How to Teach the Give Paw Trick | Dog Training

Tricks training is a wonderful activity to
participate in with you and your dog. It is both mentally and physically enriching
for your dog and it improves your skills as your dogs trainer. an easy trick that you can get started with
would be paw, or some people refer to that as shake and what you want to make sure you
do with tricks training is keep the training fun and positive for your dog. A good recommendation I’d like to give everyone
is to resist the temptation to grab whenever training any behavior – you want them to think
it through and in order for them to do that you need to break it down into small achievable
steps so you’re not necessarily looking for the end result you’re looking for anything
that’s moving in the direction of that. So for paw I’m not going to grab at his feet
because he might not like that he’s also not using his brain if I’m doing the work for
him so dogs if they often cannot get something with their mouth they use their feet so I’m
going to put a treat right on Jack’s nose and I’m going to have my hand ready when he
tries to knock them out of my hand because he can’t get them with his mouth and I’m just
going to wait for that – I’m going to wait for any paw movement whatsoever – he moved
his left paw just a little bit so that was a nice baby step – good I got a lot of movement
out of the right one – I’m going to try again – good – I say the word good every time he
does the behavior correctly and slowly it seems that I will be able to shake with his
paw. The repetition of hearing the word good when
his paw touches my paw so he makes that association. So now I think I’m ready to take the treats
away – good – he ois still going to get one but I don’t necessarily want to put them up
front anymore and then we can work with a little duration so he can hold it there – oh
beautiful – good and now that he’s doing that readily if I’d like to put a verbal que on
it I’m going to be able to say – Jack – paw – good – and now I’ve taught my dog to give

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100 Responses

  1. Nekai Gorgeous says:

    My dog keeps trying to eat the treats ?

    EDIT: he bit my hand, I’m guessing he cussed me out and told me to stop fck’n playing with him

  2. Megan Mccoy says:

    I taught my dog shake but I did it by putting her paw in my hand and giving her a treat every time

  3. Vlera Zeqiri says:

    she sounds like phebe from friends when she says "good"

  4. KitKat Corky says:

    My dog just gave up after a while! Ugh, she is so lazy!

  5. oo f says:

    Dear howcast, I am mad because I had a poop in my pants it smells really bad and now m dog won’t shake my hand

  6. sahara oglen says:

    Who watching this in 2019

  7. Jc Nopal says:

    My dog learned it first try using this method, thanks!

  8. Simon Español says:

    Classical Conditioning by Ivan Pavlov

  9. Myla NN13 says:

    I never knew humans have paws

  10. Ahadur Physio says:

    I trained my dog
    Thank u

  11. WoodenBearGaming says:

    I tried to teach my dog this and he kept rolling over. I think my dog is broken and my other dog would not stop giving me his paw please send help

  12. Justme Yram says:

    My dog kept biting my hand with the treats in it ??‍♀️??‍♀️?

  13. Kaydence YEUNG [09F] says:

    my hand is starting to hurt

  14. Nina Bugg says:

    This was perfect

  15. BuCkId614 says:

    And what if your dog doesn't try to use its paw at all

  16. Caylee Matthews says:

    My dog uses both pawls is that normal?

  17. Cheyenne Wells says:

    If your dog has no paws would paw be an appropriate trick to teach?

  18. Kevin Yeoh says:

    My dog responds better with 'sieg heil'.

  19. Lisa Harden says:

    Paw is so easy to teach surley u don't need a video for this

  20. BŁeeD乡 FrøsT says:


  21. Jeremy Aber says:

    so… who's the good dog? 😀

  22. Jamie Halley says:

    I thout my dog to jump and nownif he wants something he just jumps everywhere.

  23. Bellaxragaxza says:

    This video is so useful. Used this to teach my German Shepherd and at first he didn’t get but once i switched to a different treat it took him 20 min to learn.

  24. Doggo Luver says:

    At 9 weeks of age my dog knew sit and paw thanks to you.

  25. ima cat says:

    What if your dog tries to bite your hand to get the treats?

