How to tell if your dog has worms

I’d stopped a road from the village bit and I’ve got my little dog here again this is a little missing a lot of people wonder how to tell if the dogs got worms now two things I need to say that Missy she’s a mature dog and I were there every month now if she starts scratching around a backside would I think she had words I would know she wouldn’t have wound because I’d been deworming her so the first question if you think your dog’s got worms look what you’re doing is she being wormed now a lot of those products now that you can put on the back of their neck like revolution and advocate in particular and one or two others do tummy worms every month so if you’re treating your dog to flea look on the package and see if intestinal worms are in it there’s another worm which will come to another time called heartworm we’re not talking about that today we’re talking about the little worms that can cause each units around here mature dogs this is Miss issues about six or seven if she was to start itching around there it’d be more likely that she had itchy anal glands rather than worms older dogs if you’re worming them fairly regularly don’t tend to suffer worms puppies are a different matter they’re always having worm problems and they need to be wormed every two weeks until about 12 to 16 weeks of age then you can put them on a monthly medication like advocate or some of the other ones like Sentinel they will routinely do words so if you’re thinking you’ve got dogs have got worms ask yourself why is it because you’ve seen worms if you have then yes they need worming if you’re not seeing worms or EVO tis a dog that’s got an itchy bottom that might need a call to the vet you you

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  1. hobihopex says:

    My dog is a male malamute and his now 1 year old and his itching his bottom on the carpet and when I went out in the back garden to clean up his poop I found like maguty looking worm things inside it plz help

  2. Megan says:

    eeeeehhh its clearly worms get it 2 a vet now

  3. Mia baddie says:

    What are those (looks at eyebrows) Lol jk My dog he is trying to eat everything off carpets and the floor and sometimes he will go crazy with a fast heart rate hes got food sitting out already but idk whats wrong

  4. Anika Jefferson says:

    my puppy has white stringy worms crawling what do i do im crying im so upset what did i do wrong i dnt wnt her 2 die she so little

  5. Anika Jefferson says:

    my puppy has white stringy worms crawling what do i do im crying im so upset what did i do wrong i dnt wnt her 2 die she so little

  6. Neil S says:

    monthly medication! that is not normal.

  7. Enlightenment says:

    Hi Dr Rod, I was wondering.. would I be able to use these worms to go fishing? and would it be an attractive bait? please let me know, thanks.

  8. Darren Bartlett says:

    I have an American bulldog male that is a year old,I dewormed him 2days ago and tonight he didn't even get up for his dinner,he seems weak and can barely use his hind legs,he also seems to be twitching and shaking a little,is this a normal side effect from the treatment or should I be trying to find a vet?I live in country Western Australia and it is 1am here.please advise me asap if you can.thank you

  9. AMA III says:

    if your dog has an itchy bottom," this video. I was looking for an informational symptoms check list system, not something of obvious treatments, that seemed more of an encouraging advising towards, "give your dog worm medication and read their inscriptions, yes! and if not consult a vet.." if your willing please change the name of your video.
    Thank you
    Sincerely, AMAIII videotube watcher

  10. Milo n i says:

    One question, can any type of dog have worms? Because my Pomeranian keeps on scratching around its back and my dad always cleans it but my dog keeps on itching please help.

  11. Momma Bears Corner says:

    just deworm your puppy with products that show on package it is for ALL the different worms for the puppies (most likely will not for heart worms for bigger dog needs) and you can BUY it at places like walmart for about 7-9 bucks

  12. Momma Bears Corner says:

    i have had dogs all my life and been fine just de worming ONCE as puppies… I never dewormed a dog every month! Way over kill and over protected wasted $………….. not needed. just do not take your dog to dog parks where they can pick up anything and everything.

  13. Eminem Shady says:

    Jesus Christ that dude alive or dead ?
    he looks like a fucking zombie from walking dead.

  14. Adrian Gonzalez says:

    my puppy has tiny worms that come out her bottome they look like a slug but way smaller what should i do i just saw 3 worms come out and idk what to do please tell me

  15. _Shook_ says:

    Hi! I think my dog pooped out a slug.. From what I've read online I know that a few people had this experience. I've noticed that each of them weren't entirely sure wether or not the slug actually came out, but I'm about 99% sure that my puppy did poop out a slug. He's a blue nose pitbull and he's around two to three months old. I'd like know if this is some type of problem I should be worried about.

  16. BloomingBear says:

    you look like a vampire

  17. Coral Jane says:

    Do chemical preparations that state KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN or POISON warnings worry you?… it should.

    If you prefer natural human grade preparations have a look at Augustine Approved products like "Faith"

  18. Itzelth says:

    My dog Is 1year and a month I found warms in her poop she still eats and plays around I have her coconut oil and the warms weren't in her poop I stopped giving her coconut oil and she has them again but still eats and plays ..

