How to Train a Husky : How to Teach Your Husky Their Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. We’re working
with Gloria our husky on how to pay attention and learn her name. Now keep in mind that
Gloria is an older husky. Unlike many other breeds that we’ve worked with here on Expert
Village, this is the dog that I know very well. So she’s going to be lot more responsive
to me. If you have a puppy a young husky or one that’s not paying attention to you,
check out one of the other breed videos. Gloria the husky though is going to learn to make
eye contact. Good girl, when I say her name. Now huskies have very expressive ears; that’s
how you can tell that they’re paying attention, but may be not doing what you want them to.
So I’ll wait for her to look away, what I’m going to do is say her name in a special
way, and then when she looks at me, I’ll mark that and then reward it. Gloria, good,
very nice, now I’ll get to the side, so you can see that a little better, wait for
her to look away, Gloria, good. Now that time it took her a little while to actually make
eye contact. Be patient with your husky. It may take them a little while to make eye contact,
but if you mark it immediately and you give them the random treat reinforcement, then
you will speed up that response. Gloria, good, and remember to wait until you get about a
second of sustained eye contact. Now, technically within this particular exercise, you should
be releasing the dog before you give her the treat. Gloria is doing so well, that I’m
going to start doing that now to show you. Gloria, good, good okay, otherwise the dog
looks away and decides to break the eye contact on her terms instead of yours, which is technically
not good dog training. So Gloria, the husky is paying beautiful attention. Let’s go
on and work on some of the other commands.

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22 Responses

  1. Kira440 says:

    Have u guys even looked up dog training? lol this tells you how to teach a dog its name correctly, its a great vid. Thanks for the vid~

  2. moyimus says:

    sweet gloria!

  3. pancho garcia says:

    omfg that dont work

  4. SRNF says:

    true very true she was preped already

  5. Kasia Teetasse says:

    Really she's sitting there like WHO THE F*** are you talking to?? HAHA poor Gloria! Never seen such a fat husky…. πŸ˜€ She has to go jogging with her, would be much more fun for Gloria and her body πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    But the method is very good… I did it the same way with my Husky πŸ™‚

  6. blavia77 says:

    @MsN3m Not really I'm pretty sure if there was an intruder in my house my husky would just play with them… They're an awesome looking dog but if your going for a guard dog I would suggest a German Shepard

  7. johmedis says:

    @skux1234 don't

  8. Angelo Cinco says:

    always says "gloria, good"

  9. YourMistakes says:

    one more year of this kind of training and you will have the best trained elephant in Youtube lol.

  10. Geezzell Santamaria says:

    @Bofica12 hey lica you gonna get it watch by the way this is nini

  11. Leila Rosette says:

    Ive had my husky puppy for 3 days now she doesnt know her name yet haha.

  12. Miles Lamb says:

    She’s not really teaching us how to do this!?!

    I think it would of helped if she showed people how to get a dog to make eye contact initially. By this you can put a treat near your nose, when your dog makes eye contact with you – reward. Once he/she gets the grasp of this start bringing in the command ’watch me’ or the dogs name. Continue this until your dog learns to look at you without the treat near your nose.

  13. Lauren Scott says:

    I've watched a couple vids but I seriously need help with my husky puppy. I know i only have had him for 6 days, but I'm getting concerned that he's not going to be trained well. I tried for almost two hours outside saying come while he was off leash. He doesn't know his name yet either. I want him to be well trained. Also, I take him out almost every hour. But I have to keep him in his cage almost all the time so he doesn't pee on the floor, is this bad? Please message me!

  14. LuiGeeOnline says:

    I would suggest clicker training her name since ive been doing that with my huskies they learned within 2-3 days good luck

  15. razor x says:

    I made this without treats on my last husky

  16. ShadoWolf43 says:

    But that dog already knows her name . I'd say it would be a lot harder with a new puppy

  17. Ryan says:

    lol theyd be screwed =P

  18. Alejandro Rivera says:

    my husky is much more bigguer and fatter than that one im 10 my husky likes to sleep in a bed and the bed get squished to the side where my husky is and his name is ash

  19. awakegaming jettii says:

    Owner : Gloria
    Dog : What the fuck do you want
    Owner : Good Girl

  20. abbi rainbowface says:

    my puppys 7 months and has had no name he learned his in a day. now to train him to actually come πŸ˜›

  21. Greg Jones says:

    So you're going to show us how teach a dog its name, by calling the name of a dog who already knows its name?

    Why don't you show us how to teach math to a student, by teaching math to a student who already knows math?

  22. Greg Jones says:

    Now that I think about it, every video I've ever seen by expertvillage has been useless over the years.

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