  26. Daisai Gaming says:

    It took my 2.5 month old puppy less time in learning paw then it took me watching this video.

  27. Isabella Parker says:

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  28. Charlee Munoz says:

    If I hold the treats next to her nose she growls and bites me 🙁

  29. Ilia Sein says:

    My dog sneezed on me

  30. Danielly Padron says:

    Bruh my dog goes completely up

  31. Lawliet says:

    My dog just licked his nutsack

  32. Chef Monique Moore says:

    I taught my cat to do this it's fun and easy

  33. branden maehr says:

    Here's a short video of how I taught my dog how to shake her body instead of her hand when I ask :

  34. tain tain says:


  35. Peaches and Numbers says:

    my dog would sit. not move. not nag and just reallh wait for me to give it without any force

  36. im alone. says:

    my dog just stares at my hand

  37. Amal Mukalel says:

    My dog learned it in 5 minutes , he won’t give his whole paw but it’s great progress

  38. Scarlett Jenkins says:

    How to make ur dog fat.

  39. The Housewife Diaries says:

    I tried this with my gsd and she lay down and wait till i gave up and give her treat lol

  40. WIZ*ONCE says:

    Sad.. my chihuahua looked at my hand and started to bite it. Then stopped and looked at it and again attacked my hand rip… ;-;

  41. Rocco Landers says:

    This didn’t work for a dog I was sitting, it worked with my cat instead…I’ve now got a cat that does Paw.

  42. -cafe- says:

    my dog is trying to open my hand when im trying to do this

  43. Ralph Garcia says:

    No this actually works !!!!!!! I have a 4 month old reman Shepherd who has not listened to my training methods. He doesn’t know paw…. I hop on YouTube and I see this video and jayden (my puppy) learned it in 5 mins. Everything she said is correct. You have to also make it fun and interesting. If you the trained aren’t being excited your dog won’t be either. I’m just saying 4 months of trying jayden never gave me his paw and he just did it in 5 mins of me taking tips from this video !!

  44. Thgt Ggyh says:

    Ugly woman
    Prefer dog

  45. MUDHA says:

    It's really easy l did it with my dog and it did it in a day I taught him to sit and shake and stay all in one day as long as you have treats you can teach your dog anything

  46. Lucie-anna Shvedchenko says:

    Ive already taught my dog sit, lay down and roll over but when ever i tell her to do paw she just instantly goes down and rolls and sometimes just lays on her bcak staring at me ?? i dont know what to do because thats all she does when i try teach her a new trick

  47. Meowkins Meow says:

    I have a dog he looks away in a submissive way when I make a fist or hand him treats how do I train him? I’m trying my best but I don’t get it please help

  48. mousa cringe says:


  49. Allie W says:

    “When his paw touches my paw” hahahaha

  50. Roerto Plays says:


  51. Adam Campbell says:

    My dog is broken, doesnt budge a paw

  52. Pa Ca says:

    My dog has learned to sit, lay down, stay, but she CANNOT learn to give her paw for anything. She is 11 years old and she just learned all these tricks

  53. Team_Starz 100 says:

    My 1 Yr old labradour will not do anything

  54. Roger MoreOrLess says:

    It really depends on the dog, not to sound mean but some breeds are naturally smarter than others, I have a French bulldog and she picked this up easily after 20 min or so she didn’t bite my hand but this is ONLY because their breed are known to be smart

  55. Jarly Casinillo says:

    Great! My dog didn't shake, but i learned another trick though "bite hand"

  56. YPK Tuna says:

    Trust me rot pits don’t work

  57. Gal says:

    Dog won't move legs..she is just using her mouth. What's next?..

  58. John Zoilo B. TOLENTINO says:

    Her: GOOD!

  59. Aukey Castle says:

    Thank you for this video! Great work!

  60. Pro Jared says:

    Thank you! This trick is definitely teaching my dog to give me the paw. Awesome video!

  61. Braappy McBraapface says:

    My dog left this comment.

