How to Teach your Dog to Fetch a Beer!

today’s video is sponsored by Peplow and board we have a fun video today you’re gonna learn how to teach your dog to fetch a beer or any other drink you want from the fridge and bring it to you wherever you are click thumbs up pick up a copy of my book – to learn how to raise and train the best dog possible make sure you’re subscribed to my channel now let’s hear from Trevor and his incredible dog Clyde hi my name is Trevor Smith with the doggie dojo I do YouTube videos on slash the doggie dojo Clyde is a rescue dog I got him about two years ago and he’s an awesome dog he got returned to the shelter six different times until I found him and now he’s a wonderful companion for me he’s really goofy who I’d like to learn new tricks and today we’re gonna show you one that’s gonna amaze you hopefully today it’s a new environment for him so I’m a little concerned about how he’s going to do and I hope he doesn’t drop a beer Zak I hope you raid a party because it’s time for Clyde to fetch us some beers after you teach your dog to fetch a beer from the fridge your life is never gonna be the same I mean things which were once hard now are easy and if you’re all about making your life as easy as possible get your dog’s food automatically shipped from pet flow choose your dog’s food they’ve got all the brands and how often you want it to be delivered and to make sure you love it they’re gonna give you $10 off your first three orders when you enter code Zak 30 I’ll have a link in the description let’s do some training with Trevor and Clyde mean cried are so stoked to be here or super excited to start teaching him how to get beer out of this fridge who couldn’t be excited about that right and it’s also the greatest dog trick ever so this is a multi-part trick we’re gonna have to teach Clyde how to open the refrigerator by pulling a rope from the handle then grabbing a beer off the shelf and bringing it to us wherever we are you’re gonna have to have more energy than this Clyde I know Clyde likes to play tug-of-war but will he grab the rope on cue all right come on about it looks like he’s gonna have to keep trying here but hey don’t despair it’s well worth the effort if you can get your dog fetching beers from the fridge believe me there you go yeah takes a little coaxing but he’s moving around when were reasonably certain that he’s gonna grab it we’ll say something like rabbit or get it or whatever you want to say but playing tug-of-war with a person well that’s really exciting for most dogs we are having fun they’re feeding off our own energy and there’s a lot of interaction however teaching a dog to the tub boy bottles hanging from the fridge well that’s gonna be completely different because it’s not quite as exciting when something is just hanging they’re not pulling back we’re gonna use this toy because it’s easier to tie it in the fridge and this being a different type tour we’re gonna have to get a little effort here going to shake it a little bit gonna grab it just like we wear the tucked wife’s gonna tug it come on tug it and it’s gonna keep tugging when they start getting some it could meet some resistance on that with a seal of the fridge yes so you have to really have that vigorous tug huh you can always open up the fridge a little bit to give it a make it a little easier for the dog at first excellent tip Clyde is doing really well with opening the fridge now we have to get him interested in picking up this beer it can be helpful to have the can inside a koozie like this so that the texture is more pleasant for your dog to bite on to it’s just all about making it a toy right now we’ll be back and forth a little bit yeah really important raise them yeah I like what you just did there playing like a tug toy with him whoa it’s gonna buzz let me get a Bechet maybe about rolling it is like like I’m gonna knock your beer this way yeah oh that’s so great you are really doing a great job I love where this is headed I can tell in this case the reward is the tug that’s a fun thing to do playing fetch with the beer so our next step is to see if we can get Clyde to pick up the beer while it’s just sitting on the ground over there yeah when it’s sitting on the ground it’s not as exciting is when it’s rolling right it’ll take a little effort but I think you’ll get it now we want to see if we can get him to pick up the beer while it’s on the shelf of the fridge this is a bit of a hurdle here cuz he’s got to stick his head inside a cold refrigerator it kind of makes a little bit of noise in there too so that might throw them off a little bit so the fridge is open we have the beer on the shelf now let’s see if we can get them interested hey what’s this choose that one Oh bring beer back here and now he’s bringing it to us I think we got a trick here that we can show off now and I think Clyde might have a drinking problem okay all this is great but he also has to learn how to close the door too in order to that if you get yourself a magnet and then you have them start to learn to touch it in your hand quiet touch yes then you can I take this magnet and put it on the fridge and he’ll push it and then Oh actually push the fridge closed I’ll tell you what Trevor Clyde’s doing so well let’s see if you can put it all together while we’re right here yes yes good boy Carl you’re so awesome right now for the moment of truth will Clyde get us a beer and we’re just hanging out on the couch can you drink now that I have a beer union here hey client would you go get me a drink yeah boy awesome job alright cheers man Cheers thank you so much to Trevor from the doggie dojo don’t forget to check them out on YouTube make sure you subscribe to his channel and all this links will be in the description of this video and you get your dog’s food automatically shipped from pet flow to give us thumbs up to Clyde subscribe for more fun dog videos and if you like what you see your support us on patreon – we’ll see you guys in the next video it’s worth good

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50 Responses

  1. Eric Ferguson says:

    Buddy my boy CLYDE have been gettin the bruskis since he was 5(been gettin beer for 4 years)

  2. Nick Tinsley says:

    That was a legit high 5

  3. Mohammed Ali says:

    Hello dose your shop ship to france ?

  4. Xwolfie_gX says:

    Your videos really help me to train my dog thank you so much!
    Best Wishes,
    A Dog Lover❤❤🐶🐶

  5. monstersince says:

    i did that, is how to teach your dog to use an ATM in part two

  6. Laura Chelsea says:

    My bf would love this hahahaha!!

