How to Teach Your Dog to Sit | Dog Training

How To Train Your Dog To Sit Sit is a basic manors foundation behavior
that pretty much everyone wants their dog to know. And the good news is, it’s easy to train. If you follow a few easy steps. First of course you need your dog and some
yummy treats, something that they like so that you can reward them
as they get the behavior correct. Take some nice treats in your hand, have your
dog in a standing position and just lure your dog into the sit position. (good)! When they get into the sit position you’re
going to want to tell them using a very crisp and clear marker word such as
‘good’ that they did the behavior correctly and they are going to get rewarded
for it. You want to do a lot of repetition (good)! so it’s easy for your dog. The movement is quite small it’s just from the nose up over the head (good)!
but hits the ground. You tell your dog they did a good job and then you give
them a treat. Step two is you’re going to have a treat in
both hands, you’re going to lure (good)! with the food in your hand but you’re
going to deliver the treat from your other hand. This way you can get off of having to move
your dog through space with food sooner than later (good)! The food that’s in your hand becomes irrelevant. Then you’re ready to just move your hand up
and back through space to get your dog into position. Then lets make sure we put the food away. So that we make sure our dogs will pay attention
to us and do this on a visual cue without having to follow a cookie
through space. Palm up (good)! So I waited for him to do the correct behavior
which was the sit. I didn’t want his paws coming up. So if you see something you don’t like just
don’t say ‘good’ and try again. Once you would bet your paycheck that your
dog will move into the seated position when you give him a visual
(good)! cue, you’re ready to put the verbal on. Don’t rush that. Make sure that you’re ready to bet your paycheck. And then you’re going to say the word and then follow
it with a definition. Which is your visual cue “”sit, good””. If he had not sat I would have simply given
him the visual cur. I don’t want to say sit, sit, sit. I want him to do it the first time. So I’ll get him back into a standing position
(sit, good)! With lots of repetition eventually your dog will simply
sit when they hear the word. And that’s how to train a sit.

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100 Responses

  1. Sperngler says:

    I got a new dog it's a female called ella

  2. Kayla Dent says:

    I love it and it work for my dog thank you

  3. Faith Perkins says:

    What if your dog doesn't care about the treat and walks away?

  4. Ocelot Lover says:


  5. Ocelot Lover says:

    Mine is a Pekenise they're supposed to be hard to train

  6. Ocelot Lover says:


  7. Wyatt Radosevich says:

    what dog is that

  8. stowly enriot says:

    This dog already knows how to sit though

  9. Alexis Garcia says:

    This worked!

  10. Karla Miranda says:

    hELP? I've been teaching this to my dog and she's really good, in a day and half she already knew the trick but now she only does it when i give her a treat. When i take the bag of treats she immediately sits before i tell her to so i can give her one and won't listen to me if i don't have a treat for her. What do i do?

  11. keryrn grosskopf says:

    The dog should not have that much treats in a day

  12. Leenah elZeky says:

    what breed is this?

  13. Itz me ShadoW says:

    How to basic's leson is better than this

  14. Adi Messi says:

    What kind of dog is that? What breed?

  15. Leah Rose says:

    My puppy is smart af, he learned this in only a minute or two. I just got him yesterday.

  16. EndoJR Gaming says:

    What breed

  17. Derrin's Dead Dumb Dark Douche Donkey says:

    My dog can finally sit,MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. jojo egan says:

    I've had my shih tzu for 3 years now and I've been trying to teach him to sit on my own without any help but he's very playful and did not follow so I'm hoping this works

  19. Shaina D says:

    Every time I raise the treat over her head and close my fist she just jumps up at it. What do I do?

  20. btlj Hamza says:

    Dоg Тrаining Sееесrets. Usе thеsе dоgs trаining sесrеts tо suссссеsfullу train уоur dооооg.
    ————-Gо Hееrе==>>>>>>> Hоw tо Тeaсh Yоur Dоg tо Sit Dоg Тraааining

  21. Youtube is life says:

    Didn't work for my dog I did the exact same thing but when I held my fist over his head, he stood up instead and he thought I was messing with him so he bit me. What do I do?

  22. Aylene Muller says:

    Whenever I do this my dog doesn't sit he stands up lol xD

  23. Lunidass says:

    plz someone help me My dog is so Idiot He is a chawchaw I Dont know how to Teach him i Do all of step on the video but its not work i dont know why?? 🙁

  24. Nitendhoe says:

    I can't feed my dog this many treats she's too little but not a puppy ;-;

  25. Mac says:

    I hope this works because my dog is almost a year old..

