How to Teach Your Dog to Say Prayers | Dog Tricks

Teaching your dog to say his or her prayers
is a trick that you need broken down into multiple parts. That is, it’s not a behavior that’s just one
thing the dog is doing. The parts are as follows. You’re teaching first for your dog to put
their paws up on an object, and then the second part is that you’re teaching your dog to bend
down and to put their head down on the object so it looks like they’re saying their prayers. So the way we’re going to teach this is, the
first step is going to be teaching our dog, “yes”, to put a paw onto an object. Make sure that object is appropriately sized
for your dog. In Nora’s case, this object is just high enough
that she only has to lift her paw a little bit. If you have a smaller dog, like a Maltese
or a Chihuahua, this stool should be a little lower, and if you have a bigger dog, you might
want it to be a little bit higher. So, again, what I’m looking for is for Nora
to come forward, yes, and put even just one paw on this object. When she does that, I’m going to let her know
that’s what I’m looking for by using a marker. In this case, the word “yes.” Good job. The next step in this trick is to have her
understand that I’m looking for her to put both paws on this object, so now I’m changing
the criteria. What might happen here is that Nora might
decide that she’s a little bit confused, because for a number of repetitions I rewarded her
for putting just one paw on this object, and now I’m waiting for her to put a second paw. So be fair to your dog and make sure that
you go slowly, and you’re very encouraging. This is not something that you want to rush,
or that you want to push your dog to do, because you don’t want training to be stressful. So I’m going to wait for her to put one paw
up. I’m going to ignore that behavior now. This, again, might be a little confusing for
her. She might hold that. She might try and put her head down, because
she understands that’s something I like a little bit. If she gets sort of stuck, I might help her
with a little bit of luring or prompting. Yes. In this case, I moved my hand forward a little
bit, knowing it would make her body move forward and bring the other paw up. So let’s try that again and see if now . . . yes. So that one time of helping her a little bit
was enough for her to sort of have a light bulb moment and think maybe she wants me to
put two paws up there. So now we’re going to repeat this a number
of times until she, yes, is consistently putting both paws up on the object. Once we get to that point, what we’re going
to do is we’re going to help her to understand that we want her to put her head down so it
looks like she’s praying. So I’m going to take my hand in this case
and use a little bit of luring, which is I’m going to lower my hand down towards the stool
a little bit so that her head lowers. If your dog doesn’t know this behavior yet,
what you want to do, yes, is start to reward for tiny steps in the right direction. So if her head goes about here, I might say,
“Yes” and give her a reward, even though it’s not the full behavior, or the full trick. But eventually what you want to do is ignore
those movements that don’t go all the way down to the stool and wait for her head to
go all the way down. Yes, good job. When you get that full behavior the first,
second, and third times, you want to throw a party and give your dog a jackpot that is
extra award so they really understand how great it is to do that full behavior that
you’re looking for. So now let’s see if Nora has got the idea
and understands that when I say, “Say your prayers,” yes, that’s what I’m looking for. And that is how you teach your dog to say
his or her prayers.

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