  7. Jordan Janda says:

    Any tips for teaching a dog to “take it” or hold something in his mouth? I try getting him interested in the toy, but once I bring out the treats to reward him he doesn’t care about the toy/object anymore. I tried rewarding him with toys before but he’s not very “toy motivated.” Thanks!

  8. Houdoozie :0 says:

    Laziness at best by making a dog get a beer

  9. Daliah Israel says:

    Can you please tech dog to attack

  10. Lola Garcia says:

    Gonna have to teach my dogs this but first to fetch

  11. GothicAngel369258147 says:

    But now you gotta train him to only do it on command! Haha

  12. Dark Hypersthene says:

    It defeats the purpose if the dog doesn't close the fridge

  13. Pawan Valluri says:

    You guys forgot to bring teach him to close the fridge in order

  14. K. V. says:

    Thats awesome, but Clayde doesnt close the fridge xD xD xD But yeah, cute af. 😀

  15. Patrick Derere says:

    Brilliant just brilliant! Think I can teach my dog's to pur me a whiskey? I got 3 dogs if I teach one to open the bottle the other one to pur it in a glass while the third one is holding it…it would be great teamwork for the doggies and daddy happy 😜👊🐶💚💪

  16. Lundell says:

    I've seen it all

  17. Tom Hartranft says:

    This video is over the top great. Problem is my wife doesn’t think this is a trick I need to teach our dog! I bet if I can teach our dog to bring my wife a Mikes hard lemonade she’ll be ok with it. LOL

  18. Honey says:

    Now, about closing that fridge door…

  19. jazzyjaz videos says:

    How do they make it look SO EASY!!??

  20. Roni Gill says:

    BEER is it the acahol BEER or is it just coke

  21. Claire Brock says:

    Poor Clyde doesn’t know what he was getting in to 😂😂❤️

  22. Thomas Woods says:

    im deffonitly impressed, i have a baby german sheperd and she is so eager to learn trick
    only 8 weeks old and with two days of training She can
    speak on command

    i cant Streas enough how vital a Clicker is to help your little companion underatand positve Reward with positive sound

  23. Tamás Hellwig says:


  24. Crossing the Line says:

    With that dog your going to get drunk fast lol

  25. Arcana says:

    Do you happen to have shares in petflow?

  26. shut yo mouth says:

    i left the rope attached on my fridge, he opned it and ate everything when i was out…….

  27. Sarah Morton says:

    Clyde dog breed already looks drunk and now your making him get beers 🍺 🐕

  28. Milla paues says:

    Questrion: Is this possible with small dogs? I have a 9 kilos, 25 cm cockerpoo who maybe is a bit too weak for this.

  29. Angelictrublemaker says:

    Can you do a video on keeping your dog out of the fridge mine figured out how to open it on her own so we have to have a lock on it

  30. Sir Bassington says:

    5:08 awkward high five :b

  31. Laura Jo Underwood says:

    Do you guys have any advice to teach this trick if my dog doesn’t like toys? She only likes to be rewarded with food. I’ve taught her to close the fridge but she can’t open it or hold it Bc I can’t use the swap toy for drink trick. Help!

  32. Jack Harter says:

    I was friends with a guy that had two large Doberman Pinschers. He thought it would be cool to teach one or both to fetch beer. It works great. He would say fetch me a beer. The dog would go in the kitchen open the refrigerator door and bring back a cold beer. This seems like a wonderful trick. One night one of his Dobermans got hungry and since it knew how to open refrigerator doors it had no trouble eating the leftover roast. Even spending money on obedience classes couldn't break this Doberman of the habit of rummaging around for midnight snacks. A little remodeling to put the refrigerator someplace where the dog couldn't get at it was necessary. What wasn't necessary is me laughing and laughing fetch me a beer

  33. Howard Bravo says:

    I liked this very useful video…thumbs up.

  34. ANTHONY KAVITA says:

    Hi Guys —what breed is Zak

  35. ANTHONY KAVITA says:


  36. Pagasa Namvayan says:

    How about teaching your dog to bake pizza? Pizza goes well with beer. 😁

  37. erica castillo says:

    This video was so funny I found myself cheering. Such a great video! 😂

  38. Olivia pinochet says:

    he forgot to close the fridge door! 😂😂😂

  39. Austin Rychner says:

    So I got my dog to bring the beers! He bites a little hard though. How do I get him to soften his bite so I don't have any more explosions? Haha

  40. JPS Creations says:

    4:16 he too has life
    let him enjoy it!

  41. Kyoha says:

    What is that music in the background???? LOL

  42. Knathan Knathan says:

    How about teach him to bathe himself

  43. Nicole J says:

    aww the high-fives these guys r cute

  44. El Miggy says:

    I taught my dog this trick and when I got home he was drunk 🥴

  45. Fax says:

    Can you get mine

  46. Daniel Feyghin says:

    he didnt close the fridge tho :/

  47. Matt says:

    My glock

  48. Zwerdy Sky says:

    It’s all fun and games til your dog starts stealing food out of your fridge.

  49. -Unicorns- rule says:

    I’m just annoyed how the dog can’t close the fridge door. I’m sorry. (I mean right after getting the drink

  50. Sara Van Roosbroeck says:

    Awesome trick and nicely done! (By the people. The dog is always and already a good boi.) A bit unrealistic to portray it as something that is easily taught in a few hours – gotta respect your dog's tempo! Although some dogs probably could do it too, especially if they're used to learning tricks and have learned similar things.

  51. Ronny Thommy says:

    I have a problem, now my dog always brings me beer so im tempted to always drink, how do i make him only get me 1 at the time😂

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