How to Teach the High Five Trick | Dog Training

Tricks training is a wonderful activity for
you and your dog it improves their ability to learn and more importantly your ability
to teach. With practice your timing and observational
skills will get great and you and your dog will have a lot of fun. A fun trick to train is high five and we would
like to say if your dog knows paw they’re ready to move on to high five paw is the
of tricks training you get paw, you get high five, and then you’re ready to move on the
wave, but for now let’s focus on high five. First I’m gonna warm walter up with doing
a couple paws, good, to make sure his arm is nice and warm up, good, and he’s thinking
about his feet and is thinking about making connection with his paw, good, to my paw. When he’s kind of paw happy I’m just gonna
switch the position of my hand a little bit, good, so it presents itself more like a high
five, good. The criteria for the dog is that when I present
my hand like a cup, good, he gives me his paw and that’s the direction behavior, good,
meaning he should set up his paw in my hand for as long as I wish, different reason, where
is high five is a contact sport, good, all he has to do is tap it, good, when he taps
my hand I’ll tap him, good, and then I follow it with the trick and now with got paw, good,
and high five, good, and kids love doing that with your dog so have fun with your training
and get your dog to high fiveI

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