smell other than cat shit?” Lol

  7. Joe Smartballs says:

    My dog ate cat shit infected with toxoplasmosis gondii so I put him to sleep. Dumb dog.

  8. Nestor Espinoza says:

    How much brócoli can u feed ur dog

  9. blue green says:

    great info!

  10. J H Spain. says:

    How about getting rid of the damn things

  11. Lee S. Reyes says:

    He's eating my cats poop. Should I give my cat some pineapple or something?

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