How To Teach A Puppy Its Name – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Overusing their puppy’s name is just one of the
mistakes that people make when they’re trying to train
their puppy to know their name. And it really slows down
their learning process. – [Woman] Ken. – Yeah? – [Woman] Ken. – Yes? – [Woman] Ken. – Yes? – [Woman] Ken! (gentle rock music) Ken. – In this video, I’m gonna show you the fastest way to teach
your puppy their name. I’m also gonna show you some tricks that dog trainers use
to help their puppies to be more successful with this exercise. I’m Ken Steepe, this is Biggie Smalls, the 12-week old papillon puppy. Welcome back to McCann Dogs. (gentle music)
(dog yapping) So, first let’s talk
about one of the tricks that we were, that I
alluded to in the opening. Now, a great opportunity
to train your puppy are some of the natural training
opportunities that you get. So, with Biggie, every time he gets a meal I would start off by just saying his name and then feeding him. We really wanna build value for that name. So, I will say, Biggie. Good boy. Biggie. Just as a hit and I’m gonna hand feed him his breakfast essentially. Biggie. And reward. That way he really
starts to understand that that, every time he hears that word there’s a lot of value associated with it. Now, we need to make sure that when we are rewarding and luring Biggie
that he follows the food. So the first thing that I’m going to do is just naturally lure him around. I’m just going to make sure that he’s following food, and
we’ve done lots of luring exercises in some of our other videos, and I’ll link one of those above. But it’s really important that Biggie does understand that when he follows the food that there will be a payout, especially when we’re starting to make this a little bit more challenging as we’re teaching him his name. When you start to teach
your puppy their name, it’s really important that you payout each and every time. So we’re going to call our puppy’s name. We’re gonna say Biggie’s name and then we’re gonna
automatically lure him for the first several
repetitions of this exercise. So, I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna let him get
naturally distracted, which doesn’t seem to be
that tough with an adorable little puppy like this, but I’m gonna call his
name and then lure him. So I’m gonna get him distracted. Maybe I’ll just show him
something over there. Biggie! And then bring him around. Yes! Good boy, nice job buddy! We’ll let him get distracted again. Fake him out a little bit. Biggie! Show him that food, bring him in. Yes, good job pal, way to go! When you reward your
puppy, try to make sure you’re rewarding them
almost so they’re touching your legs, that way
they’ll see lots of value for coming in really close. Now we’re gonna make it a little bit more challenging for
Biggie by using a little bit more motion, but when we do that we want to use our house
line, and we posted a video about that not that long ago. Just so that Biggie doesn’t
leave me as we’re working on this exercise, I’m gonna use, I’m gonna put a leash on him or I’m gonna use his house line, and I’ll link that video above. Just so that he doesn’t, he can’t have an opportunity to be totally gratified by something that’s not me. But, I wanna show you how we can really build some motivation
for his name, by using a little bit of motion and
some exciting language, or some exciting voice sounds. So I’m just gonna let him
get a little bit distracted. Biggie! Yay! Good boy, way to go buddy! And I’m going to move away from him to really reinforce the fact that him hearing his name and coming
to me is lots of fun. So I’m gonna let him get distracted again. Biggie! Yeah! That a boy, very nice, way to go pal! And I’m gonna use that
motion, I’m gonna use that exciting sounding language, Biggie! Yay! To really reinforce that hearing his name is lots and lots of fun. Do you want to build even more motivation into your response to name? Try having someone hold your puppy as you sneak away with an exciting toy. Then call their name and release them. Biggie! That a boy! Good boy, buddy! So Biggie’s really starting to know that there’s lots of value in hearing that word and I’ve made it lots
of fun by moving away and using some, you know, bubbly voice to really make it fun for him to respond to that name. So now we need to
challenge him a little bit. We need to make it a little bit tougher, so we’re going to use something like a distraction, and I’m gonna recall him off that name. Now, at this point,
I’m not gonna test him, I’m going to make sure that he can be right every single time
by using that food lure while I’m using that distraction. So I’ll just set this tape down. Then I’ll call his name. Biggie! Yes, good boy! Now, I’ve also opted
to use some high value food, because, you know, having something new like this distraction may prove to be a bit of a challenge. So, when I call Biggie
off of that distraction, I’m going to use something
like some chicken, or something that he
really finds valuable. So, an important step in
using the McCann method is letting your dog make a choice, and an important step in teaching
your dog their name is the testing phase. Now, I’ve reduced the
amount of distraction, I’ve taken that tape roll away, but this time I’m not gonna
automatically show Biggie the food, I’m just gonna call his name, and see what happens. What’s that thing over there? Biggie! Yes, good boy! Very nice! Now, I’m still gonna use
that exciting language and I’m still gonna use a little bit of motion, but I’m not gonna automatically put the treats in front of his face. So let’s test him again. Get him over here a little bit. I’m gonna stay nice and close though. What’s that thing over there? That thing over there? Biggie! Yes, good job buddy! And you can see how excited he is to respond to his name and how much fun he’s having, that’s really important as we’re training our
puppies, that they’re loving every minute of the training. Now, as we increase the challenge, it’s really important that we mark the moment that our puppy’s making a great choice. So, when there’s that distraction, whether it’s a piece
of tape on the ground, or maybe it’s, you know, some
motion in the environment. We mark that moment that
he makes that great choice, and that’s with the yes. I use the yes to mark the moment that Biggie’s making a really good choice. What if our puppies aren’t
responding right away? What if there’s some distraction that they don’t respond the first time every time to their name? Well, we’re gonna help them to be right. We’re gonna use something like a little touch on their side to break their focus, to get their attention back on us, and I’ll show you what I mean. So we’re gonna help Biggie to get used to being touched, so we’re gonna do something really, really simple like a little touch. Good boy! Touch. Yes, good! So that he’s really
comfortable with that action. Biggie! Yes, good boy buddy! By following these steps,
you’ll have an excited and happy and reliable response to name in no time. Now, if this is your
first time on the channel and you wanna have a well-behaved four-legged family member, then make sure you hit
that subscribe button. If you’re looking for more
puppy training videos, check out the video beside me. On that note, I’m Ken,
this is Biggie Smalls. Happy training! (soft rock music)

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