How to Take Care of a Puppy: Bringing a Puppy Home

Hi. I’m Kathy Santo with Iams.
Today we’re going to talk about what to do when you bring
home your new puppy. We’ll cover everything from
supplies and preparation steps to the car ride home,
the first few days– how to introduce him or her
to your family, and more. Before you bring your puppy
home, prepare yourself with the following supplies. Premium puppy food to get your
new puppy off to a good start, stainless steel non-tip
food and water bowls, identification tags with your
puppy’s name and your contact information. A collar, and a leather or nylon
six foot leash that’s 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide, stain
remover for accidents. Brushes and combs suited to
your puppy’s coat, dog shampoo, toothbrush and
toothpaste, high-quality safe chew toys to ease teething. Flea, tick, and parasite
controls. Nail clippers. A room, or at least a place he
can call his own, like a cage or a crate that will
fit his adult size. And of course, treats. Once you have the supplies,
it’s time to puppy-proof your home. Raising a puppy is a lot like
raising small children. They get into everything. Some of what they get into can
be hazardous to their health. So start preparing for your
puppy’s arrival long before the actual date. You’ll thank yourself later. A helpful tip: Get down on your
hands and knees to view the world like your
puppy will. It may help you to find things
that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise– electrical wires, small objects
hidden under couches and chairs that could be
swallowed, or hiding spaces where a small pup
could get stuck. There are sprays that can be
applied to furniture legs, woodwork, and other immovable
items to help deter your puppy from chewing on things you don’t
want him to chew on. Are they rooms your puppy should
be restricted from entering until he’s better
trained and more reliable? If so, install a baby gate, or
keep the doors to those rooms closed until your
puppy matures. Exercise pens are excellent for
when you’re home, but busy or unable to fully dedicate
yourself to supervising your young pup. If you’re about to make dinner,
for example, rather than crating your dog or locking
him in a puppy proof room alone, set up an exercise
pen in the kitchen with you. This will allow him to get
used to being around your family’s routines while also
staying out of the way. It will also allow him to feel
like he’s part of the family. Once your house is ready, it’s
time to bring your new family member home. You’re wanting to do your best
at keeping this from being overly stressful experience
for your puppy. So it may not be the best idea
to bring the whole family, especially if you have
excited, young kids. Also, keep in mind that the
vibration, sounds, and the movements of your car can be
very scary for young pup and make them nervous. On the first trip home it’s OK
to have a passenger hold your puppy in a soft blanket
or towel on their lap. After the first trip home, you
should begin using a crate to travel for both the dog and the
other passenger’s safety in the car. Try purchasing a dog seat belt
that’s specifically designed to restrain and protect
your companion in case of an accident. The ideal time to bring home
a new puppy is when the house is quiet. Do your best to minimize the
number of visitors stopping by the first few days so you can
establish a daily routine by following these steps. Step one. Before bringing him in the
house, take him to the area in your yard that will serve as
his potty and spend a few minutes there. If he goes, praise him. If not, proceed into the house,
but be sure to take him to this spot each time he needs
to go to the bathroom. Step two. Take him to the room which will
service as his new den, and if using one, set
up his crate. Put bedding and chew toys
in the room and let him investigate. If he chews or urinate
on his bedding, permanently remove it. Understand that a young puppy
is not like an adult dog. Treat him with patience and
constant supervision. The way you interact with your
puppy at this age is critical to his socialization. Use these tips: One. You should spend a little extra
time with your new puppy on his first day home, but you
want to acclimate him to your regular routine quickly. If necessary, hire a dog walker
or ask a neighbor to come take him out at regular
intervals during this training period, and going forward
as your pup grows up. Two. Supervise your puppy
at all times and interact with him regularly. Three. Be alert for signs– sniffing and circling– that he has to go
to the bathroom. Then take him out immediately. Four. Establish your routine. A young puppy has no bladder
control and will need to urinate immediately after
eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing. At night he’ll need to
relieve himself at least every three hours. Five. Don’t punish an accident. Never push his nose in the
waste or scold him. He won’t understand and might
learn to go to the bathroom when you’re out of sight. Six. Praise your puppy every
time he goes to the bathroom outside. Seven. Feed your puppy a formula
designed for puppies. Like a baby, he needs
nutritious, highly digestible food. Eight. Have the contact info of your
local veterinary office readily available in case
of an emergency. For those with children, another
extremely important part of bringing home your new
puppy is making sure your kids know how and how not to
handle a young dog. If your children are young or
aren’t familiar with how to handle puppies, you need to
spend some time with them during these first few days
explaining commonsense rules on how to play with the puppy. For example, tell them that dogs
have sensitive hearing, so it’s important not
to shriek or yell. Puppies in particular need a
lot of rest, just like a growing child. Limit puppy-children play
sessions to 15 to 30 minute periods two to three
times a day. You need to keep an
eye on a puppy. An excited puppy can be strong
when he jumps, and play bites, which can be too rough
for young children. Always supervise interaction
and separate them if play is too rough. If you have other pets, you’ll
also need to spend some time getting them used to having
each other around. At first it’s best to keep
resident pets separated from your new puppy, but only
for a few days. After that time, let pets smell
and touch each other through a slightly open door. Do this several times over
the next few days. After that, give the resident
pet access to the den area with your new puppy. Supervise their meeting and go
back to through-the-door meetings if trouble arises. Exercise pens can also help old
and new pets get used to each other’s presence in a
restricted and safe manner. Lastly, what you’ll need to do
is get the puppy in to a veterinarian for an initial
puppy examination to make sure he’s in perfect health. I’m Kathy Santo for
Iams with Howdini. I hope that you found this
helpful as you welcome your new addition into your family. For more information on puppy
care and training, visit

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