How to stop your cat scratching in the home

Scratching, either to sharpen
their claws or mark their territory, is normal behaviour for cats. But sometimes scratching
can be a sign of anxiety or stress, and happens where it shouldn’t, often on vertical services
like doorframes and furniture. Using Feliway Classic
with its comforting pheromone can help reduce the stress
and prevent unwanted scratching. Clean any scratch markings
as soon as possible, and when the area is dry, use Feliway Classic Spray
once a day for at least a month. Never spray your cat,
and wait for 15 minutes before allowing it
near the sprayed area. Providing your cat
with an alternative scratching post, ideally near where they sleep,
is important, too. Just remember not to spray the post, as cats don’t normally rub
their faces where they scratch. If the scratching is widespread, a Feliway Classic Diffuser
can also provide extra support. Using Feliway Classic
can help prevent your cat from scratching where it shouldn’t
in your home, so you can be happy together.

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