  26. Anny Rosario says:

    This didn't work for me. By the time we got to the third step my dachsund knew that after the movement on the leash, a treat was imminent, so he sits without me giving the hand signal- not listening to me in a different way. Smart to anticipate but useles to me when I'm trying to do train him to heed me. so then I have to walk him until he's remains standing, then I can give the hand signal. I'll try another video. thanks anyway.

  27. bella says:

    Nice video this video helped me and my dog alot!

  28. Lana Maizel says:

    My dog (his name is Cali) is very, VERY timid. He is extremely close to my mom & not anyone else. Whenever I hold the treat from his nose & up to his head he gets scared and runs away without taking the treat. My mom has tried and the same result happens with her. Any ideas? (He's 2 years old)

  29. Blind says:

    I have a husky puppie

  30. LPS KitKat says:

    Wow my dog is about a year old now, still small but he learned this very quickly! I'm really surprised because he doesn't listen very well. I guess he really likes his treats! (i know this is probably bad but..) We reward him when he has successful trips to the bathroom so he will continue the behavior. I will now ask him to sit before he's handed the treat? Is that a good idea?

  31. Pawaneet Sangha says:

    My dog just starts to jump??

  32. Dianne Charles says:

    such a great video my 7 month old pomchi learned to sit in 15 minutes! thanks for this wonderful and helpful video!

  33. Pickle Rick says:

    your dog is already trained and sitting the whole time

  34. Whomst-d says:

    My little yorkie (over a year old. Teeny tiny. 4 lbs. don't worry she's just tiny) will NOT sit no matter what I do! Tips?

  35. RadFoxYT says:

    My dog is smart she can open her own cage when i lock her on her cage she still open it smart right?

  36. Clorox Bleach says:

    I have the training, too bad I don't have a dog because my dad is allergic

  37. Alexander Gomez says:

    thank you I'm going to teach my 11 week old

  38. Abi Reynolds says:

    my dog is a Labrador and Everytime I try to teach him to sit properly he just jumps up and down and licks my hand until I give him the treat ???

  39. Emma Xx says:

    What sort of dog is that? My dog look that but I don't know what breed she is.

  40. ღBlue—エディツ says:

    i have a golden retriever puppy and i teach him sit like in this tutorial and he learn it. he learned it in about 2 btw his name is George his 8 weeks

  41. Kronos TheRipper says:

    My dog is smart and already knows sit and stand. But is so stubborn af that if there's no treat she just walks away after giving me her signature "u lack treats" look.

  42. splishsplash.youaretrash says:

    I think it would take a few years for my dog to learn it

  43. Fendy Halim says:

    my dog just stand and wanna steal the treat she wont sit

  44. Chantal Phillips says:

    I adopted a yorkie poodle mix. He lays down instead of sitting. He is intelligent and learnt quickly to "get ball" and "drop it" Since he has mastered the down command now, I put the treat in front of his nose and raise it above his head and say "sit" but he still lays down. Any suggestions for getting him to sit?

  45. Prod. Zero says:

    What if my dog doesn't even sit when I bring my hand up

  46. عنزي 03 says:

    his already have been trained

  47. Nyle says:

    how do you do this when they don't sit when u put the treat up

  48. ItzzSamyy! says:

    This is kinda fake because the dog already knows how to sit so it would be better if she used a dog that can't sit yet.

  49. 0hIADqvilishChild says:

    My dog just jumps instead of sitting

  50. PauleenTV says:

    my dog is now learning it

  51. Becky Cub says:

    My dog just walks backwards lol

  52. weird adi says:

    Why am I watching this I aldready taught my puppy how to sit he is so smart

  53. Atalie says:

    This actually worked. Thank you!

  54. Bunny BunBun says:

    It's not that easy ?? That dog probably already new how to sit on Comand

  55. Andrew Matteson says:

    This actually worked. And I have a chihuahua

  56. CoOkie MoNsTer says:

    My dog is months old but it won't listen..

  57. Alfredo Camacho says:

    Andrea is my name

  58. Matthew Gaming says:

    I am 9 years old my Chihuahua puppy is 8 months old Im gonna teach him by myself

  59. EliteJayeBird 24 says:

    Thank you so much for this. My dog isn't sitting on command,but this training technique is really working on my dog. Thank you so much again. ?

