How to Train a Husky : Information About Husky Dogs

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. We’re going
to work with a husky today. This is Gloria, and she is a wonderful example of a husky.
In fact, she’s the sweetest one I’ve ever met. Now there are some breed characteristics
to consider if you’re thinking and getting a husky. One thing is that they’re basically
bred to run, so they like to run away. It’s very important to start working very early
with your husky puppy on the recall command. Huskies are also bred to work with humans,
but humans who are willing to give a lot of direction. So it’s important also to be
a very good leader with your husky from a young age. If you haven’t already, please
check out the pre-training videos, particularly the ones on relationship and leadership before
you decide to get a husky or to work with your husky. So Gloria, the wonderful sweet
husky is going to learn how to pay attention to her name.

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20 Responses

  1. steve jwalking says:

    im gonna get a dog sucers ahaha lolol rofl

  2. ldn0224 says:

    Huskys are basically cats unless heavily trained. Very independent-they need total focus. Don't get fooled by their beauty!

  3. Dash Cam UK says:

    the simple answer is no, a huski is the worse kind of guard dog, anyone who enters the house will be greeted with lots of cuddles and licked to death , but that is about it.

  4. Earthlinked says:

    The answer is NO – NEVER!! For many, many years – Huskies have had their aggressiveness bred out of them – they are GREAT with children and they are VERY social animals. Think about getting 2 Huskies they are very social and a bored Husky is a destructive Husky (chewing and digging)!!! Also be prepared to walk Huskies EVERY DAY – they are also a very hyper animal – they are very high maintenance!!!!

    Do the above and you will have the most lovable, enjoyable dog you have ever known!!!!

  5. Iain Cousins says:

    Never use a Husky as a guard dog they are absolutly useless at it!, they would sooner lick you and cuddle you rather than bark or bite, i think the only thing going for them as a guard dog is the look of them! (not so much for me cos i know what they are like)

  6. Mike Ginter says:

    so true, mine just runs wild. we failed at training her haha

  7. samymasta says:

    If you want a dog to guard get a pitbull or one of those germans dogs,they are awesome at it,police are using germans dogs….

  8. Mike Ginter says:

    I'm guessing that's what she's saying, only in "Oooooo" noises.

  9. Shad0wSquirrel says:

    my beagle makes a great watch dog but not guard
    my dads husky just barely howls still love em both

  10. iz2sicc says:

    Huskies are hard to train for people who are not assertive. People are used to being very passive when training their dogs. Remember, huskies are sled dogs. They used to get whipped in older days if they do not follow commands. I'm not saying you have to be mean and slap the dog or something like that, but you certainly have to be more assertive than you normally would with other dogs. Example, don't let the husky lead when you walk them. If they start to, stop and tug on the collar.

  11. carnypimp says:

    I wish mine where! They walk me when we go walking more like mushing!

  12. carnypimp says:

    I have seen many Huskies most are great watchdogs not gaurd dogs but great watch dogs. They will bark at strangers.

  13. alhex123 says:

    @PokeMastah25 you got that right!!

  14. carnypimp says:

    What worked for me was putting the looped end of my leash on my dogs muzzle the slipping it under his collar . I can now walk him wih two fingers.

  15. carnypimp says:

    The are watch dogs but mine are mutts and my big one is a very good gaurd dog!

  16. Alex Walsh says:

    @iz2sicc, well husky do learn fast if you really put your heart into it they will learn….

  17. conpa18dany says:

    My husky is very independent hard to train

  18. David Boyles says:

    I live in Alabama does any1 thing its good for me to get 1, and if so does any1 live here and knows some1 who sells them cheap cus i have a money problem

  19. UnsocialPanda says:

    If you have a money problem, don't get a dog.

  20. Tinatin kilasonia says:

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