  19. MidoTV Adventure says:

    Every 2 weeks ??? isn't that a lot and fatal for puppies

  20. Jackie Evans says:

    Monthly vets here say every 3 month

  21. Lauren ._. says:

    So I got a new dog it’s a keapoo and when I itch right under her collar and I let go she starts itching at the same spot and I’m afraid my other dog will get worms

  22. BLVCKWOLV666 says:


  23. sagna says:

    You're a vet alright. You all love to poison the shit out of pets.

  24. Keshaun Jones says:

    Nice video but that dogs a little over weight and 6-7 isn't really old for terriers..I guess JRT's age crazy but most 6-7 year old dogs I see look as if they're either still in or just coming out of their prime

  25. Dutch Van derlin says:

    I think my pitiful has worms because she had a litter of 4 puppy's and she's so skinny. So can carrots git rid of them

  26. K Marine says:

    Thank you for the useful information. Sorry about inconsiderate, rude folks who INSIST on being critical to someone like you who was being informative! Thank you for the video. Good explanation.

  27. King Sims III says:


  28. Dan Bruffell says:

    Do…… How DO you tell if your dogs got worms….?

  29. softie.l0ren says:

    My dog likes being rubbed above the tail

  30. Blissy Games says:

    I got an Amstaff puppy less then 24 hours ago, and he was weak and wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Once in the morning he had diarrhea and had blood in it too. He then later on vomited a roundworm. We took him to a vet and they gave us medication to give him the next day because he got an IV and two others shots. He is still very weak, and will not drink or eat anything. Please someone help.

  31. The Dude says:

    I've got worms

  32. CUTYE PIE says:


  33. Queen & Sin says:

    This video does not answer the question! He even restates the question, THEN AVOIDS THE ANSWER for 2 minutes! This video is a waste of time. This guy is a total idiot. Thumbs down! I found another video that answers the question with 5 symtoms. Worms in poop. Butt scooting, itching, dull coat, weight loss. You're welcome. Please like this comment to the top.

  34. Paul Buttler says:

    You need too get some fluid into your body Mr vet.

  35. Roze Bronson says:

    Vets have become a major rip off scammers. They are ripping pet owners off like theres no tomorrow.
    Worming your dog every month is not only ridiculous but a money making scam.

  36. Tasha blowda,Ohz says:

    Your dog… looks reaaaaal thirsty my friend

  37. SevnLi says:

    Really?!? …All you ungrateful sons of bitches… the vet is trying to do you a solid (favor) and all you can talk about is his appearance. Lame af…

  38. I Know Everything says:

    Monthly worming is so wrong.
    Vets have become rip offs and criminals.
    You do not worm your dog monthly. This will cause cancers in dogs . The vets are out to harm your pets. This is how these scums make their money.
    Never ever trust your vet. They cause your pet to develop serious illnesses to profit from. Trust me on this one

  39. Brian Pacini says:

    Great video! –

  40. UnseenSight YT says:

    My dog is infected with worms that I found in her feces about an hour ago. I was absolutely terrified to see this, yet my dog acted completely normal. She ate her dinner and drank a bowl of water. I even checked her gums, only to see bright pink and a moist texture. Everything was alright, but I have severe anxiety issues, and began to have a panic attack from worrying to much. Dizziness, nausea, chest pain, and non-stop crying. These were rushing through my body and couldn’t control it. I watched this video out of pure terror that my Rottweiler puppy that I’ve only had for a week would die. She showed none of these symptoms and a wave of relief filled the air. My mom came in minutes after my panic attack and advised me to go to bed. I will make sure she is properly treated in the morning.

  41. Kríštãł & ÿùríxà Łøl says:

    My dog vomit a worm it was White so I was sad he swollowed a big worm so I don't know what to do ahhhhh

  42. Mark Macmillan says:

    if you think your dog has worms BAY PILS PILS PILS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, IN OTHER WORDS, YOUR A PRIK

  43. Wolf Family says:

    Vets have become scamming rip offs. They seem to charge @1000 an hour.
    They do rip every pet owner off

  44. Nicole Gill says:

    This video was a complete FAIL. Where are the listed symptoms/signs that allow regular pet owners to be aware that their dog has worms? I don’t need you to inform me 4 times that I should deworm my dog once a month etc. what a waste of time.

  45. Boris Vlogz says:

    My puppy is more than a month and he has white worms that he poops out, he just threw up a worm im so scared i dont want him to die

  46. C. Lancaster says:

    Straight to the subject matter in an easily understood way,

  47. hardik kharwa says:

    Hi my dog get hotspot every month,I clean give good food I think it because of not properly de worming

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