how to take care for your pregnant dog and puppies ! pregnant dog week by week

How to Care for a Pregnant Dog how to care pregnant dog pregnant dog week by week dog pregnancy week by week dog pregnancy announcement dog pregnancy care tips dog pregnancy care dog pregnancy symptoms dog pregnancy week 4 dog pregnancy time

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6 Responses

  1. Hinata Shoyou says:

    First time my dog is pregnant needed this

  2. hana may says:

    My 6 month old puppy might be pregnant! What do I do?? (She is a rescue)

  3. Pall mall says:

    You need to stop putting up screenshots of other videos to watch. Cannot finish reading the current one I'm watching. It's being blocked!

  4. J040PL7 says:

    wtf those 1st 4 points. after you find a good candidate, fed your dog well and learned the facts about breeding a dog you should abort the dog and adopt a shelter dog instead? im sure people who clicked this video already made their mind up, all that 4th fact did was discourage people from caring on watching the video.

  5. Amy Garretson says:

    I'm not gonna go and get rid of my dog for a shelter dog just bc she's pregnant! Omg?

  6. Susi Lorenzo says:

    My dog is pregnant now but I don't know what stuff other than food and medical needs

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