How to Train a Labrador : How to Teach Your Labrador to Lie Down

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. Now let’s work
on getting this Labrador retriever to lie down. Now when I was teaching this particular
Labrador how to sit, I needed a lot of hand signals and I needed food to lure her into
the position. So that’s what I’m going to start off with, right off the bat. So I’m
going to grab a treat, get her to sit, good, that was a little slow that means I need to
go back to the sit and work on speed, but for the time being let’s work on the down.
She’s very distracted, get her attention and lure her nose directly to the ground…
sit, good, sit. Now see how her rear end is going up in the air, that means I’m probably
taking the treat to close to her paws. I’m going to try to take it out a little bit further,
down, good, excellent. Now if you bring the treat out too far the dog is going to follow
your hand, and that’s another way to keep the rear end up in the air—which is not
where you want it to be, at least not for this command. Sit, good, so about right there,
ump, sit, down, good, excellent, okay. Sit, good, ump, down so when her rear end is going
in the air, I’m using no reward marker which is just an ump, which helps her know she did
the wrong thing. Okay, sit, good, down, good, this time I’m not giving her the treat because
I want to make the rewards random. It makes the behavior more likely to recur, okay, sit,
good, down, good. I also want to work on keeping her over on one hip, off of her haunches,
because it’s just a lot nicer. Now we’re just going to try with the hand signal and
see what happens, okay, sit, good, down, good and a little body language to help her know
to get off her haunches, so this Labrador retriever now knows how to lie down.

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