  62. Ashley Valenzuela says:

    This was super easy! I've just taught my dog the "down" command so when he is sitting if I put my fist with a treat inside in front of his nose he would do lay down

  63. Jack & Deni says:

    My dog is licking my hand right now ;-;

  64. Oreo Panda says:

    It didn’t work for me. My dog kept jumping on me and bite my hand, so I pick up her paw and she tries to bite me when I give her the treat and also my dog bit my fingerS. So umm, did not work for me.

  65. Michelle Galano says:

    I used this trick with my dog and she learned in 2 days thanks!!

  66. Serena Molina says:

    It didn’t work

  67. RBEP says:

    My cousins dog started licking my hand, but eventualy she kinda gave me the paw. I gave her a small piece of cheese. She started to understand what was going on. And then finaly she gave me the paw without sniffing the cheese in my hand (i ran out of cheese). Thats when i knew that she understands what i want from her. (for those who are curious, she is an untrained 5 yr old boxer)

  68. Nicole’s random stuff says:

    I thought my dog this and now he hits people (puts his paw on people) when he want food… also whenever I go and pat him he sticks out his paw and thinks I am reaching for it..

  69. Kawzik says:

    it took a minute to get him to raise his paw to try and get the food but once he realized when he does that he gets a treat, it was so easy from there

  70. LilMoleOffical says:

    I just lifted my dogs paw and gave him a treat and he kept doing it ?

  71. Sahana Balaji says:

    This was very helpful thank you so much!
    P.S if your dog is licking your hand and trying to eat it just be patient, your dog will use their paw.

  72. BIGSIS VS LILSIS says:

    My dog tried to bit me whenever i tries to hold her hand

  73. JK says:

    Phenomenal advice. Took our 3month old puppy to get this in an hour !!!

  74. Blue Bee says:

    2019 anyone

  75. Karli Mcglone says:

    He kept laying down and tried to eat my hand

  76. plus ultra says:

    This didn’t work for me. My puppy husky only bites the hand where I have the treat

  77. Kennedy Quinn says:

    I trained my dog by tapping her paw and she just lifted it up so I shook it with my other hand and it worked in 5 minutes

  78. ThatHockey Boi says:

    I just grabbed my dogs foot a couple times and done she knew how to do it

  79. Catarina Cruz says:

    I tried it and instead he barked really loud… Its 11:09 p.m and my dad is sleeping

  80. can i be a unicorn? says:

    It worked!

  81. Semei_ Chen says:

    My dog keeps on scratching my hand

  82. 177013 says:

    I taught my dog this, but now he wont stop shaking hands with people, he has started to make business deals and now he owns his own company, pls send help

  83. kayla kling says:

    my corgi just shoves his nose in my hand and sits there lol

  84. bts lover jimin and suga says:

    Discount my puppy he put his hand when I gave him the treat so I does that count

  85. iiRxinbow says:

    My dog bites my hand

  86. Rebecca Tess says:

    Good video but it seems ur dig is more trained

  87. 〔м ι l к т є q 〕 says:

    Thank you it worked!

  88. Shannon Smith says:

    after my puppy licked my hand nostop she just gave up no paw movement either throughout the time. been at it for a few days

  89. Rotceh Paredes says:

    I have a Labrador so it easy for me

  90. Ariane Savard says:

    My golden retriever learned it in less than 5 minutes!!

  91. AW7 says:

    Am i not doing it like the human in the video or is it my dog not doing it like the dog in the video??

  92. Saucey Boi says:

    Thank you so much!! This was so easy for my Akita!

  93. Erielle Ortiz says:

    My Winnie dogs are to cray cray I had the treat and he jumped and put his paws around my wrist?

  94. AW7 says:

    My horse do this better than my dog

  95. Yeah river 2 says:

    I have a bulldog so he just eats me

  96. i_am_naley says:

    My dog just lays down because he thinks laying down gets him a treat lmao

  97. Brandon Angel says:

    My dogs try’s to eat my hand and when he doesn’t get it he just give up and be lazy

  98. Maddie White says:

    My Frenchie just bites my hand and barks

  99. Skully Gaming says:

    The dogs already trained

  100. LuhOreo says:

    Either she cheated or my dog is broken

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