  60. Kevin Hernandez says:

    My dog just jumps

  61. cats says:

    I got a full-blooded German Shepherd and he scared of A bouncy ball

  62. Letras de Alabanzas Cristianas says:

    Which race is this dog?

  63. heyyWilll heyyy says:

    after watching this i decide to train my dog to transform to super saiyan . wait for the result

  64. Megadriver says:

    I tried to do this with my dog, bastard pissed himself, instead of sitting…

  65. Keshav Saini says:

    keshav saini very nice video

  66. Keshav Saini says:

    keshav saini very nice video

  67. Keshav Saini says:

    keshav saini very nice video

  68. Keshav Saini says:

    keshav saini very nice video

  69. Keshav Saini says:

    this is a puppy very beautiful

  70. Fajer Q says:

    Sooo noot useful AT ALL

  71. Sean Watson says:

    My dog just keeps backing up but he is a 15 yr old German Shepherd

  72. UnKnOwN pErSoN says:

    My 3 year old dog actually learned alot and im so happy.!?????? Thank you sm for the help❤❤

  73. Johan Olguin says:

    It took my dog an hour of repeating

  74. Oriana Senior says:

    My dog heard the “good boy” from the vid and perked up hahah

  75. Madalyn Leslie says:

    I have a dog that’s 3 and hes not trained at all and I’m trying to work with him I got him about a year ago.

  76. Ali Hamza says:

    2:18 ❤️❤️❤️

  77. srmatte1 says:

    how do they learn the command Sit if you never say Sit?

  78. Kimberly Dy says:

    My dog does not understand me maybe cos of my hand gestures but I'll try this. Thank you!

  79. SPAWNofaDEMON says:

    My dog is t food drives

  80. Norberto Ferrera says:

    U trash

  81. Kaeyee Xc says:

    My dog dont know how to sit
    when I say Baby I have a treat for you and he will Start twirling Jumping and Look at me and when I say sit he will not sit he will go to a resting position

  82. Rebecca Boudreau says:

    I’m getting a service dog (german Shepard husky mix) and I’m self trading for my POTS and how fast saves me so I know all the tips thank you

  83. Minecraft Pro says:

    Guys I’m gonna tell you how to teach your dog to sit down snap your fingers and say your dogs name my dogs name is JoJo so I say sit down Jojo and she does she’s a good girl

  84. matsw2 says:

    Very easy to show with a dog who’s already trained!!!

  85. ImAjE rec says:

    wel now do that with an untrained dog

  86. Doge Army says:

    It's not working! My dog is so stubborn! At first He was listening but when I took the leash off he wouldn't listen >:[ Every FLIPPING TIME HE JUST SITS ON HIS HIND LEGS WITH HIS FRONT IN THE AIR LIKE A HUMAN. AND THEN THE BASTRAD BITE ME ?

  87. Justin Bolivar says:

    G O O D

  88. inareye says:

    whAt KinD oF doG iS tHat thEy lOoK sO cuTe

  89. James T Mosby says:


  90. Abdullatief says:

    Lamb Ears for Dogs ?? wtf? ? please make a review on this

  91. Tikki The kwami ;3 says:

    My dog be like:
    Dog: treat first before position


    (10000 years later of arguing )

    Me: fine

    Dog: ha! Trick you sucka

    And my dog grew up to be a gangsta dealer

  92. Linda Martin says:

    This animal looks already trained. Did you practice with the dog beforehand? How about trying it with a an adult street dog? I rescue street dogs and while they learn, I usually need to start with then close to a wall so they cannot back up and away.

  93. ccoey says:

    My dog outsmarted my brother once and IT WAS SUPPER FUNNY!!!!?

  94. Adela Krivohlavek says:

    My dog is not siting

  95. rileyisaepicdude says:

    It works my dog sits thanks so much

  96. The lil Bro's says:

    I am going to try on my dog

  97. Lunar_ Husky says:

    I have two dogs and only one them did “sit” and the other just walked backwards

  98. sub to me if ur cool says:

    No one:
    The girl: G O O D

  99. Mariela Martinez says:

    So bad

  100. Jim Lahey says:

    But wouldn't the dog expect a treat each time you say sit?? Im trying to train my dog he is 4 years old

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